Days Gone: Weaponry & Combat

In Days Gone, there are various weapons available for acquisition. Your protagonist can use firearms (such as pistols or rifles) or melee weapons (like knives). Each of these weapons has unique statistics and properties. For example, a crossbow allows you to silently eliminate enemies, while a shotgun can knock down multiple foes with one shot.

  • Can weapons be damaged?
  • What melee weapons are present in the game?
  • Can I upgrade my weapons?
  • What firearms are available in the game?
  • Can I throw an enemy off a cliff?
  • Can I run over enemies?
  • Can I sneak?
  • How can I distract enemies?
  • Cover mechanism
  • Freak-O-System

Can weapons be damaged?

The weapons found by the protagonist can be in varied states of wear and tear, which affects their statistics. Weapons can be repaired or improved. You can either continuously upgrade a favored weapon or constantly exchange weapons for new ones.

What melee weapons are present in the game?

For melee combat, you will require an effective weapon that allows you to both engage and disengage from enemies. In the game, there are numerous bats, pipes, axes, clubs, crowbars, machetes, and table legs available for use.

Can I upgrade my weapons?

While exploring the game’s world, you can find various pieces of equipment. With time, you will learn how to make your own weapons by combining those found with the right raw materials (e.g., a table leg + nails). You can also create explosives or traps.

What firearms are available in the game?

Days Gone offers pistols, automatic and sniper rifles, crossbows, and shotguns. Each of these weapons has different statistics. It’s best to change them depending on the situation. In some places, it’s best to use a sniper rifle and eliminate opponents from a comfortable distance. Other times, the crossbow is the best option as it allows you to silently take out enemies.

Can I throw an enemy off a cliff?

The Days Gone game has an interactive environment. This means that you can dispose of opponents by throwing them off a ledge or impaling them on sharp rocks. This way, you can keep your weapons in perfect condition or save yourself in a dire moment.

Can I run over enemies?

The motorcycle is an excellent weapon to get rid of opponents. While driving at high speed, you can wound or eliminate foes without difficulty.

Can I sneak?

Yes, in Days Gone, you can sneak around to avoid enemies. Remember that the slower you move, the less likely you are to be detected by your opponents.

The following skill makes sneaking easier:

Thief In the Night – reduces the noise generated when moving.

In addition, you can upgrade your motorcycle so that it makes much less noise.

How to Distract Enemies in Days Gone?

If you want to distract your enemies in Days Gone, then you need to learn an important skill called “Rock On”. This skill is available in the melee combat skill tree and allows you to stun your opponent by throwing a stone at them. You can use this ability to distract your enemies, knock them out of a fight, or simply pass them without any trouble.

Cover System in Days Gone

The cover system is a vital mechanic in Days Gone that can help you survive during fights against your enemies. You can hide behind various pieces of cover to avoid enemy projectiles and reload your weapons. It’s a useful tactic that will help you win battles against other people.

Using the Freak-O-System in Days Gone

Days Gone offers various types of opponents, and most of them hate each other. You can use this to your advantage by provoking them to fight against one another. For instance, humans will attack freaks, and the undead will attack the living. Moreover, the undead will fight against each other, and animals will eagerly engage freaks.


1. What types of weapons are available in Days Gone?

Days Gone offers a variety of weapons ranging from pistols, shotguns, rifles, and even melee weapons like machetes and baseball bats. Players can also craft their own weapons by scavenging for materials and finding recipes throughout the game. Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses, so players must choose their weapons wisely depending on the situation at hand.

2. How does the combat system work in Days Gone?

The combat system in Days Gone is a combination of stealth, ranged, and melee combat. Players can choose to sneak up on enemies and take them down silently, or engage in gunfights or hand-to-hand combat. The game also features a dynamic weather system that can affect combat. For example, rain can make surfaces slippery and reduce visibility, while snow can slow down movement and affect weapon accuracy.

3. Can players upgrade their weapons in Days Gone?

Yes, players can upgrade their weapons in Days Gone by using scrap, which is a currency obtained by scavenging for materials throughout the game. Upgrades can increase the damage, accuracy, and handling of weapons, as well as add attachments like scopes and suppressors. Players can also upgrade their melee weapons to increase their durability and damage.

4. Are there any special abilities or perks related to combat in Days Gone?

Yes, players can unlock special abilities and perks by earning experience points and leveling up. These abilities and perks can enhance combat in various ways, such as increasing the player’s health, reducing weapon recoil, or improving stealth. Players can also earn skill points by completing challenges and missions, which can be used to unlock additional abilities and perks.

5. Can players customize their character’s appearance in Days Gone?

Yes, players can customize their character’s appearance in Days Gone by collecting and equipping different outfits and accessories. Each outfit provides different bonuses, such as increased stamina or reduced damage from certain types of enemies. Players can also customize their motorcycle, which serves as their primary mode of transportation, by adding upgrades like nitrous boost and improved durability.

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