Dead by Daylight: Quick Generator Repair – Top Builds

On this page of the DBD guide, you can find the best builds for quickly repairing generators. The list of perks includes Fast Track.

This DBD guide page outlines the most effective builds to help survivors repair generators quickly. You will also learn the perks you need to purchase.

These builds focus on repairing generators as quickly as possible, known as gen rush. This will make the game progress faster, and the killer will have less time to chase survivors.

  • Safe Repairs
  • Risky Repairs

Safe Repairs

Many perks in the game boost generator repair progress. If you focus on fixing generators alone, then the optimal combination of perks will be:

  1. Fast Track – You will receive 1,2, or 3 Tokens if another survivor is hooked, depending on the perk level. They accumulate with each victim. When you hit a Great Skill Check, each Token collected translates into 1% of generator repair progress. This perk belongs to Yun-Jin Lee.
  2. Overzealous – If you cleanse a Totem, generator repair speed increases by 6/7/8%. The effect doubles for Hex Totems. This effect lasts till you take damage. This perk belongs to Haddie Kaur.
  3. Hyperfocus – A Great Skill Check grants a Token (maximum 6). For each Token, Skill Check Rotation speed and the chance of triggering a Skill Check increase by 4%. Hitting another Great Skill Check gives you a 10/20/30% increase in the base Skill Check Bonus value. This perk belongs to Rebecca Chambers.
  4. Stake Out – Every 15s spent within the killer’s Terror Radius gives you 1 Token (maximum 2/3/4). They make every Good Skill Check hit considered Great and grant a 1% bonus to generator repair speed.

The synergy of Hyperfocus and Stake Out plays a crucial role in this combination of perks. One requires hitting Great Skill Checks, while the other allows you to hit them effortlessly. However, the circumstances can become complicated when dealing with Undetectable killers. If they have this status imposed, their terror range is cloaked, and the Stake Out cannot charge.

The Fast Track perk is the most unpredictable in this list. The number of times you can use it depends on how often your companions get hooked.

If you prefer to repair generators in a group, then replace Stake Out with Prove Thyself. This perk gives anyone repairing a generator within 4 meters of you a 15% bonus to progression speed.

Risky Repairs

The build described above is a safer option that does not require taking too many risks. However, if you are confident in your skills, you can use the following build:

The list includes four perks: Overzealous, Fast Track, Prove Thyself, and Resilience. Overzealous and Fast Track are described briefly in the list. Prove Thyself gives a 15% boost to progression speed for any Survivor within a 4-meter radius. Resilience increases the speed of actions like repairing, healing, cleansing Totems, or opening gates by 3/6/9% when the Survivor is injured.

To benefit from Overzealous, Survivors must first take damage and then cleanse a Totem. While in this state, they must repair generators and avoid being hit by the Killer. Using a Med-kit can help to heal up to 99% and repair in this state, but it won’t work if the bleeding effect is imposed.


1. What are the best perks for faster generator repair in Dead by Daylight?

The best perks for faster generator repair in Dead by Daylight are Prove Thyself, Leader, and Stake Out. Prove Thyself increases repair speed and grants bonus Bloodpoints for cooperative actions, while Leader increases the speed of all actions and allows for easier escape from the Killer. Stake Out allows for quicker Skill Checks and grants a token upon a successful one, which can be used to instantly repair a generator.

2. What are the best Survivor builds for faster generator repair?

The best Survivor builds for faster generator repair in Dead by Daylight are the Engineer, the Support, and the Scout. The Engineer build includes Prove Thyself, Technician, Resilience, and Spine Chill. The Support build includes Prove Thyself, Leader, We’ll Make It, and Botany Knowledge. The Scout build includes Stake Out, Spine Chill, Lightweight, and Urban Evasion.

3. How can I increase my repair speed without using perks?

You can increase your repair speed without using perks in Dead by Daylight by using a Toolbox with add-ons that increase repair speed or decrease repair time. You can also work on a generator with other Survivors, as cooperative actions increase repair speed. Additionally, you can use the Offering “Black Salt Statuette,” which increases the speed of all actions for Survivors.

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