Dead by Daylight: Best Healing Builds Guide

Discover the most effective healing builds with this DBD guide. Learn about the perks that can help you heal your teammates faster, including the use of Charm: Circle of Healing.

Instant Recovery Build

Revive your comrades in critical situations with this build.




For the People

Instantly heal an injured or knocked down Survivor, but receive damage and become Broken for 80/70/60 seconds.

We’re Gonna Live Forever

Receive 1 Token for Safe Hook Rescue, Taking a Protection Hit, or Stunning the Killer carrying a Survivor. Each recovery from Dying State consumes 1 Token and imposes Endurance status on the revived for 6/8/10 seconds. Increases healing speed of dying Survivors by 100%.


Reveals any Injured Survivors within a 64/96/128 meter radius.

Borrowed Time

Extends Endurance duration time by 6/8/10 seconds and Haste by 10 seconds for a rescued teammate.

Track down the chase and intervene if necessary to instantly revive your companions. Make sure to collect Tokens for We’re Gonna Live Forever to impose the Endurance status effect on them.

Instant Healing Build

Save time and increase the chances of your team’s survival with this build.




We’ll Make It

Increases healing speed by 100% for 30/60/90 seconds after rescuing a teammate from the hook.

Botany Knowledge

Increases healing speed by 30/40/50% and reduces the effectiveness of Med-Kits by 20%.

Borrowed Time

Extends Endurance duration time by 6/8/10 seconds and Haste by 10 seconds for a rescued teammate.

Boon: Circle of Healing

Increases healing speed by 20/30/40% for all Survivors within a 4/8/12 meter radius.

Within a 24-meter radius of a blessed Totem, a circle is formed which increases healing speed by 40/45/50% and unlocks the Self-Care ability, allowing survivors to self-heal at 50% of the standard healing speed without a Med-Kit. As a survivor, your priority is to rescue your comrades and heal them once they are safe. Totems provide powerful effects, but survivors must bless them to use them and they can be deactivated by the Killer. Building using their power accumulates multiple effects on a single Totem. The Boon: Circle of Healing, Boon: Shadow Step, Boon: Exponential, and Small Game are all examples of Totem perks. Small Game is a good option for beginners as it helps locate the Totems and once you learn their spawn points, you can switch to other perks. It is advisable to choose Totems that are not visible at first glance to reduce the chance of a Killer quickly locating and deactivating them.


1. What are the best healing perks for survivors in Dead by Daylight?

The best healing perks for survivors in Dead by Daylight can vary depending on playstyle and personal preference. However, some popular choices include Botany Knowledge, We’ll Make It, and Self-Care. Botany Knowledge increases the speed of healing, We’ll Make It allows for faster healing when rescuing a survivor, and Self-Care allows survivors to heal themselves without relying on others. Other notable healing perks include Empathy, which allows survivors to see injured teammates’ auras, and Aftercare, which allows for faster healing after completing objectives.

2. Can healing perks be used in combination with each other?

Yes, healing perks can be used in combination with each other to create a more effective healing build. For example, using both Botany Knowledge and We’ll Make It can result in incredibly fast healing times when rescuing a fellow survivor. Likewise, pairing Self-Care with other healing perks can create a more self-sufficient survivor who doesn’t rely as heavily on teammates for healing.

3. Are there any killer perks that can counter survivor healing builds?

Yes, there are several killer perks that can counter survivor healing builds. Sloppy Butcher, for example, causes survivors to bleed for longer periods of time, making it more difficult for them to heal. Thanatophobia decreases the speed of healing for all survivors, while Nurse’s Calling allows killers to see survivors who are healing within a certain range. Other notable killer perks that can counter healing builds include Hex: Ruin, which slows down generator progress, and Hex: Devour Hope, which can instantly down survivors after hooking a certain number of survivors.

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