Days Gone: Where to Send Survivors or Rescued People?

As you journey through the game world of Days Gone, you may come across a survivor. In this section of the Days Gone guide, we provide information on how to handle these individuals after saving them from Freakers or bandits.

Survivors in Days Gone can be found in two types of random events. The first type, or “group,” are citizens who have been captured by bandits or robbers. Before you can free them, you must defeat their captors.

The second group are regular people who are hiding from Freakers in parked cars. To rescue them, you must eliminate all the monsters that have attacked the car.

After rescuing the survivors, you must decide where to send them. Here are some basic tips and information on this topic:

  1. You can only choose from camps that have already been discovered. There are three camps in the northern part of the map and two camps in the southern part (Deacon cannot return to the northern part of the map after traveling south).
  2. The decision should primarily be based on the reward for “recruiting” a new person to the camp. You can be rewarded with credits and trust points. In the example above, the most cost-effective camp is Iron Mike’s because the reward can be up to 1000 trust points.
  3. Try to remember how many points you need to reach a higher level of trust in the selected camp. If you don’t have enough points, then send another rescued survivor there.
  4. You will never receive any penalties from camps that you didn’t choose at the time of the decision. This decision can only have positive consequences in the form of additional credits and trust points.


1. Where can I send the survivors or saved people in Days Gone?

In Days Gone, you can send the survivors or saved people to different locations depending on their skillsets. If they are strong in combat, you can send them to guard the camps and protect them from the freakers. If they are good at crafting, you can send them to the kitchen or the workshop to help with food and equipment production. You can also send them to the infirmary to heal the injured or to the farm to cultivate crops. Each location has its own benefits and it’s up to you to decide where you want to send them.

2. Can I send survivors to different camps in Days Gone?

Yes, you can send survivors to different camps in Days Gone. However, each camp has its own set of requirements and you need to meet them before you can send survivors there. For example, if you want to send survivors to Lost Lake camp, you need to increase your trust level with them first. Once you have done that, you can recruit survivors and send them to Lost Lake. The same goes for other camps as well.

3. How do I know which survivors to send to which location in Days Gone?

You can check the skillsets of the survivors in Days Gone by going to the survivor menu. Each survivor has a set of skills and abilities that you can use to your advantage. For example, if a survivor is good at combat, you can send them to guard the camp or go on missions with you. If a survivor is good at crafting, you can send them to the workshop or the kitchen. It’s important to assign the survivors to the right location so that they can contribute to the camp’s growth and survival.

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