Discover Diamond Lake in Days Gone

Our Days Gone guide takes a closer look at Diamond Lake Camp. This is one of the two camps players will encounter later in the game. Diamond Lake offers new missions and the best bike parts for purchase.

Diamond Lake Camp is located in the Crater Lake region, one of the two southern regions in Days Gone. However, players cannot enter the camp immediately. This is similar to Iron Mike’s Camp, where players must reach a specific point in the game to unlock access. Deacon must complete the Riding Nomad Again main quest to unlock access to Diamond Lake Camp.

Before entering Diamond Lake Camp, players must complete a few tasks and eliminate a Rager Bear. This is part of the Not From Around Here main mission.

Upon entering Diamond Lake Camp, players will meet Captain Kouri, the leader of the camp. Kouri can offer side missions for Deacon. Wait for him to contact you via radio and then go to the camp to listen to the details.

Not all missions and activities in the Crater Lake region are related to Diamond Lake Camp. Players can also visit Wizard Island, another encampment in the area. Completing missions and activities can earn players credits and Trust points for either camp.

The mechanic at Diamond Lake Camp is one of the most important NPCs in the game. He sells the best bike parts, but many require a specific Trust level. Some of the most important parts include Saddlebags IV, Gas Tank V, and Nitrous III.

The merchant at Diamond Lake does not sell weapons, but players can restock ammo, purchase suppressors, and buy consumables from this NPC.


What is Diamond Lake in Days Gone?

Diamond Lake is a location in the video game Days Gone. It is a settlement located in the Cascade region of Oregon, where survivors have banded together to form a community. The area features a lake, which provides a source of water and fish for the residents. The community is led by Iron Mike, a former soldier who is respected and admired by the people of Diamond Lake. Players can visit Diamond Lake to trade for supplies, receive missions, and interact with the residents. The settlement is also a safe haven where players can rest, recover, and upgrade their equipment.

What can players find in Diamond Lake in Days Gone?

Players can find a variety of resources and services in Diamond Lake. The community has a merchant who sells weapons, ammunition, and other supplies. There is also a mechanic who can repair and upgrade the player’s motorcycle, which is essential for navigating the open world. Players can also receive missions and side quests from the residents of Diamond Lake, which often involve exploring nearby areas and fighting off enemies. Additionally, players can find collectibles and hidden items throughout the settlement, such as Nero Intel and crafting materials. Overall, Diamond Lake is a key location in Days Gone and provides players with resources, missions, and a safe haven in a dangerous world.

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