Days Gone: A Guide for Beginners with Tips

In this page of the Days Gone game guide, you will find some starting tips. Our Beginner’s Guide focuses on the essential elements of the game. By reading this chapter, you will understand the gameplay mechanics and avoid making mistakes that could have serious consequences.

  • Continuously develop your character
  • Look for better firearms
  • Regularly repair or replace your melee weapons
  • Find opportunities to gain XP
  • Unlock the Focused Shot skill and use it in combat
  • Search police cars and ambulances
  • Use binoculars to mark visible enemies
  • Use stones to locate hidden enemies
  • Try to eliminate enemies from a hidden position
  • Be wary of traps around enemy encampments
  • Avoid fighting against Hordes initially
  • Visit NERO checkpoints to increase your hero’s stats permanently
  • Deacon’s health bar does not replenish automatically
  • Expect unpleasant situations on the road
  • Regularly save the game
  • Collect Freaker Ears
  • Return regularly to the O’Leary Mountain Safehouse
  • Wolves are always hunting in packs
  • Be cautious of snipers
  • Motorcycle bags allow you to carry extra ammunition
  • Attractors are helpful in removing large groups of Freakers

Continuously Develop Your Character

Deacon’s motorcycle is the only mode of transportation available in Days Gone. With it, you can quickly move around the game’s world and escape from your opponents. You must take care of your bike because without a functional motorcycle, the gameplay will become more challenging, and the risk of Deacon’s death will increase if he is ever caught by a group of monsters.

Before embarking on a significant expedition, check the fuel level in the tank and the overall condition of the motorcycle. In both cases, approach the motorcycle and read the percentage indicators that will be displayed automatically.

  1. Deacon’s motorcycle burns fuel quite rapidly. Before setting out on a journey, search the surrounding area for a gasoline canister or dispenser. It will allow you to refuel the bike. Additionally, if you want to consume the least amount of gas, avoid travelling at maximum speed and let the motorcycle roll while going downhill.
  2. The main character’s machine can be quickly damaged, e.g. as a result of a collision with an opponent, hitting an obstacle, or landing poorly after a jump. Do not allow the motorcycle’s durability to fall below 20-30%. You can use scrap found in the game’s world to repair the machine.

You can find answers to all questions about the bike that may concern you in the Motorcycle chapter of our game guide.

Look for Better Firearms

During the initial hours of the game, the hero uses relatively weak weapons. You can obtain new weaponry in two primary ways:

To obtain weapons in Days Gone, you can either loot them from defeated enemies or purchase them at encampments. Looting weapons is easy but they are usually low-quality. Encampments offer high-quality weapons, but they can be expensive and some are only available after increasing trust levels. Firearms do not degrade, but some components like suppressors have limited durability. Melee weapons are useful for short-range combat, but they wear out with each hit and can be permanently lost when their durability reaches 0%. The Field Repairs skill can be purchased to restore weapon durability, and weapons can be improved with recipes and crafting materials. Experience points can be earned by leveling up, and can be used to purchase skills in the melee, ranged combat, and survival categories.

  1. Gain experience points by completing missions and killing enemies. Take advantage of every opportunity to play newly unlocked missions to earn a few thousand experience points. Weaker enemies offer several dozen experience points, while more powerful foes from later stages of the game offer much higher numbers of XP.
  2. Unlock and use the Focused Shot skill in combat. This skill can be purchased after getting your first skill point, allowing you to slow down time while aiming. This skill has two main advantages: it allows you to calmly aim at an enemy’s head, saving ammunition, and the focus bar renews itself automatically, allowing you to kill enemies one by one with accurate headshots.

Search police cars and ambulances to find valuable loot

Use Survival Vision to investigate interactive items outlined by the game, including police cars and ambulances. Police cars often contain ammo boxes in their trunks, while most ambulances have a first aid kit in their storage compartment. These finds can save you time and money when you need them.

Use binoculars to mark visible enemies

Use binoculars to mark enemies and track their actions. Before entering a new location, reach a vantage point and mark as many enemies as possible. Marked enemies can be tracked even if they disappear from your field of view, making it easier to plan your next move.

Use stones to find and locate enemies

When you don’t have time to mark enemies before direct battles, use stones to find and locate them. The main character has an unlimited supply of stones, making them a useful tool in combat.

When you select a stone from your inventory and prepare to throw it, the game will indicate which enemies are within range and can hear the sound of the throw. This is particularly helpful when fighting in villages or buildings. Knowing where enemies are located can reduce the risk of being caught off guard by them.

It is recommended to attack enemies from hiding in Days Gone. Deacon can sneak by pressing the circle button on the controller, and hiding in tall grass or infiltrating enemy territory after dark will increase the chances of remaining undetected. Reconnaissance with binoculars can also be useful. Sneaking up behind enemies and stabbing them in the back is effective against standard enemies, but not against animals or enemies with armor. A firearm with a suppressor is recommended in those cases. If caught, it is possible to escape and hide until enemies stop searching.

Traps can be set both by Deacon and his enemies, so it’s important to be aware of them, especially around enemy encampments. Bear traps can be disarmed or redeployed, while rope traps can be cut to neutralize the threat.

There are many Hordes in Days Gone, each consisting of several dozen to several hundred Freakers. It is not recommended to attack them in the early hours of the game, as it requires a significant amount of ammunition and preparation. If a Horde is spotted, it’s best to escape on a motorcycle and avoid colliding with obstacles. Running on foot is not advisable, as the Freakers will eventually catch up with Deacon.

Boost Your Hero’s Stats Permanently by Visiting NERO Checkpoints

While venturing through the world of Days Gone, you will come across various optional locations, and among them, NERO Checkpoints are one of the most significant. It is advisable to explore these places since each one contains an Injector that can permanently increase one of your hero’s stats, either health, stamina, or focus, by 1. This is one of the most effective methods to make Deacon a more powerful character and improve his chances of survival in the post-apocalyptic environment.

We have provided a more detailed description of how to increase Deacon’s stats permanently on a separate page titled “Permanently increasing Deacon’s stats.”

Deacon’s Health Bar Doesn’t Regenerate Automatically

Deacon’s health bar in Days Gone will not start to regenerate automatically after he sustains an injury, except when he is on the verge of dying. In such cases, the game will restore a few health points to give you a chance to recover fully.

You can heal your character in two primary ways:

  1. By using bandages, which can be found in the game world or crafted using the right ingredients.
  2. By using first aid kits, which can be found in ambulances or fire engines.

You can also buy bandages and first aid kits from merchants in encampments, but we recommend this approach only if you have run out of supplies and ingredients to make bandages. For more information and tips on how to heal your character and the consequences of death, check out the page titled “Healing your character and the consequences of death.”

Be Prepared for Unpleasant Situations on the Road

While exploring the world of Days Gone, you must always be prepared for unexpected attacks on the road triggered by random events. In some situations, you may not be able to defend yourself effectively due to scripted actions, such as being thrown from your motorcycle.

You cannot completely protect yourself against random encounters with bandits, wild animals, or monsters. However, you can prepare yourself to the best of your ability by checking your hero’s health status and replenishing your stock of ammo and single-use items before setting off on a new journey.

Save Your Game Regularly

Days Gone saves your progress automatically at intervals, but you can also create manual save files:

  1. You can access the pause menu and select the “save game” option.
  2. You can hold the triangle button to quick save.

Saving your game regularly can help you avoid potential issues, such as losing progress due to Deacon’s death because the game restores the state from the most recent manual or automatic save. However, there are several important limitations to saving, such as only being able to save in specific locations. Check out the page titled “Saving your game” for more information on these limitations.

  1. You can only save your progress when standing next to your motorcycle or a bed. It’s not possible to create save files at any time, such as during a mission away from your bike.
  2. It’s not possible to save the game while driving or when enemies are nearby.

Collect Freaker Ears

Every Freaker you defeat will drop Ears. It’s worth getting into the habit of collecting them regularly. You don’t need to press any button, simply walk over the body of the monster. Details of the collected ears will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen.

You can trade Ears at encampments within the game world. You’ll receive credits and trust points with the encampment in return. Additionally, collecting Freaker Ears will help you unlock the time-consuming Lend Me Your Ears trophy, which requires you to collect up to 989 of these trinkets.

Regularly Return to O’Leary Mountain Safehouse

The O’Leary Mountain Safehouse is one of the few safe encampments in the game world. Deacon’s friend, Boozer, stays there after completing the prologue of the campaign. There are several reasons to visit this Safehouse regularly:

  1. It has a free fuel dispenser to refuel your bike.
  2. Boozer periodically puts single-use items or ammunition in the supply crate in the observation tower. You can use these items for free. Additional crafting materials can also be found at the base of the tower.
  3. The encampment has a bed and a gun locker.

More information about the O’Leary Mountain Safehouse can be found in the Encampments chapter of the game guide.

Wolves Hunt in Packs

Deacon may encounter wolves during his travels, and they will always try to attack and kill him. Wolves can attack while walking or riding a motorcycle. If a wolf jumps on the hero and hits at the right moment, it may throw Deacon off the vehicle. A quick-time event is required to throw off the attacking wolf.

As in real life, wolves never attack alone. You should be prepared to fight several. After dealing with the first wolf, start looking for the others. Rolling by pressing R1 can help you avoid being bitten or knocked down by the wolves. A shotgun is an excellent weapon for killing wolves, and you can attach a Focused Shot for more precise aiming while using bullet time.

Be cautious of snipers

In Days Gone, snipers appear in certain locations and pose a serious threat to the protagonist. You can identify snipers by their red laser beams, as shown in the picture. If a sniper hasn’t spotted you, try to approach them from the side or behind. However, be aware that they can quickly turn around. Avoid moving in open areas and hide in bushes along the way.

If a sniper spots Deacon, quickly hide behind the nearest obstacle. Alternatively, you can engage in a “pursuit,” shoot at the sniper with your own rifle, or use a smoke bomb to temporarily blind the enemy.

Sniper attacks can also occur while riding a motorcycle, which is one of the many random events that can happen during your journey. Do not try to escape on the motorcycle, as the sniper is likely to shoot you. If Deacon gets hit, he will fall off the bike and the vehicle will be severely damaged. If you spot a sniper, stop the bike, jump off, and take cover immediately.

Saddle bags for extra ammo on your motorcycle

Saddle bags are one of the most useful upgrades for your motorcycle. You can carry additional ammunition for all your current weapons, allowing you to quickly refill ammo without having to go back to one of the camps to purchase from a merchant. This is especially useful during long motorcycle rides.

You can purchase saddle bags from mechanics at Copeland Camp and later at Iron Mike Camp. However, to buy from Copeland Camp, you must first reach the second trust level. Only then will Manny the mechanic sell the saddle bags for 800 credits. Filling the bag with ammo costs an additional 400 credits. It’s best to use up most of your ammo before opening the bag, as Deacon will automatically take everything out of it. You cannot repeat this process until you refill the bag with ammo at one of the merchants.

Attractor to eliminate large groups of Freakers

An attractor is a valuable gadget that can be used for more than just distracting enemies. You can find attractors in the game world and even craft them yourself during the campaign.

Attractors are ideal for areas with many Freakers. You can get rid of most or all of them in one go:

  1. Approach the Freakers without being seen.
  2. Throw the attractor among the monsters.
  3. Wait for all the surrounding Freakers to gather around the bait.
  4. Throw a Molotov cocktail, frag grenade, proximity bomb, or a similar item in the same spot.

This attack should eliminate all the monsters that were near the attractor. If any Freakers survive, you can either run away or take care of them. For more tips on fighting monsters, check out the Weapons and Combat section.


What is Days Gone?

Days Gone is an open-world action-adventure game developed by Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a global pandemic has turned most of humanity into zombie-like creatures called Freakers. Players take on the role of Deacon St. John, a former outlaw turned bounty hunter who is trying to survive in this harsh new world. The game features a vast open-world, a variety of weapons and vehicles, and a dynamic weather system that affects gameplay.

What are some tips for beginners?

1. Focus on upgrading your bike: Your bike is your lifeline in Days Gone, so make sure to prioritize upgrading it. This will allow you to travel faster, carry more gear, and even fight off enemies with mounted weapons.

2. Be stealthy: Freakers have excellent hearing and can easily overwhelm you if you’re not careful. Use stealth to your advantage, and take out enemies one by one.

3. Use distractions: Throwing rocks or other objects can be a great way to distract enemies and lure them away from your position.

4. Explore the world: There are many hidden locations and items scattered throughout the game world, so take your time to explore and scavenge.

5. Complete side missions: Side missions can provide valuable rewards and help you level up your character, so don’t neglect them.

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