Dead by Daylight: Best Stealth Builds

On this page of the DBD guide, we will provide you with the most effective builds for stealth. This includes the use of perks such as Iron Will and Overcoming.

There are various options available for stealth builds in Dead by Daylight. By utilizing certain perks, you can effectively hide from the killers. Below, we’ll provide you with three sample ability sets.

  • Stay Injured and Disappear
  • Silent Vaults
  • Undetectable
  • Interfering Aura Reading

Stay Injured and Disappear

This build allows you to easily disappear from the killer’s view after receiving damage from them. The following perks make up this build:




Lucky Break

After receiving damage, the survivor’s blood trail and scratch marks are suppressed for a total of 40/50/60 seconds. The perk deactivates after entering Dying State or being healed. You can use this effect a couple of times if you heal fast enough. In addition, for every second you heal others, you will receive an extra second for the duration of this ability.

Parental Guidance

After stunning a killer, the perk suppresses scratch marks, pools of blood, and grunts of pain for 5/6/7 seconds.


After receiving damage, the speed bonus lasts longer by 2 seconds. It also imposes ExhaustedВ Status Effect for 60/50/40 seconds.

Bite the Bullet

You don’t make any noises during healing. In addition, a failed Skill Check doesn’t trigger a notification and regresses healing by 3/2/1%.

This perk set provides you with a great speed bonus after receiving damage. Additionally, your scratch marks and pools of blood will be suppressed, allowing you to use the environment to disappear from the killer’s view.

To make the most out of this build, it’s recommended to have a Med-Kit. Once you’re out of the killer’s sight, start healing to muffle the grunts of pain and become completely undetectable. However, keep in mind that the killer’s A Nurse’s Calling perk can reveal the Auras of healing survivors.

Silent Vaults

This build allows you to distance yourself and hide your tracks by vaulting windows. Here are the perks to use:




Dance With Me

Every time you vault over a window or pallet and leave a locker, your scratch marks are suppressed for 3 seconds.

Cooldown: 60/50/40 seconds

Quick & Quiet

You make no noise while performing fast vaults or entering/leaving lockers. The perk also suppresses grunts of pain for 3 seconds after you perform a rushed action.

Cooldown: 30/25/20 seconds

Iron Will

Your breathing is completely silent while you’re injured.


You leave behind no scratch marks for 3/4/5 seconds after you start running.

With this build, you can easily distance yourself from the killer and hide your tracks by vaulting windows. The Quick & Quiet perk lets you enter and leave lockers without making any noise, while also suppressing grunts of pain for a few seconds. Additionally, Iron Will makes your breathing silent while injured, and Lightweight allows you to leave no scratch marks while running.


This build allows you to become completely undetectable by the killer. Here are the perks to use:




Calm Spirit

You make no noise or grunts of pain caused by crows or disturbed plants.


When the killer is looking in your direction within a certain range, you receive a visual cue. The perk has a cooldown of 30/25/20 seconds.

Sole Survivor

For each survivor killed or sacrificed, you receive a stackable 3% bonus to your luck. It also blocks the ability of the killer to read your Aura within a range of 20/22/24 meters for each killed or sacrificed survivor.


After taking a protection hit, your Aura cannot be seen by the killer for 6/8/10 seconds. Distortion also activates randomly and can activate up to 3 times per match.

This build allows you to become completely undetectable by the killer. Calm Spirit makes you silent when crows or plants are disturbed, while Premonition gives you a cue when the killer is looking in your direction. Additionally, Sole Survivor blocks the killer from reading your Aura, and Distortion makes your Aura invisible for a short period of time after taking a protection hit.

If you vault over a window or pallet and then hide in a locker, the Loud Noise Notification will not be triggered. This cooldown lasts for 30/25/20 seconds.


After a rushed vault, you can sprint at 150% of your normal running speed for 3 seconds. However, it will cause Exhausted Status Effect that lasts for 60/50/40 seconds.

Windows of Opportunity

This perk shows pallets and vault sites within a 24/28/32 meter radius of you.

This build combines Lithe, Dance With Me, and Quick & Quiet perks to make silent rushed vaults while receiving a speed bonus and suppressing scratch marks during a chase. By performing a rushed vault during the chase, you can confuse the killer and escape. If you fail, you will still gain distance to prolong your escape. The fourth perk can be any perk, and we’ve chosen Windows of Opportunity because it allows you to see where the nearest vault sites are.


This build allows you to hide from the killer effectively. It makes sneaking more efficient, and your character won’t make too much noise even when injured.




Urban Evasion

You can crouch as fast as you can walk, and if you’re uninjured, your movement speed increases by 10/12/15%.

Iron Will

This perk reduces the volume of grunts of pain by 25/50/75%. However, it doesn’t work when the Exhausted Status Effect is imposed.


You walk 10/15/20% faster and can see your own scratch marks.


This perk reduces the visibility time of scratch marks by 3/4/5 seconds and places them irregularly.

This underrated build focuses on controlling your scratch marks to influence how the killer targets you. It allows you to move quickly while crouching and reduces your chances of being spotted. The easiest way to use this build is to stun the killer with a palette, run away to a place where the killer can’t see you, and walk to hide your scratch marks.

Interfering Aura Reading

This build limits the Aura detection by killers. If a killer uses perks to locate survivors, they will have limited options.





When the Aura is about to be revealed to the killer, the perk activates, and 1 Token is consumed. For the next 6/8/10 seconds, the Aura and scratch marks won’t be visible to the killer.

You begin the game with three tokens, but can earn additional ones by staying within the killer’s terror radius. The Boon: Shadow Step allows for the creation of an area where survivors cannot leave scratch marks and killers’ detection skills do not work within 24 meters of the blessed totem. The Technician perk prevents generator explosions and killer notifications after a failed skill check, but increases the regression penalty. Alert reveals the killer’s aura for a short time after they destroy an object. This build makes it difficult for the killer to detect you with aura reading, but allows you to locate them with Alert when they destroy something. Pairing this with a key that can locate the killer’s position is a great strategy.


What is Dead by Daylight: Stealth?

Dead by Daylight: Stealth is a multiplayer survival horror game where players take on the roles of either a survivor trying to escape a killer or the killer trying to sacrifice the survivors to an otherworldly entity. Stealth builds in Dead by Daylight focus on hiding and avoiding the killer in order to survive and complete objectives.

What are the best perks for a stealth build?

Some of the best perks for a stealth build include Urban Evasion, which allows you to crouch walk faster and quieter, Iron Will, which reduces the sounds of your grunts of pain, and Quick & Quiet, which allows you to perform a quick vault without making noise. Other useful perks include Spine Chill, which alerts you to the killer’s presence, and Bond, which lets you see other survivors’ auras.

What are some good survivor builds for a stealth playstyle?

One popular survivor build for a stealth playstyle includes Urban Evasion, Iron Will, Quick & Quiet, and Spine Chill. Another effective build includes Sprint Burst, which allows you to quickly sprint away from danger, Lightweight, which reduces scratch marks left behind when running, and Self-Care, which allows you to heal yourself without relying on other survivors.

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