Diversity of Races and Genders in Dragon Age Inquisition

The game features four distinct races to choose from.

Creating your character is the first step in the game. You must select one of the four available races, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The races are human, elf, dwarf, and qunari. The abilities of each race are described in-game.

  • Humans receive an additional ability point and are known for their quarrelsome nature, especially with other races.
  • Elves have a defense bonus of 25% against ranged attacks.
  • Dwarves receive a defense bonus of 25% against magic but cannot become mages themselves.
  • Qunari are resistant creatures with a 10% bonus to resistance to damage.

You also need to choose the gender of your character: male or female. The gender you choose does not have a significant effect on gameplay, but it does influence your character’s romantic options. Furthermore, your chosen race affects the dialogue and interactions with other characters in-game, especially if you behave negatively towards them. As a non-human character, you may frequently encounter NPC prejudice and insults.


What races can you play as in Dragon Age Inquisition?

In Dragon Age Inquisition, you can play as a human, elf, dwarf, or qunari. Each race has its own unique backstory and set of abilities, which can affect how you interact with other characters and the world around you. For example, elves have a history of oppression and slavery, which can lead to different dialogue options and quests related to their past. Dwarves have a deep connection to their underground kingdom, and qunari come from a strict religious society. Choosing your race can greatly impact your gameplay experience.

Can you have romantic relationships with characters of the same sex in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Yes, Dragon Age Inquisition allows for same-sex romantic relationships. The game has a variety of romance options for both male and female characters, regardless of the gender of the player character. This has been a feature of the Dragon Age series since the first game, and has been praised for its inclusivity and representation.

Are there any consequences to choosing a certain race or sex in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Yes, there can be consequences to choosing a certain race or sex in Dragon Age Inquisition. Some characters may react differently to you based on your race or sex, and certain quests or dialogue options may only be available to certain races. Additionally, the game has a reputation system that can be affected by your choices and actions, which can impact how certain factions and characters view you. It’s important to consider how your choices may affect your gameplay experience.

Can you change your race or sex in Dragon Age Inquisition?

No, once you have created your character in Dragon Age Inquisition, you cannot change your race or sex. However, you can choose to play through the game multiple times with different character choices and experiences. Additionally, the game does allow for some customization options such as choosing your character’s appearance, voice, and class, which can help to personalize your experience.

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