Days Gone: How to Control the Game

On this page of the Days Gone game guide, we have provided all the necessary information about the in-game controls. You will learn how to navigate the main menu, which can be done using the touchpad, and you will also discover the purpose of all available control buttons while playing on foot or on a motorcycle.

  • Navigating the Main Menu
  • Equipment Management with the Survival Wheel
  • Controls while Playing on Foot
  • Controls while Riding a Motorcycle
  • Additional Control Settings

Navigating the Main Menu

In Days Gone, you can open different windows in the main menu by using the touchpad. To open a specific section of the menu, you need to swipe your finger on the touchpad in the appropriate direction:

  1. Swipe Up – Storylines. Here, you can track your progress in completing missions, which are divided into different storylines. You can also view information about collectables you have gathered and available trophies.
  2. Swipe Down – Skills. Here, you can spend your hero’s skill points to purchase skills from three different categories, including Melee Combat, Ranged Combat, and Survival. You can also view the current values of your hero’s main statistics, such as Health, Stamina, and Focus.
  3. Swipe Left – Inventory. Here, you can view the equipment that Deacon currently has at his disposal, including weapons and additional supplies. You can also open tabs related to crafting or crafting materials you have gathered.
  4. Swipe Right – World Map. Here, you can view the map of the area. Use the left analogue stick to move the cursor.

After selecting a menu, you can press the L1 and R1 buttons to switch between available tabs.

Equipment Management with the Survival Wheel

In Days Gone, the Survival Wheel is used to select items from your inventory. You can bring up this crucial piece of the UI by holding the L1 button. Here are some of its most important applications:

The game Days Gone allows you to choose various weapons and items from the inventory, including melee weapons, throwable objects, sidearms, traps, special weapons, distraction items, and meds. You can also craft new weapons and items if you have the recipe and necessary materials. If you have a sidearm or special weapon, you can attach a suppressor to it. If your designated special weapon is a crossbow, you can create crossbow bolts.

When playing on foot, you can control your character’s movement and camera using the corresponding buttons. You can sprint but be aware that it drains your stamina, which takes time to recover. The survival vision mode allows you to scan your surroundings and find useful objects. The survival wheel allows you to manage your equipment. When aiming, you can press X to change the camera placement. You can also crouch, slide, reload weapons, and switch between main weapons and sidearms.

Scaling (only applicable to certain objects).

Shooting your firearm. Hurling an item.

Striking with a close combat weapon. The protagonist will automatically use a close combat weapon if you are not pressing the button responsible for aiming.

Combat roll (evade). It is preferable to use these actions while the character is in motion.

Interacting with the panel – main menu. Swiping up – Storylines. Swiping down – Abilities. Swiping left – Stock. Swiping right – Map of the world.

The usage of the touchpad has been thoroughly explained in the How to navigate the main menu? segment.

Binoculars. You can modify the magnification level by pressing the joystick.

Restoring health. You must press and hold the button and also possess a medical kit or bandages at your disposal.

Detonator. You will acquire this item in the later stages of the game.

Flashlight. You can employ it to illuminate a specific area, for example, while traveling during the night or while exploring caves.

Pause menu.

Commands in Days Gone – Operating the motorcycle

Operating the motorcycle.

Camera movement.

Survival Vision. This mode enables you to “scan” your surroundings. You can locate, for instance, footprints or interactive objects that can be looted. Survival Vision has a brief duration by default, but you can prolong it thanks to various skills.

Switching between targets. The game permits you to lock your crosshairs on adversaries located within a short distance away from the motorcycle.


Drifting (press and hold the button). This can be extremely helpful, for example, when you want to suddenly turn the machine by 180 degrees.

Jump on/off the motorcycle – If you are in a hurry, you can press this button while running to leap onto the motorcycle.

Reloading your sidearm (press and hold the button).

Nitro (press and hold the button). You must have the relevant motorcycle upgrade installed. The hero temporarily loses access to nitro after completing the game’s prologue.


To fire your sidearm, you need to lock onto a target (L1) and wait for the crosshair to focus on it to increase accuracy.

You can navigate the main menu by touching the panel, swiping up for Storylines, down for Skills, left for Inventory, and right for the World map. The How to navigate the main menu? section explains touchpad usage in detail.

To heal yourself, hold down the button and have a first aid kit or bandages available.

You will receive the detonator later in the game.

The bike light is on by default, but you can turn it off to reduce the risk of detection by enemies.

The pause menu is available during gameplay.

Additional Control Settings

You can find additional control settings in the game options to adapt to your preferences. The most important settings include:

  1. Aiming sensitivity – decrease for better accuracy, increase for faster targeting.
  2. Camera sensitivity – adjust for faster or slower camera movement.
  3. Camera axis – reverse the Y-axis.
  4. Secondary camera – turn on when riding your motorcycle.
  5. Aim assist – make it easier to target opponents.
  6. Sticky crosshair – subtly “stick” to enemies you aim at.
  7. Vibrations – turn controller vibrations on or off.


What are the controls for Days Gone on PlayStation 4?

The controls for Days Gone on PlayStation 4 can be broken down into several categories: basic movement, combat, riding a motorcycle, and using the survival wheel. Basic movement includes running, walking, crouching, and jumping. Combat controls involve aiming, shooting, and melee attacks. Riding a motorcycle requires the use of the accelerator, brake, and steering. The survival wheel is used for crafting, healing, and other survival actions. It’s important to note that the controls can be customized to the player’s preference in the game’s settings menu.

Can you use a keyboard and mouse to play Days Gone on PC?

No, Days Gone is not currently supported for keyboard and mouse on PC. The game is designed to be played with a PlayStation 4 controller and is only available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles. However, there are some third-party software options that allow players to use a keyboard and mouse to emulate a controller, but this is not officially supported by the game developers and may not provide the best experience. It’s recommended to play the game as intended with a controller for the best gameplay experience.

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