Customizing Your Character’s Appearance in Dragon Age Inquisition

One of the creation windows

After choosing your race, class, and difficulty level, it’s time to personalize your character’s appearance. The appearance creator provides numerous options, allowing you to either select one of the pre-made faces or customize your own. You can start by adjusting the shape of the head, complexion, hairstyle, and even voice type. Then, you can fine-tune individual facial features such as nose, ears, and eyes, using the bars and axes to control distance, width, height, and length. Additionally, you can add tattoos (mandatory for elves), scars, and, for qunari, adjust the style of the horns. Both male and female characters can also choose from a range of make-up options using the color palette. Keep in mind that once you accept the changes, they cannot be reversed. Finally, you must give your character a name before starting the game.


1. What is the appearance creator in Dragon Age Inquisition?

The appearance creator is a character customization tool in Dragon Age Inquisition that allows players to create a unique looking character to play as. It lets players choose from different facial features like nose shape, eye color, skin tone, and more. This tool is available at the start of the game, and players can spend as much time as they want making their character look perfect.

2. Can I change the appearance of my character later in the game?

Yes, players can change the appearance of their character later in the game by visiting the Black Emporium. This is a shop that becomes available after completing a certain quest. In the Black Emporium, players can use mirrors to change their character’s appearance, including hairstyles, tattoos, and makeup. However, changing the facial features is not possible.

3. Are there any limitations to the appearance creator?

Yes, there are some limitations to the appearance creator. For example, players cannot change the body type of their character or add any accessories. The tool also has limited options for hairstyles and facial hair. However, players can still create a unique looking character by using the available options.

4. Can I import my character’s appearance from previous Dragon Age games?

No, it is not possible to import the appearance of a character from previous Dragon Age games. However, players can recreate the appearance of their character from scratch using the appearance creator.

5. Can I share my character’s appearance with other players?

Yes, players can share their character’s appearance with other players by uploading their character to the Dragon Age Inquisition community website. Other players can then download the character and use it in their own game. This feature is a great way to show off your unique looking character to the Dragon Age community.

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