Developing Characters in Plague Tale Requiem

In Plague Tale Requiem, character development is possible. Our guide provides information on unlocking new skills (Caution, Aggression, Opportunism) and upgrading Amicia’s equipment (sling, crossbow, alchemy, gadgets).

The game features RPG elements for Amicia’s development. Our guide covers the requirements for character development, the best skills, and the best upgrades.

  • Developing Amicia’s Skills
  • Best Skills
  • Upgrading the Heroine’s Gear
  • Best Gear Upgrades

Developing Amicia’s Skills

Skill trees can be unlocked in chapter 2, after winning a fight.

Three categories of skills can be developed, each with four skills to unlock:

  1. Prudence: skills related to stealth
  2. Agressive: skills related to eliminating enemies
  3. Opportunism: skills related to gadgets

Each time a given category reaches the required XP, a new skill will be unlocked. The skill will remain active without the need for manual activation.

Related activities unlock skill categories:

  1. XP for the Prudence category is earned by sneaking past enemies without killing them.
  2. XP for the Agressive category is earned by eliminating enemies through direct fights (crossbow, slingshot, melee) or stealth attacks.
  3. XP for the Opportunism category is most difficult to earn. Gadgets must be used, but direct killing of enemies must be avoided. Ignifer can be used to light fires, Exstinguis to extinguish sources of light, and Odoris to distract rats.

XP is awarded at the end of a sequence, such as after leaving a location where enemies were avoided or fought. Experience points are earned in only one category, the dominant category in that sequence. For example, if enemies were avoided, then Prudence will be developed. If gadgets were used, then Opportunism will be developed. Agressive is best left for last, as it is the easiest of the three categories to level up.

More tips on how to earn XP for the Opportunism category can be found on a separate page in the FAQ section: “Opportunism – how to increase?”

Best Skills

Light Footstep: a Prudence upgrade that reduces noise when sneaking, making it easier to avoid detection and surprise enemies.

Nimbleness: a Prudence upgrade that allows faster movement when crouched, helping reach enemies or hiding spots more quickly.

Grappler: an Agressive upgrade that allows pushing opponents during melee combat. They can be pushed into fire or towards rats, resulting in quick death.

Alchemy Knowledge: an Opportunism upgrade that allows faster crafting of new gadgets, especially helpful during fights.

Improving the Protagonist’s Equipment

In Plague Tale Requiem, players cannot obtain new armor or outfits for the protagonist, Amicia, except for the bracer described below. However, they can enhance her gear by upgrading it. This is done at workbenches scattered throughout the game world, the first of which is found in chapter 2:

  1. Open workbenches are immediately accessible.
  2. Locked workbenches require a knife to unlock, but they provide valuable loot.

Each upgrade necessitates crafting ingredients:

  1. Tools (one or more) – These are unique items that are relatively scarce in the game. Nevertheless, acquiring the Unbreakable Tool upgrade eliminates the need for tools.
  2. Pieces – These are more common loot that can be found in secret chests and locked workbenches.

Note: Upgrades from the same category must be purchased individually, with each one becoming increasingly expensive. Crossbow upgrades will only become available after acquiring the weapon.

In chapter 9, players can obtain a Bracer that Amicia will automatically equip as a new piece of armor. This is not solely a cosmetic item, as it increases Amicia’s chances of survival by allowing her to recover from enemy attacks more quickly.

To obtain the bracer, players need to solve the windmill puzzle and gain entry to the smugglers’ hideout. This is described in greater detail on a separate page titled “Optional Windmill Puzzle (Chapter 9)” in the chapter dedicated to secrets and collectibles.

Top Equipment Upgrades

Several upgrades in the game can significantly enhance gameplay. They are well worth the expense, even if they require three tools and 70-80 pieces:

Belt Cases – This gear upgrade is essential and allows players to carry more knives and pyrite (used for defending against rats) in their inventory.

Unbreakable Tool – This is a vital upgrade that negates the need to find tools for inventory upgrades. It should be obtained as early as possible.

Bigger Quiver – This crossbow upgrade is important and increases the number of bolts that can be carried. It allows players to use the crossbow more frequently.

Softened Cords – This slingshot upgrade makes it quieter, allowing players to eliminate enemies more efficiently while remaining hidden in certain locations.

Hidden Pockets – This alchemical upgrade enables players to carry more ammo and is especially useful in larger battles.

Bottomless Bag – This equipment upgrade increases the amount of crafting components that can be carried, reducing the risk of running out of a specific component.

Reinforced Bolts – This crossbow upgrade allows players to retrieve bolts that hit enemies, allowing for more frequent use of the crossbow.


What are the main characters in Plague Tale Requiem?

Plague Tale Requiem is a sequel to the critically acclaimed game, A Plague Tale: Innocence. The game features the two main characters from the previous game, Amicia and Hugo. Amicia is a young woman who has been forced to mature quickly in the face of the plague and the dangers it brings. Hugo is her younger brother, who has special abilities that make him valuable to those who seek to use him for their own purposes. The game follows the siblings as they navigate the dangers of a world ravaged by the plague and the people who seek to control them.

How do the characters develop in Plague Tale Requiem?

In Plague Tale Requiem, the characters of Amicia and Hugo continue to develop and grow as they face new challenges and dangers. Amicia, who was forced to become a protector for her brother in the previous game, continues to take on this role, but also learns to trust others and rely on their help. Hugo, who was once a fragile child, develops new powers and abilities that allow him to defend himself and help his sister. The relationship between the siblings also evolves as they confront the difficult realities of their situation and the world around them. Through their experiences, Amicia and Hugo become more complex and nuanced characters, making the player feel invested in their journey and rooting for their success.

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