Days Gone: Keep Them Safe – walkthrough

The Keep Them Safe storyline in Days Gone takes place in Iron Mike’s camp at Lost Lake and is a crucial part of the game. Deacon and Boozer take on the Rippers to safeguard the camp and make it secure. This walkthrough provides a detailed guide for all the missions in this storyline.

  • Trying to help the camp / Don’t Get Caught
  • It Was The Only Way Out
  • You Won’t Be Needing This
  • Without Being Seen / Now That’s An Idea
  • It never ends.
  • Like Your New Digs?
  • Time For Some Payback

Trying to help the camp / Don’t Get Caught

Meet Skizzo at the backyard of Mike’s house. Heading West, you’ll come across some wolves in the mountains. Fortunately, they will attack alone instead of in a pack. You will encounter more Rippers, but do not attack them as it will cancel the mission.

It Was The Only Way Out

The rest of the mission is saved under a new entry in the diary. Follow Skizzo to the warehouse where you will be locked up with a pack of little Freakers. The key is to eliminate as many zombies as possible before they hide. Once Skizzo gets you to the floor, the mission will be completed, and you will move on to the You’re Safe Now storyline.

You Won’t Be Needing This

You will need a sniper rifle for this mission. The game offers you a new SSR rifle, but it is not as good as some of the sniper rifles that are currently available. The quest starts after completing That’s Never Gets Old series in the Surviving Isn’t Living storyline. Go to Skizzo’s house to pick up the detonator and the new sniper rifle SSR.

Without Being Seen / Now That’s An Idea

The quest starts after completing That’s Never Gets Old series in the Surviving Isn’t Living storyline. Head to Mike’s basement for the TNT and take it to your shelter.

Before going on the trip with Boozer, ensure you are well equipped with medicines and good weapons with a lot of ammunition. You will face a lot of Rippers in combat. Clear the tunnel leading to Iron Butte and pass through it. There are many boxes with ammo in the tunnel; collect them.

It never ends.

You will attack the Rippers in the later part of the mission, and Boozer will accompany you. Go to the tower with the sniper and cover Boozer when he sets up the explosives. The SRR Sniper Rifle is powerful enough that you do not need to aim for enemies’ heads, and ammo is unlimited. When you reload the clip, ammo regenerates.

Be attentive when Boozer sets the last charge under the tower; an enemy will appear behind the door and attack him from the back. You need to quickly shoot and eliminate him. The next mission will start automatically.

Do You Like Your New Place?

This quest will start after finishing the That’s Never Gets Old mission series in the Surviving Isn’t Living storyline. Speak to Skizzo through the wall and gain some experience after a short dialogue.

It’s Time to Retaliate

Try to remain undetected as Boozer will throw several smoke grenades into the area.

After arriving, you will encounter a large group of armed enemies, including an armored one. At the beginning, one of the enemies will come closer from the left side – use a suppressed weapon to eliminate him. Defeat the next enemies stealthily by sneaking up and quietly killing them – you do not want to start an open battle!

Beware of the Breaker and dodge his attacks.

Use the smoke grenades thrown by Boozer as well. You can skip the armored enemy – Boozer will take care of him if everything goes smoothly. Then, another Breaker will arrive – two clips of the SSR sniper rifle should be enough (there is spare ammo on the arena near the cars).

Combat should be relatively easy – dodge the enemy’s attacks, even after you have performed an attack (as the enemy will evade your attacks).

After you make your way into the building, a storyline boss duel with Carlos awaits you on top of it. You will not be using any weapons here, only a basic knife. You can also dodge the enemy’s attacks. Usually, the enemy will dodge your attack. After that, immediately perform a dodge too. You can only get in approximately 2-3 hits before you die. The opponent always begins the first attack with an onslaught which is necessary to evade. After completing this mission, you will return to the I Remember: Drowned Them Like Rats storyline. This is the last mission in this storyline.


1. What is Days Gone: Keep Them Safe?

Days Gone: Keep Them Safe is a mission in the popular open-world survival game, Days Gone. In this mission, players take on the role of Deacon St. John as he works to rescue hostages who have been taken by a group of hostile survivors. This mission is one of the more challenging ones in the game, requiring players to be strategic in their approach and use all of their skills to successfully complete it.

2. What is the best way to approach the mission?

The best way to approach the mission is to first scout out the area and identify any potential threats or obstacles. Players should also make use of their stealth abilities to avoid detection as much as possible. It’s important to take out enemies one by one and avoid getting overwhelmed. Players should also make sure to stay well-stocked on supplies, including ammo, health packs, and crafting materials.

3. What challenges can players expect to face during the mission?

Players can expect to face a variety of challenges during the mission, including heavily armed enemies, traps, and other hazards. The hostages themselves may also pose a challenge, as they will need to be escorted to safety while under fire from enemy forces. The mission is designed to be difficult, so players should be prepared to face a tough battle.

4. Are there any tips for dealing with the enemy forces?

One effective strategy for dealing with the enemy forces is to use distractions to lure them away from the hostages. This can be done by throwing rocks or other objects to create noise and draw the enemy’s attention. Players should also make use of cover and take advantage of any environmental hazards, such as explosive barrels, to take out multiple enemies at once.

5. What rewards can players expect for completing the mission?

Players who successfully complete the mission will earn experience points, which can be used to upgrade their skills and abilities. They will also earn credits, which can be used to purchase new weapons and gear. Additionally, players may also uncover valuable resources and crafting materials during the mission, which can be used to craft new items and improve existing ones.

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