Elex 2: How to Open Locks and Use Lockpicks?

This page of the Elex 2 guide provides details on how to use lockpicks and open locks in the game.

Here, you will learn how to pick locks, the skills needed for it, and how to play the lockpicking mini-game.

  • Basic lockpicking information
  • Lock Picking and Locksmith skills
  • Skill trainer – Gardok
  • Obtaining lockpicks
  • Lockpicking mini-game

Basic lockpicking information

You will come across locked chests in Elex 2 that can only be unlocked using lockpicks. These chests contain valuable loot, and you cannot destroy them using force or any other gadget. Hence, it is essential to learn how to pick locks as soon as possible.

Before you learn how to pick specific locks, it is advisable to remember the locations of locked chests or mark them on the world map to return to them later.

Lock Picking and Locksmith skills

Jax’s Lock Picking and Locksmith skills are crucial for unlocking locked containers in the game. The Lock Picking skill has three levels, which can unlock easy, medium, and hard locks, respectively. The Locksmith skill prevents lockpicks from breaking, making the process much more comfortable.

To unlock the Locksmith skill, you need high Intelligence (50) and Dexterity (75). However, you can only upgrade these attributes later on in the game.

Skill trainer – Gardok

You can find Gardok, a lockpicking trainer, early on in the game. He is located in a hut in a village east of the Bastion. You will meet him during the Preparing the Bastion quest, and after giving him the necessary supplies, he will move to the Bastion as a skill trainer.

Obtaining lockpicks

You can obtain lockpicks by looting or buying them from traders like Smith found in western Carakis.

Lockpicking mini-game

You can trigger the lockpicking mini-game only if your Lock Picking skill is high enough. The mini-game requires you to move the pick left and right to find the correct combination. You can save the game before triggering the mini-game to make it easier on your second try.


1. How do I open locks in Elex 2: Locks?

To open locks in Elex 2: Locks, you need to have lockpicks in your inventory. Approach the locked object and press the interaction button to start the lockpicking mini-game. The game consists of two stages: aligning the lockpick with the correct position and then turning it to open the lock. Pay attention to the vibration of the controller or the visual feedback on the screen to determine the correct position of the lockpick. Once you have aligned it correctly, turn the lockpick to open the lock. The difficulty of locks varies, so be prepared to face more challenging locks as you progress through the game.

2. Can I use any lockpick to open any lock in Elex 2: Locks?

No, not all lockpicks are created equal in Elex 2: Locks. There are three types of lockpicks available: basic, advanced, and master. Each type of lockpick corresponds to a different level of lock difficulty. Basic lockpicks are suitable for low-level locks, while advanced lockpicks are suitable for mid-level locks. Master lockpicks are the most advanced and can be used to open any lock in the game. However, master lockpicks are rare and difficult to obtain, so use them wisely.

3. Are there any perks or skills that can help me with lockpicking in Elex 2: Locks?

Yes, there are several perks and skills that can help you with lockpicking in Elex 2: Locks. The first is the Lockpick skill, which increases your chances of successfully opening locks. The second is the Locksmith perk, which allows you to open locks without consuming lockpicks. Finally, the Master Thief perk allows you to open any lock without the need for a lockpick. These perks and skills can be obtained by investing attribute points and skill points, respectively.

4. Can I break locks in Elex 2: Locks?

Yes, you can break locks in Elex 2: Locks, but it is not recommended. Breaking locks will alert nearby enemies and can lead to combat. Additionally, breaking locks will damage the locked object, which may result in the loss of valuable loot or resources. It is better to invest in the Lockpick skill or obtain advanced lockpicks to increase your chances of successfully opening locks.

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