Dampened Spirits

New main objective: Speak with Maven Black-Briar

Exit The Ragged Flagon and make your way to The Bee and Barb where you’ll find Maven Black-Briar. Proceed to the upper level and speak with her. She’ll request that you eliminate Honningbrew Meadery, her business rival. To get things started, go to Whiterun and speak with Mallus Maccius.

New main objective: Speak with Mallus Maccius

You’ll find Mallus Maccius in the room on the left at The Bannered Mare tavern. He suggests you work as a pest exterminator at Honningbrew Meadery and then poison the vat of liquor to put them out of business. Go to the company’s headquarters and speak with the owner, Sabjorn.

New main objective: Speak with Sabjorn

Head southeast out of Whiterun to reach Honningbrew Meadery. Two buildings will be visible, with the larger one being the company headquarters (as seen in the screenshot above). Upon entering, you’ll see two dead Skeevers and Sabjorn will be surprised by your presence. Let him know that you can help take care of the pests. You can use Speech, intimidation, or offer to help. In the former two cases, you’ll receive your payment of 500 gold in advance.

New main objective: Poison the Nest

Sabjorn will give you the Pest Poison to get rid of the infestation. Head to the basement using the key and prepare to fight many Skeevers. They not only inhabit the basement but also the twisting tunnel underground.

As you progress, you’ll come across spider-webs and Frostbite Spiders in the big cave. Watch out for traps as there are many on the ground. Equip a bow and eliminate some Skeevers before entering the next cave. Hamelyn, the mad mage who looks after the pests, might be a tough opponent. Drink potions giving you fire resistance and be ready to heal quickly during the fight. A couple of good hits should defeat him.

Once you’ve dealt with the mage, poison the nest located in the corner of the room beside the mage’s belongings (as shown in the above screenshot). Don’t forget to check the chest for a book that can increase your Sneak skill.

New main objective: Poison the Honningbrew Vat

Exit the underground through the corridor to the left of the Skeevers’ nest. Beware of the snares placed beside the tunnel as you reach the surface. Once you’re out, head towards the Honningbrew Vat and poison it (as shown in the below screenshot). Go up the stairs to the upper floor, open the lid, grab the exit door key (located next to it on a hook), and return to Sabjorn.

New main objective: Return to Sabjorn

New main objective: Attend the tasting ceremony

Upon entering the Honningbrew Meadery, take note of Sabjorn, the Guards Captain, and Mallus. You’ve returned just in time to witness the downfall of the company. Speak to the owner and watch the cinematic.

The Captain will recognize the poisoned liqueur and realize it’s an assassination attempt. He’ll take Sabjorn to the Whiterun dungeons, leaving the company in the hands of Mallus. Speak to Mallus to progress.

New main objective: Speak to Mallus Maccius

Now that Sabjorn is out of the picture, Maven Black-Briar takes over Honningbrew Meadery. Speak to Mallus and tell him that your employer wants to know who’s financing their competition. The pale man will suggest checking Sabjorn’s office on the upper floor.

On your next visit to the meadery, speak to Mallus again. He’ll become a Fence, allowing you to sell stolen items to him.

New main objective: Identify Sabjorn’s silent partner

Go to the upper floor and open the door to the office at the end of the hallway. Look inside the dresser in the corner of the room to find the Promissory Note that Maven is after (as shown in the below screenshot). The note doesn’t provide much information, but it reveals that Sabjorn’s partner is keen on bringing your employer down.

After obtaining the documents, explore the room. You’ll find the book “A Game At Dinner” on one of the tables, which can increase your Alchemy skill. In the next room, you’ll find the Honningbrew Decanter, which will interest Delvin Mallory.

New main objective: Return to Maven Black-Briar

Return to The Bee and Barb tavern in Riften and give Maven the documents. She’ll state that they don’t make much sense to her, but the Guild needs to know about them as soon as possible. As you head out, she’ll give you a magical weapon whose quality depends on your level.

New objective: Reconnect with Brynjolf

Once you’ve spoken to Maven, your next step is to meet with Brynjolf and update him on the situation. Your boss will be pleased with your progress, although the fact that the symbol on the Promissory Note matches the one from Goldenglow Estate is cause for concern.

The situation has become serious enough that the Guild Leader, Mercer Frey, is taking an interest. It’s important that you speak with him as soon as possible.

Completing this objective will unlock the Thieves Guild quest “Scoundrel’s Folly”.


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