Days Gone: Iron Mikes Camp

This page of our Days Gone guide provides important information about Iron Mike’s Camp. This camp is one of the largest and most important in the game, and you will return to it frequently throughout the game.

Iron Mike’s Camp is located in the Lost Lake region at the center of the map. You won’t be able to access it at the start of the game since you can only explore the northern regions (Cascade and Belknap) initially.

Deacon will need to wait until he decides to head to Lost Lake to obtain medicine for Boozer. This is a part of the main mission No One Saw It Coming. Unlike the previous two camps, Deacon cannot enter Iron Mike’s Camp immediately since the protagonist and Iron Mike are not on good terms. Deacon will need to sneak into the camp and steal the medicine, after which he will encounter Rikki and Addy. Rikki will assist you in transporting Boozer to the camp.

Completing the We’ve All Done Things main mission will result in a meeting with Iron Mike, the leader of the camp, and provide full access to the camp.

Iron Mike does not provide side quests, but you can obtain them from Rikki Patil, who can be found near the workshop. Wait for the radio message about a new side quest, after which you can go to the camp and discuss the details.

The mechanic is the first important NPC in Iron Mike’s Camp. They sell high-quality bike parts that are superior to those offered by Manny in Copeland’s Camp. Attempt to purchase all upgrades that improve your bike’s performance. Additionally, acquire Saddlebags III, which can be useful when fighting Freaker hordes. Unfortunately, most of the parts require a specific Trust level.

The second significant individual in Iron Mike’s Camp is the merchant. This NPC sells better weapons, some of which are incredibly useful. Crowdbreaker should be purchased once you reach Trust level two. The best weapons require Trust level 3. Since this camp is connected to missions and side activities found in Lost Lake and Iron Butte, increasing your Trust level quickly should be possible.

Boozer’s cabin, marked with a unique icon, is a vital location in Iron Mike’s Camp. After completing enough story missions in Lost Lake, Boozer moves in here (after leaving the provisional hospital in the camp).

Despite this, Boozer can still contact Deacon through the radio to advise him of new supplies awaiting the player. These supplies are kept in the chest in front of the cabin. More information about this can be found on the Free Supplies from Boozer page.

Later in the game, Deacon discovers a puppy and decides to give it to Boozer. The puppy’s kennel is located near Boozer’s cabin. More information about the puppy can be found on the Can You Pet the Dog? page.

The Iron Mike’s Farm is situated to the east of Iron Mike’s Camp and is enclosed by a fence. However, there is not much to explore here except for some interactive beds and a handful of plants that can be gathered. This restricted area is visited only during a few story missions, and one of its workers is Boozer.


What is Iron Mike’s Camp in Days Gone?

Iron Mike’s Camp is a faction in the post-apocalyptic open-world game Days Gone. It is a community of survivors led by the charismatic leader Iron Mike, who values peace and cooperation above all else. The camp is located in a former lumber mill in the mountains of Oregon and is home to over a hundred survivors who work together to survive in a world overrun by zombie-like creatures known as Freakers.

What can players do at Iron Mike’s Camp?

Players can interact with the members of Iron Mike’s Camp, take on missions, and trade with vendors. The camp offers a safe haven for the player to rest and resupply, as well as an opportunity to learn more about the game’s story and characters. As the player progresses through the game, they can also help to improve the camp’s infrastructure by completing tasks and upgrading the facilities. However, the player must be careful not to antagonize the camp’s members, as this can lead to negative consequences and even hostility towards the player.

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