Days Gone: Highway 97 – map, hidden items, collectibles

Key points of Days Gone – Highway 97 – Collectibles


R.I.P. Sermons

Historical Markers


NERO Intel

On this page of our Days Gone World Atlas, you will find a map of the hidden items that can be found in the Highway 97 area. Collecting these items will bring you closer to completing the game with a 100% progress. Hidden items can be notes, audio recordings, or historical markers.

Site under construction. Another hidden item will be added soon.

  • Information about collectibles in the Highway 97 area
  • #6 NERO Intel
  • #8 NERO Intel

Information about collectibles in the Highway 97 area

While exploring Highway 97, you can find:

  1. 6 NERO Intel
  2. 4 Historical Markers
  3. 7 hidden items from the Tourism category
  4. 1 plant from the Herbology section – there is no mark on our map, as this type of plant can be found in different places

More complex hidden items have been described below. We have also included screenshots to help you locate them more easily and quickly.

#6 NERO Intel

To obtain the intel, you must explore a small cave. The entrance to it is located to the east of the destination (in the picture above). Search the cave to find the NERO Research Point.

#8 NERO Intel

This NERO Intel is on the other side of the river – you cannot swim there. Instead, you need to use your bike equipped with nitrous boost and jump over the water twice. The picture above shows the first ramp – approach the water by moving from the north and activate nitrous right before you drive on the ramp.

Complete both jumps and you will reach the helicopter’s wreck. The recorder is near the corpse.


What is Highway 97 in Days Gone?

Highway 97 is one of the main locations in the video game Days Gone. It is a long stretch of road that runs through the post-apocalyptic Oregon and serves as a major route for the game’s protagonist, Deacon St. John. The highway is full of dangers, including hordes of Freakers, hostile survivors, and other hazards that players must navigate through to progress in the game’s story.

What are the collectibles and secrets on Highway 97 in Days Gone?

There are several collectibles and secrets to discover on Highway 97 in Days Gone. These include Nero Checkpoints, Ambush Camps, Infestation Zones, and Historical Markers. Nero Checkpoints are locations where players can find valuable items and upgrade their equipment. Ambush Camps are enemy strongholds that players can clear out to gain access to new weapons and gear. Infestation Zones are areas infested with Freakers that players must clear out. Historical Markers are landmarks that provide insight into the game’s backstory and lore.

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