Eliminating Erich Soders in Hokkaido

Erich Soders is the second target to be assassinated in “Situs Inversus”. The task appears to be simple as the target is immobilized and defenseless – Soders is lying on the operation table, waiting for a complex procedure. The best ways to eliminate Soders are given below. You can select one of the “official” Opportunities or opt for a different technique that involves skillful use of medical equipment.

  • Killing Erich Soders by sabotaging the KAI surgical system (Ghost in the Machine Opportunity)
  • Killing Soders by manipulating the main console of the surgical robot (Malpractice Opportunity)
  • Destroying the heart with the help of the Curator (Tell-Tale Heart Opportunity)
  • Killing Soders by overloading the defibrillator
  • Killing Soders using lethal stem cells
  • Convincing the main surgeon to kill Soders (Not Malpractice)
  • Simple Assassination
  • Killing Soders after revealing your identity

Killing Erich Soders by sabotaging the KAI surgical system (Ghost in the Machine Opportunity)

Note – This section explains the steps required to complete the Opportunity called “Ghost in the Machine”. However, you can access the surgical unit using a different outfit (e.g. as a surgeon).

Using rat poison will help you get the director to a secluded location

The principles of the AI can be researched thanks to a KAI surgical system manual that can be found in the security room (M8,6) but this is a completely optional step.

If you want to proceed with the described Opportunity, your first task will be to acquire the hospital director’s outfit. To get it easily, start by getting a chef outfit and rat poison. To do that, visit the level 0 kitchen (M8,4) (alternatively, you can start the mission as a chef and/or equip a different poison as a part of your loadout). Now, you can enter the restaurant (M8,22) – approach the meal (M8,17) which can be poisoned (if you are posing as a chef, you won’t be bothered). Wait until the director appears and tastes the meal. He will rush to the nearby toilet (M8,16) where you can eliminate him without any witnesses. Take his outfit.

Entrance to the mainframe

Now, you can travel to the hospital unit in the north. Since you are wearing the director’s outfit, nobody will question or frisk you. Find any staircase that leads to the third level of this building. While you’re up there, be cautious of individual guards, as they may recognize you. Attempt to utilize the fact that some of them patrol the corridors, and you can sneak behind their backs when they stand in one location for a while.

Your target is the KAI mainframe (M8,36) – access it through the western observation room, as the eastern one contains a guard that can recognize 47.

Once you’re inside, start removing random mainframe computers. KAI should begin a system reset once you’ve removed the second computer. Now, look at the screen shown on the screenshot above, and remember the sequence of activation of the workstations (it’s random during each playthrough). Use that knowledge and start removing the computers in that order. If you’ve failed, you’ll be dealt a little damage, and will have to start again. If everything is ok, KAI will be sabotaged, and will stop functioning properly.

The control panel can be found between two observation rooms.

Disrupting the mainframe is not enough to complete your mission. You must use the control panel located by the window (M8,35) to kill Erich Soders.

Switching off the life-support system is another option to eliminate Soders.

If you want to bypass the console on level 3, you can go down to level 2 and find the respirator controls (M8,32). Deactivating the life-support system will result in your target’s death.

Malpractice Opportunity: Eliminating Soders by manipulating the surgical robot’s main console

Steal the pilot’s outfit, assassinate him, and dispose of his body.

This method requires you to obtain the main surgeon’s outfit and use his exclusive access to manipulate the surgical robot’s console. First, find a pilot’s outfit at the helipad behind the surgical unit (M8,14). It is recommended to wear a guard’s outfit while searching the area to avoid detection.

Wait for the pilot to leave the helipad and follow him to the pill stash (M8,12). However, hiding his body might be challenging if you don’t want to throw it over the wall. Alternatively, you can wait for the pilot to reach the pills, but you might have to eliminate the sleeping guard nearby.

Submit to a frisk and wait for the main surgeon’s arrival.

Once you have the pilot’s outfit, make sure to leave behind any restricted items such as firearms or knives. Return to the helipad and approach the guards by the back entrance (M8,15). Allow yourself to be frisked and wait for the main surgeon to arrive. He will be wearing a headscarf.

Assassinate the main surgeon and take his clothes.

Once the main surgeon follows you, head to the pill stash (M8,12). You can either attack him on the way or at the stash (remember to eliminate the sleeping guard first). Dispose of the surgeon’s body and wear his clothes.

Return to the back entrance and quickly pass the guards as they may see through your disguise.

Only the chief surgeon can access the console.

Enter the console room (M8,34) but watch out for the other surgeon who may see through your disguise. Approach the control console (M8,34) in the adjacent room and start interacting with it. To kill Soders, you need to issue the following commands:

  • Activate the robotic arm (right option)
  • Insert the cardiac syringe (middle option)
  • Extract the blood (left option)

Tell-Tale Heart Opportunity: Destroying Soders’ heart with the Curator’s help

Note: This opportunity can be completed without the Curator, and an alternative solution is provided at the end of this section.

The remote control can be found in one of the bedrooms

To start, go into a small room beside the morgue and read the notes of the research assistant (M8,26). These notes will give you information about a neurochip used by the Custodian who works in the hospital.

The plan involves breaking into the chip. To do this, you must find the remote control which is in one of the chambers on the first level bedroom (M8,11). This area is not restricted, so you can enter through the door or window.

Wait for the amused Custodian to proceed to the organ room

After you pick up the pilot, head to the morgue where the Curator is working. Approach the Curator and use the pilot to increase the dosage. The amused Custodian will then proceed to the organ room (M7,28) and request the guards to leave.

If you are wearing a doctor or morgue staff member outfit, you can enter the organ room immediately and eliminate the Curator. If not, use the pilot again to decrease the dose. You can then attack the Curator when he leaves the organ room or enter the room before the door closes.

Destroy the heart after the room is empty

Once you enter the organ room, go to the stored heart for Erich Soders and press the interaction button twice to destroy it. This will result in the death of your target.

Use a wrench to twist the valve

Alternatively, you can access the organ room through different means without using the Curator. Start by obtaining a morgue staff outfit. You can do this by using throwables or sabotaging the fuse box in the side room. Also, make sure that you have a wrench. Enter the organ room as a staff member, go to the back, and use the wrench to lower the temperature in the room. This will make the guards leave the room, allowing you to destroy the heart undetected.

Killing Soders by overloading the defibrillator

Sabotage the safety module

In this scenario, you will need an “ordinary” or main surgeon’s outfit to move freely around level 3 of the hospital. Before starting, find a screwdriver (you can find one on the footpath behind the hospital (M8,5) or in a small room next to the morgue (M8,8)).

Go to the defibrillator room on level 3 of the main building (M8,37) and use the screwdriver to sabotage the safety module.

Abort the procedure from the second control room

Next, enter the second control room (M8,35) and interact with the console to stop the procedure.

Quickly return to the defibrillator console and overcharge it when KAI is loading (refer to the screenshot above and look at the console to the left).

This method will result in a spectacular death for Soders

If you have completed all the steps and acted at the right moment, the overcharged defibrillator will kill Erich Soders. If the procedure is successful, ensure that you have activated the second console at the same time as KAI activates the defibrillator (it must be overcharged at that exact moment – not before or after).

Killing Soders with Poisoned Stem Cells

To execute this plan, you need to have a lethal poison. You can obtain Modern Lethal Poison from Agency pick-up points or acquire Botulinum Toxin (M8,5)(M8,40) or fugu fish’s poison (M8,10). Once you have the poison, go to the stem cell room next to the crematory and the morgue (M8,29). Use the device there to apply the poison to the stem cells, and you will receive a container filled with lethal stem cells.

Put the poisoned stem cells in the device near the operating room
Now, go to the stem cell control room (M8,31) without being detected. Avoid the main operating room (M8,30) and use the staircase next to the morgue to reach the control room. Wait for an employee to leave the room, and then place the poisoned stem cells container inside the stem cell device. Erich Soders will die instantly.

Convincing the Main Surgeon to Kill Soders (Not Malpractice)

This plan is challenging, but it’s worth it because Erich Soders will die, and the main surgeon will take the blame. To start, get Erich Soders’ kill list from Yuki Yamazaki’s apartment (M8,7). You can access it if you pose as one of her bodyguards and remove the pendrive from the laptop.

Get a surgeon’s outfit by disguising as Jason Portman
The next step is to obtain a surgeon’s gown. One way to do this is by taking Jason Portman’s identity. He is escorted to the rehab section of the main building (M8,39), where you can eliminate the surgeon alone with him. If you miss this opportunity, use throwables to lure a surgeon to a secluded location.

Warning: Do not engage the main surgeon or let him recognize you, as he is crucial to this plan!

Load the kill list and wait for the main surgeon
Once you have the surgeon’s gown, enter the operating theatre’s control room (M8,34), and go to the computer in the adjacent room (M8,33). Avoid detection from other surgeons and load the kill list on the computer. Wait for the main surgeon to enter the room, see the list, and learn that Erich Soders killed his father.

Act as the pilot and wait for the main surgeon

To make the main surgeon seek revenge from Soders, you must let him take another pill from the stash (M8,12). This requires you to repeat one of the Opportunities mentioned earlier. Once again, you have to access the helipad (M8,14), locate the pilot, and take over his identity from a suitable location (such as the pill stash or somewhere along the way).

After posing as the pilot, return to the back entrance of the hospital (M8,15) and get frisked by the guards. Wait here for the main surgeon, who will make a phone call while standing in the staircase after reading the file.

This time, the surgeon will overdose

When the main surgeon appears outside the hospital, meet up with him and travel to the pill stash (M8,12). In this scenario, the surgeon overdoses by taking more pills than required for the surgery.

You can either stay in this location and wait for the outcome or switch to your surgeon’s outfit and go to the operating theatre to watch. The main surgeon will approach the control panel and use the operating robot to kill Erich Soders.

Simple Assassination

Start the mission in the morgue

This method may not be sophisticated but it will help you complete one of the challenges (A Personal Goodbye). Keep this approach for later and reach level 20 in mission mastery in Hokkaido to complete the kill. Start the mission in the morgue (M8,28) and equip a silenced pistol (if your mastery level is lower than 20, get the pistol from the nearest Agency pick-up).

Note: Do not move until the morgue staff has begun their routines.

Stand at the edge of the stem cell control room, equip the pistol, and aim for a headshot

You need to reach the operating theatre (M8,30). Use the stairs nearby (M8,30) to get to the stem cell control room (M8,31). Wait until the surgeon returns to the main room, approach the entrance to the operating area, and shoot Erich Soders in the head. Once done, quickly head to the stairs as the entire hospital will be alerted.

Killing Soders after revealing your identity

Kill the surgeon in the stem cell control room

This method is more direct and is rewarded with an optional challenge (One Last Time, Mr. Soders). This time, the plan involves revealing your identity to Soders before killing him.

Start in the morgue (M8,28) wearing your standard suit and equip a silenced pistol. Wait for a suitable moment to reach the stairs (M8,30) and approach the stem cell room (M8,31). Wait until a surgeon visits the room and kill them using the pistol.

To complete the mission, go to the operating theatre (M8,30) and rapidly move to the designated spot indicated in the screenshot above. It is imperative that you do this before being noticed or an alarm will be triggered. Follow the in-game instructions and press the button, then watch a brief cut-scene in which 47 exposes himself to Erich Soders before assassinating him. Once this is accomplished, retreat to the morgue to evade the pursuing guards.


1. What is the backstory behind Erich Soders?

Erich Soders is a fictional character in the video game Hitman. He was a former director of the International Contract Agency (ICA) who was forced to resign due to his involvement in a failed mission. Soders became a patient at a private hospital in Hokkaido, Japan, where he was undergoing a heart transplant surgery.

2. Why did Agent 47 decide to kill Erich Soders?

Agent 47, the protagonist of the Hitman game series, was hired by the ICA to eliminate Erich Soders. The reason for the assassination was that Soders had become a liability to the agency, as he was selling out ICA operatives to their enemies in exchange for money.

3. How did Agent 47 kill Erich Soders?

Agent 47 had multiple options to kill Erich Soders in the game. One of the most popular methods was to poison his food, causing him to have a heart attack during surgery. Another option was to disguise himself as a doctor and sabotage the surgery equipment, causing Soders to die on the operating table.

4. What were the consequences of murdering Erich Soders?

In the game, there were no significant consequences for killing Erich Soders. However, the player could receive a higher score for completing the mission without being detected or causing any collateral damage. In the game’s storyline, the elimination of Soders was necessary to protect the ICA’s operations and reputation.

5. What was the player’s overall experience of murdering Erich Soders?

The player’s experience of killing Erich Soders varied depending on their preferred method and level of difficulty. Some players found it challenging to complete the mission without being detected, while others enjoyed experimenting with different assassination methods. Overall, the mission received positive reviews from players for its immersive gameplay and detailed level design.

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