Elex 2: How to Get and Where to Look for Ammunition?

This Elex 2 guide will provide you with tips on how to get and where to look for ammunition, including arrows, bullets, cartridges, rockets, and energy cells.

This guide is specifically focused on obtaining ammunition in Elex 2, especially for characters who rely on ranged combat. Whether you require arrows, bullets, bolts, grenades, rockets or energy cells, our tips will help you acquire them.

  • World Exploration
  • Traders
  • Crafting

World Exploration

To find ammunition, it’s important to explore all the locations you visit carefully. You can find ammunition in chests, on cabinets and on the bodies of enemies. The most abundant ammunition supplies can be found on enemies equipped with ranged weapons, making it a good idea to visit bandit camps.


If you frequently use ranged weapons, it’s likely that you will need to visit traders. Most merchants sell arrows or bolts, but bullets or rockets can only be purchased from specialized traders who belong to a specific faction. The blacksmith in Bastion has all types of ammunition.


If the merchants’ supplies are exhausted, ammunition can be crafted using recipes and materials. Recipes and materials can be found in the merchants’ offers and during exploration. Workbenches for crafting ammo can be found in places such as Bastion.


What types of ammunition are available in Elex 2?

In Elex 2, there are various types of ammunition available for different weapons. Some of the common types include standard bullets, laser cells, energy cells, plasma cartridges, and rocket launchers. Each type of ammunition has its own unique properties and is suitable for specific types of weapons. For example, laser cells are ideal for laser weapons, while plasma cartridges are effective against robots and heavy armored enemies. It is important to choose the right type of ammunition for your weapon to maximize its effectiveness.

Where can I find ammunition in Elex 2?

Ammunition can be found in various locations throughout the game, including weapon shops, enemy camps, and abandoned buildings. It is also possible to loot ammunition from defeated enemies. In addition, some quests and missions may reward you with ammunition as a form of payment or reward. It is important to keep an eye out for ammunition while exploring the game world and to stock up whenever possible to ensure you have enough supplies for battles.

Can I craft ammunition in Elex 2?

Yes, it is possible to craft ammunition in Elex 2 using the appropriate crafting materials. To craft ammunition, you will need to find a crafting station, which can be found in various locations throughout the game. Once you have found a crafting station, you can select the type of ammunition you want to craft from the crafting menu and gather the necessary materials. Crafting ammunition can be a great way to ensure you always have enough supplies for battles and to save money on purchasing ammunition from weapon shops.

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