Destruction Ritual Spell

New Objective: Complete the Powers of the Elements Book

Note! This quest is not mandatory, and you can only begin it upon reaching level 90 in Destruction.

To start the mission, you must locate Faralda and request her assistance in enhancing your Destruction magic. If the option is unavailable, you may need to level up to 100 in Destruction. Faralda will educate you on the powerful and mythical spells of Destruction and provide you with the Power of Elements book to peruse.

The objective of the quest is to solve three word riddles. You may refer to the guide for the solutions or browse the first page of the book from your inventory.

Locate the Windward Ruins on the world map, found in the northern part of Skyrim. Set the destination marker southwest of Dawnstar, where the ruins are situated amidst the mountains.

Upon arriving at the ruins, ensure that the area is free of wild animals and approach the pedestal. The Power of Elements book will automatically be placed on it.

Use any offensive fire spell, such as Flames or Firebolt (Destruction), and aim at the books to create a small explosion (screen above).

Approach the Power of Elements and take it from the pedestal. Check your inventory for new notes on the second page (screen above).

Return to the world map and proceed to North Skybound Watch, located southeast of Riverwood. Be cautious of bandits in the area and place the book on the pedestal (screen above).

Use an ice spell, such as Frostbite or Ice Spike (Destruction), targeting the book to create an explosion. Retrieve the book from the pedestal and read the third page if desired.

Finally, locate Four Skulls on the world map, located west of the map. Begin at Markarth and head northeast or begin at Karthwasten and head straight south. After defeating any bandits in the area, place the book on the pedestal (screen above).

The solution to this task involves casting a lightning spell, such as Sparks or Chain Lightning (Destruction), at the book (as shown in the screen above). Once the explosion occurs, take the book from the pedestal. This will successfully complete the quest and grant access to the powerful Fire Storm spell (Destruction). It is also recommended to speak with Faralda afterwards, as she can offer two additional books for purchase: Spell Book: Lightning Storm and Spell Book: Blizzard.


What is a Destruction Ritual Spell?

A Destruction Ritual Spell is a powerful magical technique used in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game. It is a form of advanced magic that requires a high level of skill and knowledge to perform. The spell is used to destroy an object or a person completely. It is often used by mages to eliminate their enemies or to destroy powerful artifacts that could fall into the wrong hands. The ritual involves a complex set of incantations and gestures that must be performed in a specific order to be successful. The spell can only be learned by completing the quest “Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!” and obtaining the book “The Black Arts on Trial.” Once learned, the spell can be used at any time, but it has a high magicka cost and is not recommended for inexperienced mages.

What are the requirements for performing a Destruction Ritual Spell?

To perform a Destruction Ritual Spell, a mage must have a high level of skill in the Destruction magic school. They must also have completed the quest “Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!” and obtained the book “The Black Arts on Trial.” The spell requires a large amount of magicka to cast, so it is recommended that the mage has a high level of magicka and access to magicka regeneration potions or enchantments. The mage must also be in possession of the object or have access to the person they wish to destroy. It is important to note that using the Destruction Ritual Spell can have serious consequences, both morally and in terms of the player’s standing with certain factions in the game world.

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