Disqualifying Moses Lee in Hitman 2’s The Finish Line Walkthrough

By disqualifying Moses Lee during the Miami level in Hitman 2, you can ensure Sierra Knox’s victory. There are many ways to disqualify him.

Wave the red flag – as Race security, when on the tower by the start line (from the side of the podium) – The Odd One Out challenge.

Prepare the sniper rifle on the crossing over the track and shoot one or more targets.

  1. Shoot him with a sniper rifle – this is somewhat risky, as he drives close to Sierra, and you might shoot her by accident… Smuggle the sniper rifle inside the mission’s area (you unlock it after reaching Mastery Level 10 in Miami) and go to the position – a good spot for this is the crossing over the track to the south.
  2. Sabotage his vehicle – similar to The Triumph story mission, where you sabotage Sierra’s car, you can also sabotage Moses’s car: go to his garage and acquire the Kowoon mechanic outfit. Go to the locker with a wheel on it. When the car leaves, you can:

A. Sabotage the wheel – use the wrench;

B. Plant a bomb (you can find it in a security booth by the entrance) and detonate it with a remote, or give the remote to Robert Knox after calling him.

C. Put some sugar in the engine – you can find it in the kitchen, including the paddock Kronstadt.


1. How do I disqualify Moses Lee in Hitman 2: The Finish Line?

To disqualify Moses Lee, you need to sabotage his car during the race. There are several ways to do this, but one of the easiest is to tamper with the fuel pressure regulator in the pit area. First, make sure to disguise yourself as a mechanic or pit crew member to avoid suspicion. Once you’re in the pit area, look for the regulator near the back of the car. Use a wrench or screwdriver to loosen the bolts and remove the regulator. Then, either replace it with a faulty one or damage it in some way. Once the race begins, Moses Lee’s car will break down and he will be disqualified.

2. What are some other ways to sabotage Moses Lee’s car in The Finish Line?

In addition to tampering with the fuel pressure regulator, there are several other ways to sabotage Moses Lee’s car. You can loosen the lug nuts on his tires, causing them to come loose during the race and forcing him to stop. You can also cut the brake line, causing his brakes to fail. Another option is to plant a bomb or explosive device on his car, which will cause it to explode during the race. However, these methods may be more difficult to execute and require more planning and preparation.

3. Can I complete The Finish Line mission without disqualifying Moses Lee?

Yes, it is possible to complete The Finish Line mission without disqualifying Moses Lee. However, this will require a different approach and strategy. Instead of sabotaging his car, you will need to eliminate him through other means, such as by poisoning his drink or setting up a sniper rifle in a nearby building. Keep in mind that eliminating Moses Lee in this way may attract more attention and make it more difficult to escape undetected.

4. What are some tips for successfully completing The Finish Line mission in Hitman 2?

Some tips for successfully completing The Finish Line mission in Hitman 2 include: 1) Disguise yourself as a pit crew member to gain access to the pit area without raising suspicion. 2) Use distractions, such as throwing coins or creating a loud noise, to divert attention away from yourself and allow you to move around more freely. 3) Take advantage of the various objects and tools in the environment, such as wrenches, screwdrivers, and propane tanks, to create opportunities for sabotage or elimination. 4) Be patient and observe the movements and patterns of your targets to identify the best time and location for your actions. 5) Use the map and mission objectives to guide your actions and make sure you stay on track towards your goal.

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