Developing Your Character in Kingdom Come Deliverance

This guide provides tips on how to develop your character, unlock new abilities, and how to choose equipment that will improve Henry’s statistics.

The character progression system in Kingdom Come Deliverance is different from many other RPGs, but not overly complicated. Your character improves in areas that you focus on, such as melee combat. This page provides important information and tips on character progression, as well as how to avoid potential issues related to this topic.

stats aren’t high enough yet. If you do, their effectiveness will be greatly reduced. Stick to weaker items until you raise your stats.

  • Charisma, Visibility, Conspicuousness, and Noise function differently from other attributes. These stats constantly change for better or worse depending on the situation. For instance, wearing expensive clothing can improve your Charisma, while being dirty and bloody can lower it. Be mindful of these stats and adjust them to suit your needs, such as reducing Noise if you plan on sneaking into a location.
    1. Every few levels, you can select an additional perk. Different levels offer different perks for each attribute and skill. Perks have unique properties, such as increasing the effectiveness of bandages, improving stamina regeneration, or making your character harder to detect while sneaking. You can choose one from a few perks each time, so it’s vital to choose the most useful one for you. Check out the FAQ page for a list of recommended perks. For recommendations on which perks to unlock first, refer to the “Which perks should I unlock first?” page.

    Attributes and Abilities – Development

    Ability Teachers

    Equipment and its Influence on Hero’s Statistics

    The effectiveness of your items will be much worse if your stats aren’t at a certain level. It’s best to use weaker items until you raise your stats. Charisma, Visibility, Conspicuousness, and Noise work differently than the rest of the attributes. These stats can change constantly for better or worse. For instance, you can enhance your Charisma by wearing expensive clothes, but it can also decrease when your character is dirty and covered in blood. Don’t overlook them and try to adjust these stats to suit your needs, such as reducing your Noise if you plan on sneaking into a location.

    Development of Attributes and Abilities

    Here are some tips to help you increase particular attributes and abilities. Keep in mind that many of the stats are interrelated, so, for example, you can increase your Stealth by breaking into someone’s house.


    1. Strength – Participate in battles as often as possible. This can be a fight with real opponents or a training match with Captain Bernard in the training arena in Rattay (preferably with real weapons). During a skirmish, use a weapon with strength as the primary attribute (you can check it after displaying the weapon statistics).
    2. Dexterity – You can improve this attribute by using a white weapon with basic dexterity as its attribute (you can check it after displaying weapon statistics – these include short swords or sabres). Another effective method is to use the bow regularly – use it to attack wild animals or enemies (do not train yourself by shooting at the target, because then the parameter will not increase!). Additionally, make dodges and move during combats.
    3. Vitality – Sprint as often as possible, even while exploring the world freely. Look for opportunities to climb higher objects, jump over hurdles, and avoid damage during fights.
    4. Speech – Speak with every NPC you come across and always use all of the available dialogue options. Try to choose unique dialog lines connected to persuasion or intimidation. Also, remember to haggle with traders.


    Boosting Your Skills

    If you want to improve your abilities in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, there are several ways to do it. For defence, rely on perfect blocks and dodges, as well as shields. In warfare, participate in as many fights as possible. Use maces against enemies vulnerable to blunt damage, and bows to hunt animals and enemies. Swords and axes are also effective melee weapons. Unarmed combat can be improved by fighting enemies with your fists or participating in practice fights. Alchemy skill can be increased by correctly creating potions. Reading and pickpocketing abilities must be learned first by completing specific side quests before reading books or stealing from NPCs. Horsemanship can only be improved once you have your own horse, which can be obtained after completing The Prey quest. Maintenance skill can be improved by repairing weapons and armor using grindstones and repair kits. Hunting involves using bows to hunt animals like rabbits, deer, and boars. Drinking alcohol and potions will improve your drinking skill. Finally, stealth is improved by using it in risky situations, stunning NPCs, and using Takedown and Stealth Kill perks. If you’re having trouble, consider finding a teacher to help you improve your skills more quickly, but be aware of the complications that may arise.

    1. You need to locate each of the instructors. They may not be marked on the world map, but it’s likely that a blacksmith will teach Henry how to maintain armor. Check out our Skill Trainers (Locations) page for a list of instructors.
    1. Each instructor specializes in only one area. For instance, a hunter can only teach Henry how to hunt. This implies that you may need to invest some time in finding an instructor that piques your interest.
    2. There is a fee for the training provided by the instructors. Even learning the basics of a skill can cost you a few dozen Groschens, and more advanced training can cost you a few hundred coins. Sell unnecessary items to traders for money, or only train in fields that are of the utmost importance.
    3. Each skill has four levels of training: basic, intermediate (requires a skill level of 5), advanced (requires a skill level of 10), and master (requires a skill level of 15).

    Equipment and its Impact on the Protagonist’s Stats

    Henry’s efficiency is influenced not just by his attributes and skills, but also by his gear. The following are the areas where equipment has an impact:

    1. Melee weapon damage – Weapons can inflict stab, slash, and blunt damage. Adjust them to suit your needs. For example, use a blunt weapon against heavily armored foes.
    2. Ranged weapon damage (bows) – Your damage is determined by both your bow and your arrows.
    3. Head, body, arm, and leg armor – These are separate values since the game provides multiple equipment slots where you can place various armor parts (such as gloves, a helmet, a breastplate, and boots). You can either keep them unified or alter each piece to make them more appropriate for an upcoming battle. For example, wear a full helmet if your next fight will be against enemy archers. Additionally, keep in mind the damage types (stab, slash, blunt). Scout out the enemy’s location and choose your gear accordingly to their weapons.
    4. Visibility, Conspicuousness, and Noise – These three stats play a crucial role in stealth. Change your armor to be less visible or even remove certain parts to create less noise while moving.
    5. Charisma – Wearing a valuable ring or nobleman’s clothing can boost your Charisma. It can also decrease if you are dirty, wearing low-quality clothes, or stained with blood (make sure to visit bath houses regularly).


    1. How does character progression work in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

    In Kingdom Come Deliverance, character progression is based on the player’s actions and choices. As the player completes quests and engages in combat, they earn experience points that can be spent on various skills and attributes. The game features a wide range of skills, including combat skills, crafting skills, and social skills, all of which can be leveled up independently. Players can also choose to specialize in certain areas, such as archery or sword fighting, and develop their character accordingly.

    2. What are the different types of skills in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

    There are several different types of skills in Kingdom Come Deliverance, including combat skills, crafting skills, and social skills. Combat skills include things like sword fighting, archery, and unarmed combat, while crafting skills include things like alchemy, blacksmithing, and cooking. Social skills, on the other hand, include things like speech, charisma, and horsemanship.

    3. How do I level up my skills in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

    To level up your skills in Kingdom Come Deliverance, you need to earn experience points by completing quests, engaging in combat, and performing other actions. Once you have enough experience points, you can spend them on the skills of your choice. You can also specialize in certain areas by focusing your experience points on specific skills, such as archery or sword fighting.

    4. Can I respec my character in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

    Yes, you can respec your character in Kingdom Come Deliverance. If you want to change your character’s skills and attributes, you can visit a trainer and pay to have your character reset. This will allow you to redistribute your experience points and start fresh with a new build.

    5. What is the best way to develop my character in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

    The best way to develop your character in Kingdom Come Deliverance is to focus on the skills and attributes that are most important to your playstyle. If you enjoy combat, you should focus on leveling up your combat skills, while if you prefer crafting, you should focus on leveling up your crafting skills. You should also specialize in certain areas to maximize your character’s effectiveness in specific situations.

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