Discerning the Transmundane – p. 2

Using the ramp on the lower levels, eliminate the Frostbite Spider and Falmers. Head to the north-east gate, but be careful of the trap. Disarm or avoid it before going to the passage leading to the Alftand Cathedral.

Eliminate more Falmers, including one capable of using magic, while navigating through another set of pressure plates. Use the stairs leading to the upper balcony and interact with the lever to open the passage in the distance.

Go down and use the new passage, heading south-west. Check the contents of the chests and battle the Dwarven Centurion, a mini-boss. Use a shield or regenerate health and stamina throughout the battle. If using ranged attacks, return to the lever on the upper balcony to avoid the Centurion’s attacks.

Examine the Centurion’s remains to find the Key to Alftand Lift. Examine the second Centurion’s remains before witnessing the fight between Sulla Trebatius and Umana. Wait for one to die before entering and examine their bodies for items.

Approach the dwarven mechanism’s console with the Attunement Sphere received from Septimus Signus. Use the newly unlocked passage to reach Blackreach. Start exploring by approaching the ballista to eliminate the Dwarven Sphere in the distance.

Alternatively, try to beat the Dwarven Sphere for experience, but be aware that it is much stronger than previous ones.

To obtain the Elder Scroll in Blackreach, it is important to explore thoroughly and be cautious of enemies. The first step is to head west towards the waterfall, while avoiding stronger enemies like Giants. Follow the path towards the tall tower in the distance and use the lever to access the Tower of Mzark. Once inside, explore the first room for valuable artifacts before heading to the Lexicon Receptacle. Place the Blank Lexicon received from Septimus Signus onto it and solve the puzzle at the middle console to unveil the Elder Scroll and transcribe it onto the lexicon. The puzzle requires pressing button 3 four times, button 2 twice, and button 1 once.

The primary objective of the Daedric quest is to acquire the “charged” Runed Lexicon, as depicted in the image. Additionally, it is advisable to proceed downwards and obtain the Elder Scroll, which will save time in the future as it is necessary for the main storyline.


1. What is the significance of Septimus Signus in the quest?

Septimus Signus is a key character in the Discerning the Transmundane quest. He is the one who gives the Dragonborn the task of locating the Elder Scroll. He is also known for his obsession with the Dwemer and their technology. After completing his tasks, the Dragonborn can bring the Elder Scroll to him, which he will use to unlock the secrets of the Dwemer.

2. How do I obtain the Elder Scroll?

In order to obtain the Elder Scroll, the Dragonborn must complete the Discerning the Transmundane quest. The quest is given by Septimus Signus, who can be found at a remote outpost north of Winterhold. The quest involves traveling to Blackreach and retrieving a Dwemer lexicon, which is required to access the Dwemer lockbox containing the Elder Scroll. Once the Dragonborn has the Elder Scroll, they can bring it back to Septimus Signus to complete the quest.

3. What are the benefits of completing the quest?

Completing the Discerning the Transmundane quest has several benefits, including unlocking the Oghma Infinium, a powerful book that grants the reader significant boosts to their skills. It also allows the Dragonborn to learn the Dragon Aspect shout, which grants them powerful new abilities in combat. Additionally, completing the quest is required to obtain the “Elder Knowledge” achievement.

4. Can I complete the quest without joining the College of Winterhold?

Yes, it is possible to complete the Discerning the Transmundane quest without joining the College of Winterhold. The quest is given by Septimus Signus, who can be found at a remote outpost north of Winterhold. However, joining the College can provide additional benefits, such as access to powerful spells and enchantments that can aid in completing the quest.

5. Are there any dangers or obstacles to be aware of during the quest?

Yes, there are several dangers and obstacles to be aware of during the Discerning the Transmundane quest. Blackreach, the location of the Dwemer lockbox, is filled with hostile Falmer and Dwemer automatons. The Dragonborn will need to be prepared for combat and bring plenty of healing items and potions. Additionally, the journey to Blackreach requires navigating through a Dwemer ruin, which can be confusing and maze-like. Bringing a follower or using a map can help mitigate these challenges.

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