Disguises and Important Items in Marrakesh: A House Built on Sand

There are seven disguises available in “A House Built on Sand”, but the options are limited and there aren’t many valuable items to find. Below is a list of all the disguises available (the guard’s disguise being the best), as well as a list of the most important items to find in Marrakesh.

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Shopkeeper’s Disguise

The shopkeeper’s disguise can be found without difficulty at the beginning of the mission, inside an unused trailer (M10,5). However, this disguise won’t get you very far since shopkeepers don’t have any special authorizations.

Food Vendor’s Disguise

The food vendor’s disguise is a bit more challenging to obtain since most vendors are in public areas. The exception is the vendor who occasionally stops by the horizontal pipe in the western part of the map (M10,7). You can silently take him down there and use the disguise to poison Mendola more easily at one of the stands.

Waiter’s Disguise

The waiter’s disguise can be found in the staff room of Shisha CafГ© (M10,5). With this disguise, you can access several new areas in the VIP-only zone of the cafГ© (such as the room with the oil lamp) and use the mechanism to raise the water level in the pool. However, be cautious of the other waiter who travels around the area and can expose your cover.

Handyman’s Disguise

The handyman’s disguise can be useful after arranging an accident to kill Matthieu Mendola. You can find an unused disguise in the utility room (M10,7), and the key is near the spot where another handyman is repairing the phone booth (M10,4). After wearing the disguise, you can sabotage the phone booth, and its electrical discharges will kill Mendola.

Bodyguard’s Disguise

The bodyguard’s disguise is undoubtedly the best for this mission, as it grants authorization to travel around the entire map, including the VIP-only zone of the cafГ© and the rooftop where the targets meet. To obtain this disguise, head to the northwestern part of the map (M10,19), where you’ll find a sick bodyguard whom you can easily eliminate. Remember to conceal the corpse and distract the other guard with a coin toss to avoid blowing your cover.

Military Soldier’s Disguise

This disguise isn’t particularly useful for this mission and can be ignored unless you want to obtain The Chameleon challenge (which requires wearing all available disguises). In that case, attack one of the soldiers patrolling the narrow street between the starting point and the school.

Disguise of a Fortune Teller

Fortune teller’s disguise

One of the methods used to assassinate Matthieu Mendola involves the use of the fortune teller’s disguise. The fortune teller can be found in the building located in the Northern part of the map (M10,5). You can make the fortune teller leave by sabotaging the nearby generator. After that, you can return inside while disguised as a fortune teller, eliminate the client, and wait for Mendola.

Important Items

VIP Invitation

One of the invitations is located near the entrance to the VIP-only area

The VIP invitation allows you to enter the VIP area in Shisha CafГ© (M10,3), where Kong Tuo-Kwang is staying. The easiest way to obtain the invitation is to steal it from the Southern part of the cafГ©, behind one of the tables served by the waiters (M10,3). Although this area appears to be inaccessible, you can approach it from the west and, after the waiters turn away, hop over the low wall and snatch the invitation.

There are two other ways to obtain the VIP invitation:

  • Follow the tenement owner (M10,3). After he reaches the small backyard behind one of the shops (M10,4), you can easily steal it. This has been described in detail later in the walkthrough.
  • You can steal it from one of the small rooms in the VIP area (M10,9). Fortunately, after you get there, you will no longer need it, unless you plan to return to the cafГ© without a disguise.

It’s important to note that individuals with VIP invitations are allowed into the VIP area without being searched. You can use this to your advantage to sneak in firearms or explosives into the cafГ©.

Handyman’s Disguise

The handyman’s disguise is located in a small utility room

The handyman’s disguise can be found in a small utility room in the central part of the map (M10,7). The room is locked, and using a lockpick or crowbar would be risky. Instead, it’s better to find the Utility room keycard, which you can find next to the handyman repairing the phone booth (M10,4). You can use the disguise to sabotage the phone booth and eliminate Matthieu Mendola in this way.

Waiter’s Disguise

Check one of the lockers in the cafГ©’s staff room for the waiter’s disguise

The waiter’s disguise can be found inside one of the lockers in the staff room of the Shisha CafГ© (M10,5). If you want to assassinate Kong Tuo-Kwang in the cafГ©, you should obtain this disguise because it will allow you to perform several “forbidden” actions, such as causing a gas leakage or raising the water level in the pool.

Shisha CafГ© Key

You can obtain the key from the bodyguard in the carpet shop

Acquiring the Shisha CafГ© key can make it easier for you to infiltrate the VIP area in Shisha CafГ© (M10,3). You can obtain the key from the bodyguard who goes to look at carpets in the shop in the Western part of the map (M10,9). After you get there (which is described on the next page of this guide), you can eliminate the guard and take the key.

There is a spare key available at the cafГ© counter (M10,4). Only take it if you want to make accessing the staff room (M10,5) easier, such as by disguising yourself as a waiter.

Emetic Rat Poison

Rat poison can be found in various locations

Rat poison can be found in multiple locations, including the Shisha CafГ© bathroom (M10,10), where Mendola and Kwang meet (M10,12), and various stashes and shops on the map (M10,14). It can be used to poison both targets, but it’s better to bring lethal poison with you on the mission.


Search for documents near Mendola’s body

One of the mission objectives is to obtain documents. You can find them on Mattheu Mendola near the location where he dies. For more information, refer to the final page of this chapter.


1. What disguises can I use in Marrakesh: A House Built on Sand?

In Marrakesh: A House Built on Sand, there are several disguises you can use to blend in with the crowds and avoid suspicion. One of the most useful disguises is the school headmaster outfit, which allows you to move freely around the school and access restricted areas. Another disguise is the soldier uniform, which can give you access to the military base and other secure areas. You can also disguise yourself as a masseur, waiter, or street vendor to move around the city without attracting attention.

2. What are the important items I should look out for in Marrakesh: A House Built on Sand?

In Marrakesh: A House Built on Sand, there are several important items you should look out for to help you complete your mission. One of the most important items is the consulate keycard, which allows you to access the consulate building and complete several objectives. Another useful item is the explosive device, which you can use to create distractions or eliminate targets. You should also keep an eye out for intel items, such as maps or documents, which can provide valuable information about your targets and the layout of the city.

3. How can I use disguises and important items to complete challenges in Marrakesh: A House Built on Sand?

In Marrakesh: A House Built on Sand, disguises and important items can be used in creative ways to complete challenges and earn rewards. For example, you can use the school headmaster outfit to complete the “Class Dismissed” challenge, which requires you to eliminate both targets while disguised as the headmaster. You can also use the explosive device to complete the “Explosive Meeting” challenge, which requires you to eliminate both targets with an explosive device. By using disguises and important items strategically, you can unlock new challenges and earn valuable rewards, such as new weapons and equipment.

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