Days Gone: Earning Our Keep – walkthrough

The Earning Our Keep storyline begins when Deacon and Boozer head to Iron Mike’s camp in Lost Lake (after completing the mission We’ve Done Things (He’s My Brother)). This storyline revolves around tasks related to the camp and its issues. Below is a description of the tasks involved in this storyline.

  • Sherman’s Camp is Crawling
  • Flow Like Buried Rivers
  • You See What They Did / Do You Have My Back?
  • I Got a Job for You / They Don’t Like Visitors
  • It’s a Long Story
  • Some Kinda Freak Expert / Lines Not Crossed
  • We’re Not Hiding / That’s His Mistake
  • Better To Light The Candle / Outta The Darkness

Sherman’s Camp is Crawling

Speak to Abby in the infirmary

This mission begins after finishing the prologue at Mike’s camp – We’ve Done Things (He’s My Brother). Talk to Abby in the camp to start the mission.

Head to a nearby town filled with Freakers and human enemies. You don’t need to worry about them, especially if you enter the town from the north. To reach the target building, shoot down a fire ladder and enter the building through the upper floor. You’ll find the knife in a case on the ground floor.

  1. After returning to the camp and giving back the knife, the next story mission – Searching for Lisa – will be unlocked.

Flow Like Buried Rivers

You’ll begin this task after completing Rikki’s mission: A Goddamn War Zone (Bounty Hunter). You’ll scout with Iron Mike to gather more information about the horde.

You See What They Did / Do You Have My Back?

Fight your way through the town – opt for direct combat to stay close to Mike

Meet up with Mike and head to the eastern town to visit two buildings. An ambush awaits you in the second building. Quickly eliminate the three enemies that enter the building. Outside, let your enemies fight on the right while you go left. Fight your way out of the town until you reach the motorcycles. Tips:

  1. Don’t kill everyone – when Rippers engage the Freakers, let them fight and avoid them instead of killing them;
  2. Use a weapon with a suppressor – you don’t want to draw too much attention from the Freakers;
  3. Stay close to Mike – he tends to get into trouble and die when you’re not around.

After completing this mission, the attractor schematic will be unlocked, which is used to attract people’s attention or focus Freakers in one place. The next mission is called On Herod’s Birthday (I Remember).

After completing this mission, many new tasks will be unlocked, including side tasks for the rest of the camps and access to the western part of the map – Iron Brutte.

I Got a Job for You / They Don’t Like Visitors

To unlock this task, several previous missions need to be completed, including You See What They Did / Do You Have My Back? and a later task for O’Brien (I Remember – On Herod’s Birthday).

Destroy the Freaker nests in the power plant basement and defend yourself from their attack.

Accompany Rikki on a lengthy journey to a water power station. Follow her instructions while navigating through the area (you are unarmed and safe). Only when you descend to search for fuses will danger arise. Eliminate two nests located at opposite ends of the basement. It’s best to work together with Rikki to solve the problem and avoid endangering her life.

Towards the end of the power station, you will encounter an armored opponent who blocks the way to the motorcycles.

Rippers will also be waiting for you, so be cautious and avoid advancing too recklessly. Keep in mind that Rikki will help you flank the enemy. At the very end, you will face an armored enemy equipped with a heavy MG. It’s advisable to use special weapons like a sniper rifle (with armor-piercing capabilities) or a crossbow (with special bolts) to attack.

It’s a Long Story

This section of the story depicts your return journey with Rikki to Mike’s camp. It comprises of a journey and a cutscene.

Some Kinda Freak Expert / Lines Not Crossed

Equip yourself with a sturdy melee weapon (and carry some optional Scrap to repair it) for this mission. Accompany Skizzo to the mine and eliminate the Freakrs on the roof. Seek Skizzo’s assistance to gain access to the roof. You will find the keys on the first floor of the building and flares on the ground floor. Unlock the door on the first floor and head towards the mine.

Receive aid to climb the small roof and access the building through a second-floor window.

While making your way through the mines, your keys will be stolen. Track the trail of the small Freaker and recover the keys (be prepared for a Quick Time Event trap). Return to Skizzo quickly as your weapons will be locked, leaving you solely reliant on your melee weapon.

We’re Not Hiding / That’s His Mistake

Follow Skizzo to the caves and listen to his instructions – sometimes simple actions are required.

You will continue searching for dynamite in the mine on this mission. After exiting the main area, you will encounter a group of Marauders. As there are only five of them against you and Skizzo, it shouldn’t be too challenging. After this, return to the camp to complete the mission.

Better To Light The Candle / Outta The Darkness

After completing the No Beginning and No End (I Remember) mission, head to a nearby gas station to assist Rikki in repairing the transformer. This is a quick mission.

Be on alert for Rikki’s safety as she repairs the pole and defend her against enemy attacks from the gas station building. The little Freakers come at her individually, allowing you to use melee weapons to take them down, but be sure to shoot the one that jumps on Rikki’s back. Upon completion of this mission, you will conclude the Earning Our Keep storyline and be granted a new motorcycle skin as a reward.


What is Days Gone: Earning Our Keep?

Days Gone: Earning Our Keep is a mission in the game Days Gone. It is a part of the main story and involves the protagonist Deacon St. John completing various tasks to help secure the survival of his camp. These tasks include gathering resources, clearing out zombie-infested areas, and rescuing hostages.

What are some tips for completing Days Gone: Earning Our Keep?

One important tip for completing this mission is to make sure you have enough resources before starting. This includes ammunition, fuel, and medical supplies. It is also important to plan out your route and approach to each objective to avoid getting overwhelmed by zombies.

What are the rewards for completing Days Gone: Earning Our Keep?

The rewards for completing Days Gone: Earning Our Keep include increased trust with your camp, which allows you to access better equipment and upgrades. You will also receive valuable resources such as ammunition and medical supplies, which will help you in future missions.

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