Discovering Secrets in The Western Approach

Highlights of M19 The Western Approach – Secrets – Dragon Age: Inquisition

Collectible Mosaic pieces

Bottles found throughout the area

Glyphs (runes) to uncover

Other hidden treasures

Mosaic pieces to uncover: M пїЅ Mosaic Piece, Archdemon

Bottles to find: B пїЅ Bottles on the wall, Bottles of Thedas

Glyphs (runes) to discover: G 1 пїЅ Rune of Cleansing, G 2 пїЅ Master rune of frost (on the wall of Cave), G 3 пїЅ Master Rune of Fire (After discovering all Astrariums)

This map displays the locations of crucial collectibles found throughout The Western Approach. These include mosaic fragments, Thedas bottles, and glyphs (runes), as well as other treasures to discover. The map also indicates the locations of standards and other important landmarks.

Note: Some of the collectibles marked on the map are located in caves and dungeons. If you cannot find a particular item, check if there is an entrance to an underground location nearby.


1. What are some of the secrets hidden in The Western Approach?

The Western Approach is a vast region in the world of Dragon Age: Inquisition with many secrets to uncover. One of the most intriguing secrets is the hidden tomb of Fairel, an ancient Tevinter mage. To find it, players must locate and interact with three Veilfire runes scattered throughout the area. Another secret is the presence of the Abyssal High Dragon, a rare and powerful dragon that spawns in a specific location in the region. Players must defeat it to obtain a unique crafting material. There are also hidden caves and ruins that contain valuable loot and lore.

2. How do I access the secret areas in The Western Approach?

Accessing the secret areas in The Western Approach requires some exploration and puzzle-solving skills. For example, to access the hidden tomb of Fairel, players must first locate all three Veilfire runes in the region and use them to light up a hidden passageway. To find hidden caves and ruins, players need to keep an eye out for suspicious-looking rocks or walls that can be destroyed with explosives or special abilities. It’s also a good idea to talk to NPCs in the region, as they may offer hints or quests that lead to secret areas.

3. What are some of the unique enemies I can find in The Western Approach?

The Western Approach is home to a variety of unique and challenging enemies. One of the most notable is the Abyssal High Dragon, a fearsome dragon that is significantly stronger than other dragons in the game. It has a variety of deadly attacks, including a powerful fire breath and a tail swipe that can knock players down. Other notable enemies include the Sand Wraith, a fast and agile creature that can phase in and out of existence, and the Venatori, a group of powerful Tevinter mages and warriors that serve as the main enemy faction in the region.

4. What are some tips for exploring and surviving in The Western Approach?

The Western Approach is a challenging region with many dangers and obstacles. Here are some tips for exploring and surviving in the area:

  • Bring companions with complementary abilities to cover all bases in combat.
  • Stock up on potions, especially those that restore health and remove negative effects.
  • Be prepared for sandstorms, which can reduce visibility and drain stamina.
  • Watch out for traps and ambushes, which are common in the region.
  • Invest in the “Requisition” perk to obtain valuable crafting materials and equipment.
  • Take advantage of the region’s high vantage points to scout out the area and plan your route.

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