Dead by Daylight: Hillbilly – abilities, perks

This section of the DBD guide provides details on the Hillbilly killer. You will learn about his abilities and perks, as well as get tips on how to play as him.

  • Overview
  • Abilities and perks
  • Playing as Hillbilly
  • Recommended build


Hillbilly is a powerful killer, but requires favorable conditions to be effective. He can be found in the base game and is considered a difficult character to play.

  1. Name: Max Thompson Jr,
  2. Height: Tall,
  3. Terror Radius: 32 meters,
  4. Movement speed: 4.6 m/s (normal movement), 9.2 m/s (with chainsaw),
  5. Difficulty level: Difficult,
  6. DLC: None, available in the base version of the game.

Abilities and perks

Hillbilly’s power is his ability to sprint with his chainsaw, instantly putting any survivor he hits into the Dying State. However, this ability is most effective on open maps without many obstacles. His three perks are Tinkerer, Lightborn, and Enduring.





Receive a Loud Noise Notification and become Undetectable for 12/14/16 seconds when a generator is 70% repaired. Can only be activated once per generator.


Grants blindness resistance and reveals the aura of the survivor who attempted to blind you for 6/8/10 seconds.


Reduces pallet stun time by 40/45/50%

Playing as Hillbilly

It’s important not to rely too heavily on Hillbilly’s chainsaw sprint ability and to only use it when necessary. He can be easily looped, so try to bait survivors into dropping pallets and destroy them afterward for an advantage in the endgame. Surprising survivors by the generators is also a good strategy to quickly knock them down.

Recommended build

The optimal perk build for Hillbilly includes Discordance, Tinkerer, Enduring, and Lightborn.





Reveals any generator repaired by two or more survivors within a range of 64/96/128 meters with a yellow aura.

  1. You will receive a notification the first time the generator is marked.
  2. If the generator is no longer in the range of the perk or only one survivor is repairing it, the yellow aura will remain visible for an additional 4 seconds.


Upon reaching 70% completion, a Loud Noise Notification will be sent and you will receive the Undetectable status effect for 12/14/16 seconds.

This ability can only be used once per generator.


Vaulting through a window is 5/10/15% faster and blocks the window for survivors for 8/12/16 seconds.

Barbecue & Chilli

After hanging a survivor on a hook, the auras of survivors more than 60/50/40 meters away from you will be revealed for 4 seconds.


1. What are the Hillbilly’s perks in Dead by Daylight?

The Hillbilly is a killer character in Dead by Daylight game. His perks are Enduring, Lightborn, and Tinkerer. Enduring reduces the stun time of pallets by 50%, which means that it’s easier for him to catch survivors who try to use pallets for cover. Lightborn makes him immune to flashlights and increases his speed while carrying a survivor. Tinkerer allows the Hillbilly to see the aura of generators that are almost completed. This perk also reduces the time it takes to charge his chainsaw.

2. What is the Hillbilly’s power in Dead by Daylight?

The Hillbilly’s power is his chainsaw. He can rev it up and charge forward, instantly downing any survivor who is in his way. The chainsaw attack can also break pallets and destroy walls. However, using the chainsaw also has its drawbacks. It leaves the Hillbilly vulnerable to attacks and can cause him to miss his target if he doesn’t aim correctly. Additionally, the chainsaw has a cooldown time, during which the Hillbilly is unable to attack.

3. How can players effectively use the Hillbilly in Dead by Daylight?

Players can use the Hillbilly effectively by mastering his chainsaw attack and using it strategically. It’s important to aim carefully and predict where the survivors will be running to avoid missing the attack. Players can also use the chainsaw to break pallets and destroy walls, which can create new paths and cut off escape routes for survivors. Additionally, the Hillbilly’s perks can help players catch survivors more easily and protect him from their attacks. By combining his power and perks, players can become a formidable force as the Hillbilly in Dead by Daylight.

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