Days Gone: How to Unlock the Secret Ending

This section of our Days Gone walkthrough focuses on the secret ending. Fortunately, unlocking this ending is not difficult, and you don’t need to worry about missing it.

To unlock the secret ending, you must first complete the main storyline, which involves eliminating Skizzo and Col. Garret during the assault on Wizard Island – WARNING: SPOILERS.

Continue traveling around the world until O’Brian contacts Deacon over the radio after several dozen minutes. O’Brian will ask you to meet him in person, which will unlock a new mission called “There’s Nothing You Can Do.”

Head to Pioneer Cemetery, located in the northeast corner of the Cascade region. You can fast travel to the nearby NERO Research Site.

O’Brian will be waiting for you near the entrance to the cemetery. Approach him to trigger the secret ending, which has an interesting twist.

This mission concludes the “Finding NERO” plotline, and Deacon will receive the IPCA Stun Gun crafting recipe. This unique weapon can stop and set a Freaker on fire. Check out the “List of Crafting Plans” page to learn more about this weapon.


1. What is the secret ending in Days Gone?

The secret ending in Days Gone is an additional cutscene that can be unlocked after players complete the main story. It reveals a major plot twist and sets up potential future sequels. To unlock the secret ending, players must complete all of the story missions, including the epilogue. After the final cutscene, players will receive a new mission called “There’s Nothing You Can Do,” which will unlock the secret ending once completed. The secret ending is a must-see for any fan of the game who wants to get the full story and see what could happen in future installments.

2. How do I complete the “There’s Nothing You Can Do” mission?

To complete the “There’s Nothing You Can Do” mission and unlock the secret ending in Days Gone, players must follow a series of objectives. First, players must travel to Wizard Island and speak with Colonel Garrett. He will then give players a new objective to retrieve a device from the nearby research facility. Once players have the device, they must return it to Colonel Garrett and defend the island from a horde of Freakers. After the horde is defeated, players will witness the secret ending cutscene.

3. Is the secret ending worth unlocking in Days Gone?

Yes, the secret ending in Days Gone is definitely worth unlocking for players who want to see the full story and potential future of the franchise. It reveals a major plot twist that changes the player’s perspective on the game’s story and sets up interesting possibilities for future installments. Additionally, the “There’s Nothing You Can Do” mission is challenging and fun to complete, providing players with a satisfying conclusion to the game’s story. Overall, unlocking the secret ending is a must-do for any fan of Days Gone.

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