Days Gone: Bounty Hunter – step-by-step instructions

Bounty Hunter is a chain of missions that become available only in the second region at Tucker’s camp. She will offer you numerous missions in this thread. After completing the last mission, Chasing Leon, you will receive a call from Tucker while exploring, informing you about a new task. However, you won’t receive it right after finishing the previous mission.

  • The Rest of Our Drugs
  • A Goddamn War Zone
  • Hard to Miss
  • Nice and Bloody
  • Seeds for the Spring
  • I’ll Double It
  • Over a Card Game
  • How Many Bodies?
  • Part of the Family
  • Keeping Souvenirs
  • Take Back What’s Mine
  • You Got the Wrong Guy
  • You don’t want to know
  • The Anarchists Spy

The Rest of Our Drugs

You will be pursuing an opponent with more firepower and a tougher bike.

After completing the mission, They Won’t Let Me leave (You’re Safe Now), Tucker will contact you shortly after leaving the camp. Go to the specified location, which is the town in the north. Bring a good sidearm, such as an UZI or shotgun, and plenty of ammo. Examine the item on the spot, and adjust your motorcycle so that you can get on it quickly and be ready to chase your target. As in the previous mission, you will need to shoot the enemy’s motorcycle or damage it by attacking their vehicle. This time, the enemy will have an accomplice whom you can ignore. Once you reduce the target’s health bar, the accomplice will disappear.

A Goddamn War Zone

Rikki is standing next to the mechanic’s workshop.

This task is optional, and you will receive it from Rikki after clearing the Ripper Camp in Playing All Night.

Head to the indicated camp to the west. Your objective is to reach the building where Riley is staying. You will hear him when you are near the house. The door is locked, but there is a hole in the roof that you can climb through using wooden blocks against the wall. After killing the target and another person in the building, search his body and bring the evidence to Rikki. You will unlock the next mission: Flow Like Buried Rivers (Earning Our Keep).

Hard to Miss

You will begin this mission after completing Earning Our Keep: You See What They Did. After receiving a radio message from Copeland regarding the availability of the task, go talk to him.

The camp has a lower and upper floor, also with opponents.

Head north to an enemy camp and eliminate all enemies. If you haven’t eliminated the horde on the nearby train, you can bring them to the enemy camp to do the work for you. Once you’ve dealt with the opponents, infected wolves may appear on the spot. It’s worth being at the top at that point and provoking them with rocks to enter your line of fire or to use attractor or explosives / canister. To complete this task, return to Copeland.

A Bloody Start

Before beginning this mission, you must complete the previous task, Drugged Outta His Mind.

Missions like this will appear more frequently as part of the Bounty Hunter thread.

After speaking to Tucker on the phone, head back to her camp. Your target is a man located in the camp southeast of the base, behind the mountain. You can sneak into the camp over the fences or engage in an open battle. At the entrance gate on the tower, you will find a sniper. If you startle the target, he may escape to the high observation tower, where additional enemies may be hiding. Remember to collect evidence from the target’s body to successfully complete the mission.

Once you have eliminated the target and optionally taken out the other murderers, expect reinforcements on motorcycles to arrive. Return to Tucker for your reward.

Seeds for Spring

This mission becomes available after completing Earning Our Keep: You See What They Did. Wait until Copeland contacts you.

Head north to Iron Mike’s camp and prepare your motorcycle for a chase. Investigate the item by the stairs on the platform to initiate the chase. The target will be accompanied by two helpers – wait for them to fall off their vehicles and leave the main target by himself to avoid damage.

I’ll Double It

This mission appears in the diary after completing Rikki’s related task, I Got a Job for You (Earning Our Keep). She will contact you on Tucker’s radio, and you must return to her camp to continue.

On the west side, there will only be a sniper. Sneak past him and he won’t notice you.

Take the west side to reach the camp. On the hill, you will find a sniper. If you take his weapon (or have your own sniper rifle), you can eliminate the target from a distance.

Remember that you still need to approach the body to gather evidence of the murder, but you can drive around on your bike and avoid numerous opponents. Be careful if you want to act quietly – many enemies wear helmets, making it difficult to kill them with one shot. Completing this mission will earn you a lot of reputation in the Hot Springs camp.

Over a Card Game

This mission unlocks after completing Some Kinda Freak Expert (Earning Our Keep); speak to Ricky in the camp.

Wait behind the camp until the situation calms down to avoid a battle.

You will receive coordinates for your target, Joshua. In this mission, you do not need to fight – the Freakers will do the job for you if you do not participate, and you only need to collect evidence of the murder. Sneak into the camp quietly to avoid fighting the zombies, and then quickly jump on your motorcycle.

How Many Bodies?

After repairing the transformer with Rikki in the Better To Light The Candle (Earning Our Keep) mission, you will unlock this task where you must eliminate another target. However, this time it will be more challenging.

Inspect the bike lying on the road without making any noise to avoid attracting hordes of Freakers. Head to the nearby sawmill and explore two more trails – bodies using survival vision. Your target can be found running from the roof of the NERO building when considering the second trail. Run after him quickly to catch him in the red building. Failure to do so will result in the Horde getting him, which is tough to defeat without proper preparations. Once you have killed the target, return to Rikki with the murder proof after the Horde calms down and returns to its place.

Part of the Family

After completing a series of missions in the Surviving Isn’t Living storyline, including That’s Never Gets Old, this quest will start. Return to Tucker in Hot Springs, and kill Wheeler as requested.

If a Horde resides in the cave during the day, drive them out of a nearby cave in the Eastern cliff. Luring them to a hostile camp will be a significant relief. Otherwise, use grenades/Molotov’s quietly on multiple thugs gathered in the middle of the camp.

Keeping Souvenirs

After exploring Crater Lake and conversing with Garrett at the top of the hill located in the center of the base, this mission will start. Go to the southwest part of the map and head to the northern part of the searching zone to find a trace near the trash. Another trace is in the cave with two mutated wolves, and a NERO Injector can be collected here. Head deep into the cave, where you will find another four wolves.

Find Anderson’s body near the exit of the tunnels by going west. Return to camp with the band found on the corpse. Completing this mission leads to I Know Things Are Strange mission, part of a new plotline called I’m Never Giving Up.

Take Back What’s Mine

After completing the I Know The Look (A Good Soldier) mission, you will receive a message from Garrett asking you to return to the Wizard Island. Explore the tracks on the snow, which will lead you to the top of the mountain where the enemy base is located.

Investigate the tracks to find the right person and free the imprisoned woman inside the building at the top of the hill. However, you must first get rid of all 12 Marauders. Be careful as they are well armed, and most of them have helmets and body armor.

Wrong Target

This mission becomes available after completing Afraid of a Little Competition? (I’m Never Giving Up) and receiving a call from Garrett. It is another pursuit mission, so make sure to have your sidearm loaded and your bike fueled up.

Investigate the tracks behind the building to trigger the chase. Make sure your bike is parked nearby. Head behind the building and examine the bloodstains near the rail. The target will appear from the back, giving you the opportunity to shoot at him before getting on your bike. Eliminate him quickly as he will soon be joined by reinforcements.

Unwanted Knowledge

This mission is unlocked after defeating the Chemult Horde and watching the cutscene titled How Low We Have Fallen (A Good Soldier) where you talk with Garrett. The mission takes place in the northeast of the region, with the camp located further east. You will need to eliminate all the anarchists before taking out the target, who is deep within their base. Beware of reinforcements arriving on motorcycles. Once the target is dead, search his body.

The Anarchist’s Informant

This task is unlocked upon completion of the quest He’s not Big on Tunes (A Good Soldier) for Weaver.

Head to the designated location and investigate the corpse in the hut to start the pursuit of the target. Make sure to bring a fueled motorcycle and plenty of ammo. If you need fuel, search for a canister in a nearby mine on the hill across the river. The target will run along the road in the direction from which you came (to the south) and can be eliminated without getting on your bike, provided you have a good sniper rifle or other long-range weapon.


1. What is Days Gone: Bounty Hunter?

Days Gone: Bounty Hunter is a DLC (downloadable content) for the popular post-apocalyptic video game Days Gone. In this DLC, players take on the role of Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter in search of new challenges and rewards. The DLC features new storylines, missions, and characters, as well as new weapons and gear for players to unlock. It also introduces a new game mode called “Survival” where players must scavenge for resources and fight off hordes of zombies.

2. How do I access the Days Gone: Bounty Hunter DLC?

To access the Days Gone: Bounty Hunter DLC, players must first purchase the DLC from the PlayStation Store. Once purchased, players must download and install the DLC onto their console. To start playing the DLC, players must first complete the main story campaign of Days Gone. After completing the main story, players can select the “Bounty Hunter” option from the main menu to access the DLC.

3. What new features can I expect from Days Gone: Bounty Hunter?

Days Gone: Bounty Hunter introduces several new features to the game, including new storylines, missions, and characters. Players will also have access to new weapons and gear, such as the “Survivor” shotgun and the “Crossbow” weapon. The DLC also introduces a new game mode called “Survival,” where players must scavenge for resources and fight off hordes of zombies. In addition, the DLC features new challenges and rewards for players to unlock, including new trophies and achievements.

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