Elex 2: How to Unlock Magic and Spellcasting?

This page of the Elex 2 guide provides information on unlocking the mage character and the necessary requirements for using spells in the game.

This guide to Elex 2 will explain how to access magic, unlock new spells, and replenish mana required for casting spells.

  • How to Access Magic?
  • Energy for Casting Spells

How to Access Magic?

Magic is available in Elex 2, but initially, Jax doesn’t have access to it. For the first few hours of the game, melee or ranged combat is the only option.

Magic becomes accessible only after joining a faction and fulfilling the quest requirements. The game will then unlock the faction’s associated magic.

The Berserkers faction unlocks fire spells, while the Albs faction unlocks ice spells. You can learn more about joining these factions on the Faactions page.

After joining a faction, you can spend skill points to increase mana and buy or improve spells. It is recommended to save skill points before joining the Berserkers or Albs to buy skills right from the start without collecting new skill points slowly.

The Intelligence attribute is related to magic, and developing it increases the amount of mana. To play as a mage, develop intelligence before unlocking access to magic.

Once you’ve joined the appropriate faction, look for a Skill Trainer related to that faction in the Fort (Berserkers) or the Depository (Albs). You need at least 1 free skill point and elexit to pay for the lesson.

Energy for Casting Spells

Berserkers use mana to cast spells, and developing the skill related to it increases the maximum amount of mana. Mana Potions replenish energy, which can be found in the game world, bought from traders, or crafted after getting the Chemistry skill.

Albs use Elex to cast spells, and developing the related skill increases its maximum amount. Elex ore replenishes energy, which can be found in the game world, bought from traders, or mined using the process described on the Ores – how to mine? page.


1. How do I unlock magic and spellcasting in Elex 2?

To unlock magic and spellcasting in Elex 2, you need to first complete the main questline up to a certain point. Once you have reached a high enough level and progressed far enough in the story, you will receive a quest that will lead you to a magical artifact. This artifact will allow you to unlock the magic and spellcasting skill tree.

2. What kind of spells can I learn in Elex 2?

There are several different types of spells that you can learn in Elex 2, including offensive spells, defensive spells, and utility spells. Offensive spells include things like fireballs and lightning bolts that can deal damage to enemies. Defensive spells can protect you from enemy attacks or heal your wounds. Utility spells can provide bonuses to your stats or help you navigate the game world more easily.

3. How do I level up my magic and spellcasting abilities in Elex 2?

You can level up your magic and spellcasting abilities in Elex 2 by using them in combat and completing quests that require their use. As you gain experience with your spells, you will unlock new abilities and become more powerful. Additionally, you can invest points in the magic and spellcasting skill tree to increase your overall proficiency with magic.

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