Do You Need to Repair Gear in Elex 2?

In this Elex 2 guide, we’ll explore whether or not you need to repair damaged gear and if it wears down during battles.

This guide will answer whether or not you have to repair damaged weapons and armor in Elex 2, and if Jax’s gear wears down after fights.

  • Does gear wear out in Elex 2?
  • What should you do with damaged weapons?

Does Gear Wear Out in Elex 2?

Elex 2 is a demanding game where you have to take care of many aspects of your protagonist’s development, increase their combat capabilities, and keep them alive. However, there’s some good news – the weapons and armor in the game are indestructible, meaning they won’t become damaged over time.

You can use any gear you find throughout the game, and the only reason to switch is if you find something with higher stats.

What Should You Do with Damaged Weapons?

During the game, you can find items marked as Damaged along with other loot. The image displays a damaged melee weapon as an example.

You can use damaged items, but keep in mind that they will have lower stats.

Try to find other items of the same type. Once you have at least three identical items, visit one of the crafting stations (there are different ones for melee weapons and ranged weapons). This allows you to create a higher quality item by “sacrificing” the three damaged ones. The image above shows that three damaged shotguns were used to create one higher quality shotgun.

The better item you create has the same requirements for Jax’s stats. Additionally, you can use the crafted equipment without further developing your character, assuming Jax was able to use the damaged items.

The method described above has one significant limitation – you must have the Build Weapons skill. You can unlock its first level early in the game by visiting trainer Smith in western Carakis and paying for their first training.

The next two levels of the Build Weapons skill require you to develop Jax’s attributes, enabling you to make higher quality gear that’s useful in the later stages of the game.


1. Is gear repair necessary in Elex 2?

Gear repair is not a mandatory task in Elex 2, but it can be helpful in prolonging the life of your equipment. Weapons and armor can become damaged during combat, and repairing them will improve their effectiveness. It’s important to note that repairing gear requires specific items and materials, so it’s not always feasible to repair everything. However, if you have a favorite weapon or piece of armor that you rely on heavily, repairing it can be worth the effort.

2. How do I repair my gear in Elex 2?

To repair gear in Elex 2, you will need to have the necessary items and materials, which can vary depending on the item you want to repair. Once you have the required items, go to a workbench or crafting station and select the “Repair” option. This will bring up a list of all the items in your inventory that can be repaired. Select the item you want to repair and confirm the action. Keep in mind that repairing gear can be expensive, so it’s important to prioritize which items you repair.

3. What are the benefits of repairing gear in Elex 2?

The primary benefit of repairing gear in Elex 2 is that it will improve the effectiveness of your weapons and armor. When gear becomes damaged, it loses some of its stats and abilities. Repairing it will restore these lost attributes and make your gear more effective in combat. Additionally, having well-maintained gear can make combat encounters easier, which can be especially helpful in more difficult areas of the game.

4. Can I play Elex 2 without repairing my gear?

While it is possible to play Elex 2 without repairing your gear, it can make combat encounters more difficult. Damaged gear will not perform as well, and you may find yourself struggling in combat situations. Additionally, some quests and missions may require you to have certain gear stats or abilities, which can only be achieved by repairing your gear. However, if you prefer a more challenging gameplay experience, playing without repairing your gear can add an extra layer of difficulty to the game.

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