Eliminating Ezra Berg | Colorado

Ezra Berg is one of the four main targets that need to be eliminated. While there is an available opportunity for this, it is not mandatory. The most effective ways to eliminate Ezra Berg are described below:

  • Killing Ezra Berg one-on-one in the basement (Tongue Tied Opportunity)
  • Killing Ezra Berg in an explosion
  • Setting Ezra Berg on fire

Killing Ezra Berg one-on-one in the basement (Tongue Tied Opportunity)

You can learn about the prisoner tortured by Berg from the guards.

Your plan is to attack Ezra after he goes to the basement in the main building. The entire procedure consists of several steps, and the first one is listening to a conversation between two guards in the south part of the farm (M7.34). You will learn that Ezra has a prisoner in the basement and that he is interrogated using homemade chemicals (M7.36).

Pick up the basement key.

Your next step is also optional. You can head to a small garage located by the main building (M7.15), which is also the “headquarters” for Ezra. If Berg is inside, patiently wait for him to leave the building. Furthermore, the garage is protected by two enemies. It shouldn’t be too hard to get rid of them: wait for them to finish their conversation, make sure that no one is watching you, and assault the first soldier. You can make the other soldier leave the hut by damaging the fuse box. Hide both bodies and enter the garage. There is the monitoring and basement key.

The door will lead you to the basement.

You can go to the basement, but keep in mind that this part of the farm is restricted for elite troops and hackers only (make sure to use the right disguise). It is best to access the basement through the door located on the ground floor of the building (M7.32), as it is not protected by any guards.

Once you get to the basement (M7.36), wait until there is only one guard left. Sneak up on him from behind (or distract him with the boiler), eliminate him, and hide his body (and his weapon!).

Increase the dose.

You can approach the locked room (M7.32). Press the button to increase the dose and make the prisoner lose consciousness.

Kill Ezra Berg as he is investigating the prisoner.

Hide in a dark spot and wait for Ezra to come downstairs. Take advantage of the fact that there are no guards with him and kill him as you like (e.g., with a garrote or a silencer). Quickly hide his body as soldiers can appear (an alternative would be to turn off the light, wait for any enemies to come, shoot them, and leave the basement).

Eliminate Ezra Berg with an Explosion or Fire

To kill Ezra Berg, you have two options: cause an explosion or set him on fire. If you choose the first option, head to a small garage (M7.15) where Ezra occasionally visits. Take out the two soldiers guarding the area, and wait for Ezra to arrive. Then, damage the gas container and shoot it when he’s nearby to cause an explosion. Alternatively, you can try to lure Ezra near one of the gas lamps located behind the main house (M7.25) and cause an explosion. However, this method requires precise timing as the lamps can explode on their own.

If you prefer the second option, investigate the garden tractor near the main entrance of the house (M7.21). Create an oil leak and wait for Ezra to approach. When he stops near the tractor, shoot him with a silencer to set him on fire. Regardless of which method you choose, make sure to leave the area quickly to avoid being caught.


1. Who is Ezra Berg and why would someone want to murder him?

Ezra Berg is a highly skilled assassin and a member of the secretive and dangerous militia group known as the “Militia”. He is an expert in disguise and has a reputation for being ruthless and efficient. The reason why someone would want to murder him could be due to personal reasons, such as revenge, or it could be related to his involvement with the Militia, which has made him a target for those who oppose the group’s extremist ideologies.

2. What are the challenges of assassinating Ezra Berg?

The challenges of assassinating Ezra Berg are significant. As an expert in disguise, he is difficult to identify, and he is always surrounded by a network of highly trained Militia members who will do anything to protect him. Additionally, he is known to be extremely paranoid and takes extensive security measures to ensure his safety. The use of traditional assassination methods, such as a sniper rifle or poison, may be ineffective due to his cautiousness and the high level of security around him.

3. What strategies can be employed to successfully murder Ezra Berg?

One strategy that can be employed to successfully murder Ezra Berg is to infiltrate the Militia and gain his trust. This would require extensive planning and preparation, as well as the ability to blend in with the group and avoid suspicion. Another strategy could involve exploiting his weaknesses, such as his paranoia or his love for certain vices, in order to create an opportunity for an attack. Ultimately, the key to successfully murdering Ezra Berg would be to think creatively, outside the box, and be willing to take risks.

4. What are the potential consequences of assassinating Ezra Berg?

The potential consequences of assassinating Ezra Berg are significant. The Militia is a highly organized and well-connected group, and they would likely launch a full-scale investigation into the murder. Those responsible could face retaliation from the group, including physical harm or even death. Additionally, the murder of a highly skilled assassin like Ezra Berg could have wider implications for the criminal underworld, potentially leading to increased violence and instability. It is important to carefully consider the potential consequences before taking any action.

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