Eliminating Viktor and Dalia Simultaneously | Paris: The Showstopper

Completing the Paris mission in Hitman requires taking out Viktor Novikov and Dalia Margolis. While it’s difficult to kill them both at the same time, doing so will make the mission easier and faster. Below are two methods to eliminate both targets simultaneously.

  • Option 1: Initiate the evacuation protocol and kill the targets in a safe room
  • Option 2: Assassinate the targets during a fireworks show

Option 1: Initiate the evacuation protocol and kill the targets in a safe room

It’s important to follow the steps in order to prevent blocking the assassination method. Fortunately, you can do this at any point in the mission without being rushed.

Novikov and Margolis are heavily guarded, and their bodyguards will protect them if their lives are threatened. To execute this method, initiate the evacuation protocol and have both targets escorted to the safe room on the palace’s second floor (M3,23).

First, locate the Evacuation Plan document in the monitoring room on the palace’s ground floor (M3,17). This will help you understand the emergency protocol.

Next, neutralize Novikov’s personal bodyguard by poisoning him with Emetic Rat Poison found in the catering staff room on the palace’s northwest side (M3,14). When the guard eats food, remember which plate he used and add poison to it when he leaves the room.

After the guard becomes ill and runs to the nearest toilet, stun him and hide his body in a closet. Disguise yourself as the bodyguard (CICADA Bodyguard Disguise) and pick up the Bodyguard’s Phone on the ground shown in the picture. But do not use it yet.

Note: The phone won’t appear near the stunned bodyguard if you haven’t studied the evacuation plan.

Retrieve the remote explosive from the attic on the palace’s third floor (M3,31) before using the phone to initiate the evacuation protocol. Skip this step if you plan to use a different method to kill the targets.

When you are ready to proceed, select a phone from the inventory and press the key or button that activates it. This will trigger Agent 47 to begin the evacuation protocol.

The safe room is located on the second floor of the building.

You do not need to oversee the evacuation process as Viktor and Dalia will be transferred safely to the safe room on the second floor (M3, 23). It is recommended to use the bodyguard disguise to avoid suspicion from other security personnel. If you choose not to use a disguise, you must reach the safe room before the evacuation starts or use the ladder connecting the second and third floors (M3, 29).

You can eliminate both Viktor and Dalia by dropping the chandelier or using explosives.

The two most efficient ways of killing Novikov and Dalia with a single attack are dropping the chandelier on them or using explosives. To drop the chandelier, wait for the targets to stand underneath it in the central part of the room. Aim the pistol at the part on which it is hanging or use the handle on one of the walls (from hiding!). If you choose the latter, quickly leave the safe room after sabotaging the chandelier to avoid being recognized.

Plant the explosive, move away to a safe distance, and detonate it.

If you prefer using explosives, plant them in the middle of the room. Wait for Dalia and Novikov to arrive, leave the safe room, and detonate the charge.

Note: You can also use Agency explosives, which are available at the start of the mission. This type of explosive will activate upon touching the target, so be prepared to not escape the safe room before the targets are killed.

Option 2: Killing the targets during the fireworks show

Order the sniper rifle to be delivered to the map before starting the mission.

You can prepare for this method before starting the mission. The Jaeger 7 sniper rifle is highly recommended for this variation. Unfortunately, it cannot be taken with you on your first playthrough. You must first reach higher mastery levels to unlock it and decide where on the map it should be delivered.

Before starting the mission, access the preparations tab. The best delivery point for the rifle is the small shed in the gardens. Once you select the delivery point, choose the Jaeger 7 sniper rifle from the list.

You will find the rifle in the previously selected stash, such as in the small building.

If you have ordered a sniper rifle to be delivered to the mission area, go to the northwestern part of the gardens (assuming you have selected the recommended stash) to retrieve it. Stun one of the security guards and take the CICADA Bodyguard Disguise from him. Then go to the small building with the rifle (M3, 8) and retrieve it from its hiding place. The bodyguard disguise will allow you to carry the weapon throughout the map (although Agent 47 can still be discovered by other bodyguards, not because of the weapon).

To successfully complete the assassination mission, you need to obtain the Fireworks Remote Detonator located on the inner balconies of the palace’s second floor. If you are wearing a good disguise, you can immediately take the detonator, but if not, you must sabotage a nearby device first. After obtaining the detonator, head towards the barge in the northwestern corner of the map. The gate blocking access to the barge can be opened with a lockpick or a crowbar, which can be found in various locations on the map. Once you enter the barge, climb the observation tower and turn towards the palace to start the fireworks show. Dalia will appear on the upper balcony and Viktor will walk near the bottom building exit. Use the sniper rifle to kill both targets with head shots within 10 seconds. Alternatively, you can cause an accident by quickly reaching floor 3 of the palace after starting the fireworks show and eliminating the targets there. Climbing up the gutter is a good idea to reach floor 3 quickly.

There are two pictures provided – picture 1 and picture 2. If you arrive on time, Dalia will be on the balcony or on her way there. Wait for her to stand in the location shown in picture 1, near the balustrade. Then, sneak up behind her and press the button responsible for pushing her. She will fall over the balustrade and land on Viktor, who is standing below in picture 2. This will result in both targets being killed. After committing the murders, leave the balcony and use the ensuing panic to make your escape.


What is “Paris: The Showstopper” in Hitman 2016?

“Paris: The Showstopper” is a mission in the Hitman 2016 game where the player takes on the role of Agent 47, a professional assassin. The mission takes place in a fashion show held at the Palais de Walewska in Paris, France. The objective is to eliminate two targets: fashion designer Viktor Novikov and his partner Dalia Margolis, who are involved in a secret spy organization. The challenge is to assassinate both targets during a single action, which would require careful planning and execution.

What are some strategies to complete “Murdering Viktor and Dalia during a single action” in “Paris: The Showstopper”?

Completing the “Murdering Viktor and Dalia during a single action” challenge in “Paris: The Showstopper” requires a lot of preparation and patience. One strategy is to disguise as a palace staff member and plant a remote explosive in the auction room where Viktor and Dalia will meet. The explosive can be detonated when both targets are in the room, killing them both instantly. Another strategy is to disguise as a waiter and poison the champagne glass in Viktor’s private room with lethal poison. When Dalia arrives to meet with Viktor, the poison will take effect and kill them both. Whichever strategy is chosen, the player must be careful not to arouse suspicion and avoid getting caught by the security guards or other NPCs.

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