Elex 2: Companions – Introduction, Relationships, and Best Companion

In this guide, we will provide you with essential information about companions in Elex 2. You will learn how to unlock all seven companions, including Caja, Nasty, Bully, CRONY U4, Fox, Nyra, and Falk. We will also give you tips on which companion is the best and discuss the relationships between Jax and the companions.

  • List of all companions
  • Key information about companions
  • Exploit – two companions in chapter 1
  • Relationship with the companion
  • Which companion is the best?

List of all companions

There are seven companions in Elex 2, namely Caja, Nasty, Bully, CRONY U4, Fox, Nyra, and Falk. You can find information on their locations and recruitment requirements on the following pages of this chapter.

Note that there are non-listed characters, like Dex, who can temporarily accompany Jax. These characters cannot join you without restrictions, but they can be helpful in completing your quests. The “main” companion does not leave Jax when a temporary ally joins you.

Key Information about Companions

Unlocking companions requires you to complete certain quests or reach specific levels. You can only travel with one companion at a time, but you can switch between them. Jax’s relationship with companions is influenced by his dialogue choices, actions, and gifts. Offering gifts to companions can help improve their opinion of Jax.

Which Companion is the Best?

The best companion for you depends on your playstyle and preferences. Each companion has their unique strengths and weaknesses. For example, Caja is a great fighter, while Falk is skilled in crafting. You can choose the companion that complements your skills or the one with a great storyline.

In Elex 2, it is important to find a companion as soon as possible to make battles with monsters easier. Some companions require completing missions, while others can be encountered without any tasks. While you can only travel with one companion at a time, it is possible to switch between them and unlock them all. Companions are immortal and have their own jetpacks to follow you anywhere. Although you cannot level up or modify their equipment, they are helpful in fights from the start.

In chapter 1 of the game, it is possible to have two companions by finding the CRONY U4 drone and not asking if it is ready for action during the conversation. However, this method only works in chapter 1, as making CRONY as one of your party members is a requirement for advancing to chapter 2.

Each companion has a unique personality and approach to the world, and they react to your decisions in conversations and battles. Making decisions according to their nature is key to maintaining a good relationship with your companion.

  1. Caja, Fox, Nyra and Falk prefer peaceful solutions and friendly, non-ironic responses when resolving conflicts.
  2. Nasty and Bully are accepting of violence, deception, and quarrels during dialogues.
  3. U4 CRONY agrees with all of Jax’s decisions.

If you completely ruin your relationship with a companion, they will leave you, and you won’t be able to travel with them again. Additionally, missions associated with them will fail. To avoid this, save the game often and change your companion before making decisions that could significantly worsen your relationship with them (they won’t know your choices while they’re in the Bastion).

There are romances available with some companions, but building a strong relationship with them is necessary. More details can be found on a separate page of the guide.

Which Companion is the Best?

Choosing the best companion in Elex 2 is difficult because all companions are equally useful during fights. Each has both a melee and ranged weapon (with the exception of CRONY U4, who only fights at a distance). The choice of companion should be based on their personality. It’s best to travel with a character who will support your decisions.

Remember, it’s not necessary to travel with a companion at all. Players who prefer to explore the game world alone may find the Lone Wolf skill useful, as it increases the stats of a character who travels solo.


1. Who are the companions in Elex 2?

The companions in Elex 2 are a group of characters that can join the player’s party and assist them in their journey. There are a total of six companions, each with their own unique abilities and personalities. These companions are: Jax, Nasty, Duras, Caja, Falk, and Arx. Jax is a former Alb commander, Nasty is a ruthless outlaw, Duras is a warrior of the Berserker faction, Caja is a member of the Clerics, Falk is a hunter, and Arx is a mysterious figure with powerful abilities.

2. How do party relations work in Elex 2?

Party relations in Elex 2 are influenced by the player’s actions and decisions. Each companion has their own set of likes and dislikes, and their opinion of the player character can change based on their actions. By completing quests and making choices that align with a companion’s values, the player can improve their relationship with them. On the other hand, making choices that the companion disagrees with can decrease their opinion of the player. It’s important to maintain good relations with companions, as they can provide valuable assistance in combat and offer unique perspectives on the game’s story.

3. Can companions leave the party in Elex 2?

Yes, companions can leave the party in Elex 2 if the player’s actions or decisions cause their relationship to deteriorate too much. If a companion’s opinion of the player falls too low, they may decide to leave the party permanently. It’s important to pay attention to each companion’s likes and dislikes, and to make choices that align with their values in order to maintain good relations.

4. How does party composition affect gameplay in Elex 2?

Party composition can have a significant impact on gameplay in Elex 2. Each companion has their own unique abilities and combat style, and choosing the right combination of companions can make combat encounters much easier. For example, having a companion who can heal the player and another who can deal heavy damage can be a very effective combination. Additionally, certain quests and storylines may be easier or more difficult depending on the composition of the player’s party.

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