Days Gone: Prepare for Your Journey – guide

Prepare for Your Journey is the second storyline that lasts for the first few hours of Days Gone. This storyline connects with many quests, missions, and storylines. Below are details of the missions and quests that occur in this storyline.

  • Bad Way to Go Out
  • Drifters on the Mountain
  • No Starving Patriots
  • Drugged Outta His Mind
  • Everyone Has to Work
  • No One Saw it Coming

Bad Way to Go Out

This stage begins immediately after I Sawy We Head North (Chasing Leon) while standing in front of a gas station full of Freakers. It is best to kill as many enemies in stealth mode as possible to avoid exposing yourself to the whole group of opponents. Use bushes and eliminate enemies from the back using the Triangle button on your game pad.

In the buildings, you will find many crafting items and simple melee weapons.

Stay on the right side and don’t worry about groups of opponents. Move towards the village and climb through the window into the building to remain unnoticed. Additionally, you will find some medicine and a melee weapon (such as a baseball bat). Later, head to the wooden garage; behind it, on the square, you will find another enemy.

It is worth eliminating enemies quietly: you do not lose ammunition, do not pose a threat to fight with the whole Horde, and you gain more experience (for Freakers, it is 35XP for silent elimination, 20XP otherwise, and for various enemies, you get a different number of experience points).

To access the gas station, you need to enter through the roof. Go up there, using the annex on the square behind the building.

Examine the motorcycle at the back of the garage

Enter the building. Inside, you will find only one enemy. At the end of the building, in the garage, you will find a fuel pump for the motorcycle (a story item).

Secret on the table – leaflet

On the table in the corridor, you will also find a paper: one of the secrets (Tourism – 9. I’m looking for a Hot Guy) and some ammo in the locker nearby.

Exit the building through the front door and head for the hill, walking down the street to the right. Three human opponents – The Rippers – are waiting for you there. You can sneak up to one of them and kill him quietly; the other two must be defeated with the use of firearms or hand-to-hand combat.

Drifters on the Mountain

At the hideout, you can relax, manage your equipment, and be safe.

After the cutscene, head to the tower, which is currently your hideout. First, use the gun locker. Once you unlock a new weapon, you will be able to manage it from this location. It is worth visiting this hideout often because some random crafting materials and ammunition will spawn in the chest at the entrance.

Head to the enemy camp located at the bottom of the mountain. Follow the figure you see when you exit through the gate, and once you reach the camp, strategize a plan to take down the enemies and clear the area. Listen in on the conversation of the guards stationed at the entrance to make the opponents disperse, allowing you to eliminate them quietly.

Utilize binoculars (D-pad: Up) to track enemy movements and plan your next steps accordingly. Eliminating all six enemies without being detected shouldn’t be a problem. Keep in mind that even when crouching, you still generate noise while walking. If you approach an enemy from behind, they may turn around if you react too slowly. To move in silently, release a little pressure on the pad’s handle while being 2-3 meters away from the opponent.

Chase after the man to his hideout, as your motorcycle won’t be there anymore. Follow the marker and take the path on the left, through a small hill to avoid the Freakers. You won’t be fighting here, rather, you’ll be entering the camp.

  1. After speaking with Copeland, you’ll find two secrets (Characters) on his tables: 2. Copeland – “The Right to Bear Arms” and 3. Copeland – “Hunting Season”.
  2. Head back down to talk to Manny, and the mission will be completed. Completing this quest will earn you experience and trust points in Copeland’s Camp, which means better trading opportunities with the camp team.
  3. You can now choose another storyline or continue with Gear Up For the Ride.
  1. A new mission from the storyline, He’s My Brother – You Got a Death Wish, is now available and is the closest one.
  • A motorcycle is available for use in front of the gate.

No Starving Patriots

After completing the mission, He’s My Brother – You Got a Death Wish, return to Copeland’s Camp and speak with him to receive a new mission. Head north to the broadcasting tower, where the Rippers have set up camp. There are eight enemies to eliminate, and reinforcements will arrive, increasing their number to fourteen. Bring ample ammunition and medical supplies, and a silencer is recommended.

To minimize noise, leave the motorcycle outside the base. Try to eliminate as many enemies with stealth kills as possible, especially those with melee guns and shotguns.

The entrance to the bunker is located in a small technical building. After clearing the camp, enter the bunker by activating the switch on the transformer indicated by the mission marker. The hatch leading to the bunker is in a small building near the transformers.

You can find this map in each of the enemy bunkers.

By analyzing the map in the bunker, you can clear the enemy camps. Collecting the map also allows you to mark various interaction points on it and unlocks new crafting plans for creating new items. The list of plans can be viewed in the mission preview, where you can see the plans that you unlock by clearing other enemy camps on the world map. The order doesn’t matter as the plans are unlocked based on the number of cleared camps.

  1. Right after this mission, start the Sounded Like Engines (He’s My Brother) task, which is set in the same place – just head to the radio tower.

Drugged Outta His Mind

To unlock this mission, complete the previous No Starving Patriots and Smoke on the Mountain (He’s My Brother) tasks.

As soon as you start this mission, go to the north of the camp to the neighboring lake. Make sure you have a healthy and fueled motorcycle and plenty of ammo for your weapons. Search the trail by the lake to find the corpse and check it.

Pocket SMG and nitro for the motorcycle are very helpful during pursuits of this kind.

The chase begins, and you must not let your opponent escape. Attack by driving into him (nitro is useful here) or shooting him with your sidearm weapon (shotgun or SMG are the most effective options). Keep chasing him until you reduce his stamina bar at the top of the screen. This task leads to a new storyline called It’s Not Safe Here (You’re Safe Now).

Everyone Has to Work

Another task from this series becomes available after completing the It’s Not Safe Here (You’re Safe Now) mission.

After talking with Tucker, head North towards the NERO camp, but stop at a smaller base with a high radio tower. Clear the Freakers and climb up the tower to free the tied woman. After watching the cutscene, the mission will be complete.

No One Saw it Coming

This task begins immediately after the What Have They Done (You’re Safe Now) task. Take Boozer on a motorcycle and head to a new camp. You unlock a new piece of the map in this mission, so it is necessary to complete all the tasks in the previous region. You will also unlock two missions: I Won’t Kill Anyone, which occurs immediately after your current task, and I Should Have Left Her (I Remember), the last mission of the Gear Up For the Ride storyline.


What is Days Gone: Gear Up For The Ride?

Days Gone: Gear Up For The Ride is a walkthrough guide for the popular action-adventure game Days Gone. The guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to complete missions, find collectibles, and survive in the post-apocalyptic world of Days Gone.

What are some tips for playing Days Gone?

One important tip for playing Days Gone is to always be prepared. Make sure you have enough ammo, health kits, and melee weapons before heading out on a mission. It’s also important to upgrade your bike, as it will be your main mode of transportation. Another tip is to pay attention to the weather and time of day, as they can have a big impact on the gameplay. Finally, don’t be afraid to explore and scavenge for supplies, as they can be crucial for survival.

What are some of the challenges players may face in Days Gone?

Players may face a number of challenges in Days Gone, including hostile human enemies, wild animals, and hordes of zombies known as Freakers. The game also has a dynamic weather system, which can affect visibility and movement. Players may also have to navigate through difficult terrain on their bike. Finally, some missions may require stealth and careful planning, as they involve infiltrating enemy camps or rescuing hostages without being detected.

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