Days Gone: “You’re Safe Now” Mission Series Walkthrough

The “You’re Safe Now” mission series is focused on Lisa’s story, one of the characters in Days Gone. These missions are not just a side element, but rather intertwined with the main plotline. This chapter provides a detailed walkthrough of all the missions dedicated to Lisa.

  • It’s Not Safe Here
  • They Won’t Let Me leave
  • I Brought You Something
  • What Have They Done
  • No Place Else To Go
  • Searching for Lisa
  • I Kept My Name

It’s Not Safe Here

The task starts after completing the last mission of “Gear Up For the Ride: Drugged Outta His Mind.” The mission takes place in the northern part of the Belknap region of the map. Cross the bridge or the river next to it to get to the town where a cutscene will begin. After the cutscene, get ready to fight. You have to go through the whole town, taking out all the Rippers to continue the thread.

The house where Lisa is hiding

After clearing the area, head behind the blue house. You’ll find a knocked-down ladder there. Place it against the wall and enter the building through the upper floor.

The black bear is a mini-boss; in the next Lost Lake region you’ll encounter them even on roads

As you leave the building, the Rippers will be replaced by Freakers. Make your way to the motorcycle. You’ll encounter a slightly more powerful enemy, a black bear, nearby. Don’t use too much ammo or search for spare ammunition before you get closer to the vehicle.

You can beat the bear in a simple way by setting yourself at any concrete barrier and jumping over it as the bear approaches while shooting it. If you don’t have a lot of ammo, aim for the head.

  1. Take Lisa to Tucker’s camp now. Along the way, you’ll encounter an ambush in a tunnel (a few Freakers).
  2. After completing this mission, you’ll unlock the next quests of “I Remember: It Was On Me & Making Contact” and another mission in “He’s My Brother: It’s a Rifle, Not a Gun.”

They Won’t Let Me leave

You’ll unlock the mission after completing Copeland’s hunting quest (“He’s My Brother: It’s a Rifle, Not a Gun” / “We’re Getting Low on Meat”). You’re only coming here for a moment to talk to Lisa. After leaving the camp, Boozer will contact you, but for now, he won’t offer you a new quest. Instead, Tucker will contact you for the following task: “The Rest of Our Drugs” (Bounty Hunter).

I Brought You Something

Go to the store at the entrance to the Belknap caves, where you’ll find an interesting rock

This mission will begin when you complete Tucker’s task: “The Rest of Our Drugs” (Bounty Hunter), after a radio conversation with Boozer. Go near the igneous rocks in Belknap, where you’ll find an empty souvenir shop. Take the rock from the shelf and bring it to Lisa in Tucker’s camp.

Next Quest from Tucker

Upon completing Give Me a Couple of Days (He’s My Brother), Tucker will reach out to you with a new mission.

The entrance to the labyrinth

Return to the store where you retrieved the stone for Lisa and make your way through a lengthy corridor filled with Rippers to reach Lisa trapped at the end of the labyrinth. Before venturing to the labyrinth, ensure to refuel your motorcycle since you will need a full tank to get back to camp. Prepare yourself for this mission by taking your preferred weapons and stocking up on ammunition and medicine – this could be a test of your abilities. However, the mission is not too challenging.

Lisa is waiting for you at the end of the road on a wooden tower

After liberating Lisa, head back to your motorcycle through the shortcut, where you will encounter more Rippers and two adversaries near your motorcycle. Then, travel to the camp in the first area, where Rikki is anticipating your arrival.

Nowhere Else to Turn

Following the break-in at the infirmary during the Not Gonna Kill Anyone (He’s My Brother) mission, return with Rikki to Boozer and transport him to the infirmary. From here, progress to the mission in He’s My Brother – We’ve Done Things.

Search for Lisa

Upon completing the prologue at Mike’s camp in Lost Lake, We’ve Done Things (He’s My Brother), you will discover that Lisa is missing once again. The trail takes you to a town in the west, where a Freakers Breeding Zone is located. You must make your way to a white building. You can enter through the garage by pushing the car aside. Inside, you will not find Lisa but only a letter in the children’s room.

I Kept My Name

After the betrayal by Skizzo and Lisa’s assistance, you must find a way out of the Rippers camp. Exit through the first floor with only a knife. Ear to The Ground (Survival) may be useful in this situation since enemies are visible through walls.

With the ability to listen in, you can spot enemies through the walls, making it easier to leave the building

Jump from the balcony on the first floor to a nearby building.

Exit through the outdoor floor, evading groups of enemies. Then, move to the right behind the buildings and access the second house through the floor to retrieve your belongings (located on the first floor). Despite this, you must avoid detection.

The building where Lisa is being held captive.

After obtaining a jacket, make your escape while also aiding Lisa. Utilize the window to enter the next building.


1. What is “Days Gone: You’re Safe Now”?

“Days Gone: You’re Safe Now” is a walkthrough for the popular video game “Days Gone.” It is a detailed guide that will help you complete every mission in the game and give you tips on how to survive in the post-apocalyptic world of the game.

2. What are some tips for surviving in “Days Gone”?

Some tips for surviving in “Days Gone” include always being prepared with enough supplies, using stealth to avoid attracting more zombies, upgrading your weapons and bike, and completing all side missions to gain experience and resources.

3. What are the different types of enemies in “Days Gone”?

The different types of enemies in “Days Gone” include regular zombies, screamers who can summon more zombies, runners who are faster and more aggressive than regular zombies, and hordes which are massive groups of zombies that are extremely difficult to defeat.

4. How do I level up in “Days Gone”?

You can level up in “Days Gone” by completing missions, killing enemies, and completing side missions. Leveling up will give you skill points that you can use to upgrade your abilities, such as increasing your health or stamina.

5. What is the story of “Days Gone”?

The story of “Days Gone” follows a biker named Deacon St. John who is trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world that has been overrun by zombies. Along the way, he meets other survivors and learns more about the virus that caused the apocalypse and how he can stop it.

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