Elex 2: Romance Options – Caja, Nasty, and Nyra

This page provides information about the romance options available in Elex 2. It covers the requirements for romancing Caja, Zolza, or Nyra.

Here, you will find details about romancing Caja, Nasty, and Nyra in Elex 2. You will learn how to build relationships with each of the women, how to initiate romances, and whether there are any sex scenes in the game.

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Basic Information

Elex 2 offers three romance options: Caja, Nasty, and Nyra. All three women are companions and must be recruited before any romance can take place. The recruitment process is described in detail in the Companions chapter.

Jax, the main character, cannot have a romantic relationship with any male characters in the game due to his imposed heterosexual sexual preferences. Additionally, at the beginning of the game, Jax is in a relationship with Caja, with whom he has a son named Dex. However, their relationship is strained, and the player’s task is to rebuild it (if Caja is chosen as the romance option).

Elex 2 does not include sex scenes. While players may encounter scenes of embracing and kissing while initiating a romance, the game only shows a camera overlap at the Bastion building, where Jax’s room is located, followed by a black screen instead of a possible bed scene.

The game does not allow players to initiate romantic relationships with any female characters outside of the companions, despite some friendly interactions (such as with Eva from the Clerics faction headquarters).

Furthermore, Elex 2 does not have any options for using prostitutes or visiting pleasure houses. However, players can find pole dancers performing erotic dances in the Outlaws faction’s Crater city. There are no interactive options available in this area.

Romancing Caja

Caja is Jax’s wife, but their relationship is initially strained, and players must work to rebuild it.

Players can first encounter Caja shortly after completing the game’s prologue. She can be found at the Berserkers’ outpost (pictured) in western Carakis, south of the Bastion. Finding her is part of the main quest, “Where is Caja?”

To romance Caja, players must first complete the “Only a Dead Morkon” quest, which involves reaching the nearby Morkon camp and dealing with them. Upon returning to Caja, players can report on the mission and invite her to join their team.

If you want to build a relationship with Caja in Elex 2, you must take her with you on your expeditions and make choices that favor the factions of Berserkers and Clerics, as well as show cunning and courage. If Caja dislikes any of your actions, you should consider loading a previous game state to maintain a positive relationship. To establish a romance with Caja, complete her quests, including Securing the Land and Old Love Doesn’t Rust.

Romance with Nasty

In Elex 2, you can try to rebuild Jax’s relationship with Nasty, a ruthless woman he knows from the first game. To add Nasty to your team, visit the Grotto, the headquarters of the Morkon faction she is allied with. Take Nasty with you on your expeditions and make decisions that favor the Morkon and Outlaw factions, as well as display greed and courage. Complete Nasty’s quests, starting with Diplomatic Imbroglios, to establish a romance.

Romance with Nyra

To build a relationship with Nyra, a technician for the Albs faction, take her with you on expeditions and make choices that favor her faction. Find her in the Depot, the headquarters of the Alb faction, and complete her quests. Nyra is not a new character, as she previously worked for the Clerics faction in Domed City in Elex 1.

Nyra’s inclusion in your team depends on your assistance in dealing with the Outlaws who have appeared near the Depository. To do this, you must complete a brief mission that involves obtaining the Outlaws’ strategic plans. There are two options – steal the plans or take out the Outlaws. Your choice will not significantly affect your relationship with Nyra. Upon completion of this quest, Nyra will become a full-fledged companion.

Once Nyra joins your team, take her with you on expeditions to build a stronger relationship and unlock her quests. To improve your relationship with Nyra, choose dialogue options that favor the Albs faction and display cunning and greed. If Nyra dislikes a certain action and your relationship suffers, consider loading a previous game state. Completing quests related to Nyra is necessary to establish a romance. The first quest, Brothers and Sisters in Spirit, becomes available after Nyra speaks to Jax about a favor related to the group of Clerics.


What are the romance options in Elex 2 with Caja, Nasty, and Nyra?

In Elex 2, players have the opportunity to romance three different characters: Caja, Nasty, and Nyra. Caja is a tough warrior who can be found in the Hort, while Nasty is a member of the Outlaws who can be found in the Fort. Nyra is a member of the Berserkers and can be found in the Hort.

How do I initiate a romance with one of these characters?

To initiate a romance, players must first build a relationship with the character by completing quests and talking to them. Once the relationship is strong enough, players will be given the option to start a romance. It’s important to note that each character has their own preferences and requirements for romance, so players will need to pay attention to their dialogue choices and actions.

Can I romance more than one character?

No, players can only have one romance option per playthrough. Once a romance has been initiated, players will not be able to pursue a romance with any other characters.

What are the benefits of romancing a character in Elex 2?

Romancing a character in Elex 2 can provide the player with unique dialogue options and quests. It can also lead to special perks and bonuses, such as increased reputation with a certain faction or unique items. However, it’s important to note that romancing a character can also have consequences, so players should choose their romantic partner carefully.

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