Enavuris Location Map

Unlocking Method: Retrieve the map concealed in the bunker on the Victory Rise.

Quest Provider: – (M18,26)

The map in the bunker

Behind the door leading to the bunker, amidst the wires, is a parchment on the table (M18,26). It is the map that guides you to the concealed treasure in Enavuris.

The treasure on the rock

Explore the vicinity of the ruins on the map’s eastern side before heading directly north to the nearest large rock. One of these rocks houses a treasure – a legendary weapon – hidden beneath a clod of earth (M18,26a).

Completion of this quest yields the following rewards:

  • Experience (small)
  • 80 Influence Points


What is the Map of Enavuris?

The Map of Enavuris is a large and detailed map that can be found in the game Dragon Age: Inquisition. It shows the fictional world of Thedas, which is the setting for the Dragon Age series. The map is unique because it is interactive and allows players to zoom in and out, as well as rotate the view. It also includes markers for important locations, such as cities, forts, and landmarks. The Map of Enavuris is a valuable tool for players who want to navigate Thedas and find hidden areas or complete quests.

Can the Map of Enavuris be used outside of the game?

While the Map of Enavuris was created specifically for the game Dragon Age: Inquisition and is not available as a physical map, it can still be useful for fans of the series who want to learn more about the world of Thedas. There are many online resources that use the Map of Enavuris as a reference, such as wikis and fan sites. Additionally, some fans have created their own versions of the map, based on the information provided in the game. These maps can be found online and can be used to explore and learn more about the world of Thedas outside of the game.

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