Days Gone: Tips for Defeating the Breaker Boss in the “Play All Night” Mission

In this section of our Days Gone guide, we will give you some advice on how to defeat the Breaker boss during the “Play All Night” mission. We will explain how to prepare for the fight, how to avoid its attacks, and how to use the environment to your advantage.

  • Locating the Breaker boss
  • Preparing for the fight
  • Defeating the Breaker boss
  • Encountering Breakers in later parts of the game

Locating the Breaker boss

The Breaker boss appears when you reach the crash site of a large helicopter during the “Play All Night” mission. It is a formidable enemy and has a health indicator at the top of the screen. Deacon must defeat the Breaker before he can find the box of antibiotics.

Preparing for the fight

Before starting the mission, it is essential to prepare properly. We recommend that you bring guns and, if possible, a sniper rifle. Do not forget to check your first aid kit as well.

Defeating the Breaker boss

When you arrive at the crash site, take advantage of the time it takes for the Breaker to notice Deacon. Move to the left and set a trap for bears behind the rocks. You can pick them up and place them in the same location.

Using a sniper rifle is an effective way to start the fight. Aim for the head and use Focus if necessary. You may get a critical hit and significantly reduce the Breaker’s health.

If you do not have a sniper rifle, you can use a pipe bomb, a frag grenade, or a Molotov cocktail.

When the Breaker notices the hero, retreat to the area where you set the traps. Wait for the monster to become trapped, then use a shotgun or other powerful weapon (such as an MG rifle) to attack it. You can set more traps during the battle, but it is not necessary.

If the Breaker frees itself from the trap, run away in any direction. Do not let it catch Deacon, as it can cause significant damage. If you are caught, quickly press the buttons to escape.

Stand near the red boxes and detonate them when the Breaker is nearby (use Focus to aim and choose the perfect moment to detonate).

During the battle, take advantage of the Breaker’s massive size, which makes it difficult for him to fit into tight spaces. You can evade him by weaving through rocks and reaching a small elevation near the wreckage of the plane.

Encountering Breakers in later parts of the game

Breakers may appear later in the game, and while they do not have a separate health bar, defeating them is no easy feat. In subsequent confrontations with Breakers, make sure to keep them at a distance from Deacon. Utilize the hero’s motorcycle and the open world to your advantage. For instance, you can lure the Breaker to a building and climb onto its roof while he is distracted. Remember to collect the ears of these creatures as they are worth more than those of regular Freakers.


1. How do I kill the Breaker boss in Days Gone?

The Breaker is a formidable enemy in Days Gone that can be challenging to defeat. However, there are a few effective strategies you can use to take down this boss. One approach is to use explosives like grenades and Molotov cocktails to deal heavy damage. You can also try to lure the Breaker into traps like proximity mines and tripwires. In addition, using a high-powered weapon like a shotgun or sniper rifle can help to weaken the Breaker quickly. Finally, it’s essential to dodge the Breaker’s attacks and learn its patterns to avoid getting hit. With these tactics, you should be able to defeat the Breaker and move on to the next challenge in Days Gone.

2. What is the Play All Night mission in Days Gone?

The Play All Night mission in Days Gone is a side quest that becomes available after you complete the main story. In this mission, you must defend a horde of survivors against waves of Freakers that attack throughout the night. You will need to use all of your combat skills and resources to keep the survivors alive until morning. The mission is challenging but offers a unique experience that tests your ability to survive in the dangerous world of Days Gone. If you are looking for a tough but rewarding challenge in the game, the Play All Night mission is definitely worth trying.

3. What weapons are effective against the Breaker boss in Days Gone?

To defeat the Breaker boss in Days Gone, you will need to use weapons that deal heavy damage and have a high rate of fire. Some of the most effective weapons against the Breaker include the Chicago Chopper, the MG45, and the MWS. These weapons can quickly take down the Breaker’s health and give you an advantage in the fight. Additionally, explosives like grenades and Molotov cocktails can also be useful for dealing heavy damage to the Breaker. Overall, it’s important to have a variety of weapons and ammunition to take on the Breaker and other tough enemies in Days Gone.

4. How can I survive the Play All Night mission in Days Gone?

The Play All Night mission in Days Gone is a challenging test of your combat skills and survival instincts. To survive this mission, you will need to be well-prepared and have a solid plan in place. Here are some tips to help you survive the Play All Night mission:

  • Stock up on ammunition, explosives, and healing items before starting the mission.
  • Use traps and barricades to slow down the Freakers and give you time to attack them.
  • Stay on the move and avoid getting surrounded by the Freakers.
  • Focus on protecting the survivors and keeping them alive.
  • Use your skills and weapons wisely, and don’t waste valuable resources.

5. What rewards do I get for completing the Play All Night mission in Days Gone?

If you successfully complete the Play All Night mission in Days Gone, you will earn a significant amount of experience points and trust with the survivor camp you were defending. You will also receive a special weapon called the BND-150, which is a powerful sniper rifle with a high rate of fire and excellent accuracy. Finally, completing the Play All Night mission will give you a sense of accomplishment and pride, knowing that you survived one of the toughest challenges in the game.

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