Days Gone: Mini-FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

In this section of the Days Gone game manual, we have provided answers to various questions regarding the game’s mechanics, world, and controversial content. For more detailed FAQ queries, please refer to separate pages in this chapter of the manual.

  • What is the age rating for Days Gone?
  • Are there multiple endings for Days Gone?
  • Do moral choices play a role in Days Gone?
  • How long is Days Gone?
  • Does Days Gone have an online/co-op mode?
  • What can attack Deacon in Days Gone?
  • Is there fast travel in Days Gone?
  • Can Deacon crawl in Days Gone?
  • Can you kill children in Days Gone?
  • Why did I fail a mission in Days Gone?
  • Can you slide down ladders in Days Gone?
  • Can Deacon swim in Days Gone?
  • Which difficulty level should you choose in Days Gone?
  • Does Days Gone have a Photo Mode?
  • Why did time freeze in Days Gone?
  • Are there weather conditions and a day and night cycle in Days Gone?
  • Why is it impossible to kill soldiers or scientists in Days Gone?
  • How do you bypass the blockade in the tunnel in Days Gone?
  • Can Deacon crawl in Days Gone?
  • Can you drive a Golf cart in Days Gone?
  • Can important characters die in Days Gone?
  • Is it possible to travel with the motorcycle gang in Days Gone?

What is the age rating for Days Gone?

The European rating agency PEGI has given the Bend Studio production an adult-only rating (18+). The American-Canadian ESRB organization has rated the game as mature (for mature audiences). Throughout the game, there are often scenes of brutality or repulsion. Vulgar language is also frequently used. The game does not contain any sex or erotic scenes.

Are there multiple endings for Days Gone?

No, Days Gone only has one main ending. Initially, the developers planned to have several endings based on the player’s choices during gameplay. However, they abandoned this idea, and the main storyline is linear and predetermined.

After completing the main storyline, players can unlock a secret ending. Please refer to the Secret Ending page to learn about the requirements. To get the secret ending, players must complete a short quest during which Deacon meets one of the NPCs.

Do moral choices play a role in Days Gone?

No, the developers chose not to include moral choices in Days Gone. They wanted the main character to have a more distinct personality. All the main quests in the game have a linear structure.

Only minor choices appear in Days Gone. Deacon can decide who he wants to deliver medicine to after completing one of the story missions. Additionally, survivors that are found can be sent back to different camps to gain various benefits. The choices made in Days Gone do not affect the game’s storyline, which follows a predetermined course.

What is the length of Days Gone?

It takes at least 30 hours to complete the main storyline of Days Gone. However, exploring the world and finishing side missions will definitely extend the gameplay. The game’s developers claim that the player’s choices will also impact the duration of the game. The game’s world is divided into six vast regions, each offering a multitude of attractions to explore. Apparently, there are ways for the player to shorten or extend the story by several hours.

Does Days Gone have an online/co-op mode?

Days Gone is designed exclusively for single player use. The developers wanted each player to experience the dangerous world alone, just like the main character. Therefore, the game does not offer an online or co-op mode.

What are the enemies in Days Gone?

Days Gone features a variety of enemies that will try to take your life. It’s a dangerous world in which you can only rely on yourself and your weapons.

The game features the following types of enemies:

  1. Human opponents – they are primarily found in cities, in ruined buildings. These enemies can use firearms and/or melee weapons.
  2. Freakers – these are mutated/infected people who travel in herds. If possible, avoid attacking them and just run. One zombie may not be a threat, but a dozen freakers can kill you in an instant. Freakers come in different varieties, such as zombie-children (known as newts) or individuals with much greater resistance to your character’s attacks. Freakers can also travel in hordes, which can consist of 50 to 500 monsters.
  3. Animals – Days Gone has various animals lurking in the woods, such as deer, wolves, and bears. They will attack the hero if they detect him.

Is fast travel available in Days Gone?

The large, open world of Days Gone allows for fast travel. However, you must first reach a friendly encampment or clear out the location you wish to travel to of any opponents in order to unlock the feature. Once captured, the location will not be resettled by enemies.

The chapter titled “How to use quick travel?” contains all the necessary information about the circumstances of the function’s use and the requirements for successful use.

Can Deacon crawl in Days Gone?

Crawling is not available by default in Days Gone. When you press the circle button, the main character can only crouch and move in that position. Deacon will only crawl on the ground in places predetermined by the developers. In the example from the image above, one of these places is the barricade located on the outskirts of the enemy camp. Deacon can squeeze under it and automatically perform this action when you get close enough.

Is it possible to harm child-like monsters in Days Gone?

The answer to this question is not straightforward. During the game, the protagonist encounters creatures called newts. Their appearance suggests that they were transformed into Freakers when they were still children. However, there is no clear indication in the game that these are zombie-children. The newts are hostile towards Deacon and can attack him, forcing him to defend himself.

What causes a mission to fail in Days Gone?

Some missions in Days Gone are linear, and there are several ways to fail them besides the death of the main character:

  1. Leaving the designated mission area will interrupt the mission. A warning message will appear on the screen if you move too far away from the mission area.
  2. If you have to follow someone, you cannot be too far away from them, whether on foot or on a motorcycle.
  3. Some missions require that you remain undetected. If any opponents become aware of Deacon’s presence, the mission will fail.

Can you slide down ladders in Days Gone?

No, unfortunately, Days Gone does not offer this option. Deacon must descend ladders in the traditional way, even if he has to climb down from a tall lookout tower.

Can Deacon swim in Days Gone?

No, the main character cannot swim. If he enters deep water, a bar will appear on the screen, and if he does not reach the shore quickly enough, he will drown. However, this does not apply to shallow rivers or reservoirs where the water only reaches his ankles or waist.

What difficulty level should you choose in Days Gone?

It is recommended to play the campaign on normal or high difficulty. Although Days Gone contains some survival elements, such as searching for supplies and using medication to restore Deacon’s health, it is not a very challenging game overall.

It is worth noting that the difficulty level is not related to any of the basic trophies available in the game. You can change it during gameplay or choose the low difficulty level if you only want to get the platinum trophy quickly. There are DLC trophies associated with higher difficulty levels in the game, but they are not required to unlock platinum.

Does Days Gone have a Photo Mode?

Yes, Days Gone has a comprehensive Photo Mode that can be accessed by pausing the game and selecting the Photo Mode option from the menu. However, it is temporarily disabled during cutscenes or unskippable animations.

You can switch between the main tabs of the photo mode by pressing L1 and R1, and the X button displays more advanced settings. To take a picture, press the triangle button to hide the user interface.

What causes time to stop in Days Gone?

The time freeze in Days Gone is not a result of a game error but a deliberate decision made by the developers. Certain storyline missions take place at a specific time of day, and to prevent the time of day from changing during a long mission, the in-game clock stops. Once the mission is completed, the clock resumes measuring time correctly.

Does Days Gone have a day and night cycle and changing weather conditions?

Days Gone features a day and night cycle and changing weather conditions. During the night, more dangerous enemies emerge, and the weather affects visibility and the behavior of the hero and enemies.

Why can’t Deacon kill soldiers or scientists?

Deacon cannot kill soldiers or scientists due to artificial rules based on the story and plot limitations. Firearms and explosives won’t work, so stealth is necessary. Use binoculars to identify enemies, hide in bushes, and distract enemies with rocks or other items.

How can the blockade in the tunnel be bypassed?

If the tunnel is blocked, find vehicles to push and unlock the way. Hold Square and wait for the vehicle to move. Beware of Freakers when unlocking the passage.

Can Deacon crawl?

Crawling is not available by default, but Deacon can crawl in specific areas planned by the developers, such as under barricades.

Can players drive a Golf cart in Days Gone?

Players cannot drive a Golf cart in Days Gone. The Golf cart is owned by Tucker from Hot Springs camp and can only be ridden as a passenger.

Do important characters have the ability to die?

While NPCs can die, important characters and NPCs who accompany Deacon can only die during specific missions in Days Gone. If allies die, the mission fails and you will be sent back to the previous checkpoint.

It’s important to pay attention to your allies’ actions and to assist them when they need help, such as during battles with monsters. Our walkthrough in the Plot quests section provides information on all dangerous situations and circumstances.

Can Deacon travel with his motorcycle gang?

Unfortunately, Deacon travels alone for the majority of Days Gone, despite being a former member of a motorcycle gang. Other bikers, such as Boozer and Rikki, only appear during specific missions. During those missions, the game may require you to travel with them to the mission location or eliminate them if they are hostile. Other characters on motorcycles may appear in cut-scenes (as shown in the image).


What is Days Gone?

Days Gone is a third-person action-adventure survival horror video game developed by Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic open world where players take on the role of Deacon St. John, a former outlaw turned drifter and bounty hunter. The game features a dynamic weather system and day-night cycle, as well as a variety of enemies such as human enemies, zombie-like creatures called Freakers, and wildlife.

What platforms is Days Gone available on?

Days Gone is currently only available on the PlayStation 4. There are no plans to release the game on other platforms such as Xbox One or PC. The game was released on April 26, 2019, and has received positive reviews from critics and players alike. It has been praised for its engaging story, immersive open world, and challenging gameplay mechanics. If you are a fan of survival horror games or post-apocalyptic settings, then Days Gone is definitely worth checking out.

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