Essential Items for Colorado

This list features the most crucial items that players can collect in “Freedom Fighters”. All the objects are marked on a map that can be found on one of the previous pages of the game guide.

  • Crowbar
  • Perimeter Gate Key
  • Militia Elite Disguise
  • Basement Key
  • Rose’s Room Key
  • Garage Key
  • Sean Rose’s Face Mask
  • Rose’s Watch Blueprint
  • Hacker’s Phone
  • Explosive Watch Battery
  • Nitroglycerin
  • Interpol Badge
  • Hallucinogenic Drugs
  • Emetic Rat Poison
  • Lethal Poison Pill Jar
  • Modern Lethal Syringe


One of the crowbars can be found in the east part of the map.

The crowbar is one of the most important items in this mission. It can be used to open all the closed doors (including those that lead to Rose’s room and the basement) and gates. Additionally, players must collect a crowbar to complete the training on assaulting the limousine, which takes place in the barn.

The crowbar located by the east entrance (M7.1) is the best one to collect. Two more crowbars can be found in the barn – one by the limousine and the other in the weapon stash (M7.25).

Perimeter Gate Key

There is at least one enemy near the key.

Players should consider collecting the perimeter gate key if they didn’t take the lockpick with them and don’t want to carry a crowbar. The key can be found in the main orchard (M7.8) and can be used to open all the gates surrounding the farm (M7.5).

Militia Elite Disguise

Investigate the trailer near the main house.

The easiest disguise to collect, the militia elite uniform has a major advantage – players can explore the main house. The uniform can be found in a trailer next to the house (M7.10). Although there are many enemies in the area, players shouldn’t have too much trouble collecting the disguise.

Basement Key

The basement key is one of the few valuable items left in the garage.

We highly recommend collecting this key if players didn’t take the lockpick and don’t want to carry the crowbar. The key is located in a small garage next to the main house (M7.11). Two members of the Elite Militia can be spotted in the area, but it shouldn’t be hard to eliminate them or make one of them leave the garage by damaging the fuse box.

Ezra Berg has the other key, and players can obtain it once they eliminate the target. Regardless of the method used to obtain the key, it can be used to open the house door (M7.31) or the one located in the corridor on the ground floor (M7.32).

Players should remember that the key to the basement can also be collected from the guard stationed there (although players probably won’t need it at that point).

Rose’s Room Key

Investigate the headquarters on the ground floor.

We recommend collecting this key if players didn’t take the lockpick and don’t want to carry the crowbar. The key is located in the headquarters on the ground floor of the main building (M7.14).

Sean Rose holds one of the keys that grants access to certain areas of the farm. To obtain it, you must eliminate him. Once you have the key, you can enter the toilet (M7.31) or the main room on the upper floor (M7.29).

The garage key is another important item to collect if you didn’t take the lockpick and don’t want to carry the crowbar. It can be found hanging by the main door in the kitchen, on the ground floor of the main building (M7.15). The key unlocks a small garage (M7.15) where you can find useful items or kill Ezra Berg.

Sean Rose’s face mask is crucial for reaching the shelter in the basement of the main building (M7.37). You can obtain the mask by using a 3D printer on the upper floor of the main house (M7.17), but be careful not to raise the alarm.

The blueprint for Rose’s watch can be found in one of the huts in the central part of the farm (M7.3). It is associated with an opportunity to assassinate Sean Rose.

The hacker’s phone, also related to an opportunity to assassinate Sean Rose, is located on the upper floor of the main house (M7.28). Wait for the right moment to pick it up depending on your disguise.

The explosive watch battery is located in Sean’s bedroom on the upper floor of the main house (M7.31), accessible from the office (M7.29) or the toilets (M7.30).

Nitroglycerin, found in several locations including the east part of the orchard (M7.10), can be used to eliminate targets or for one of the opportunities to assassinate Sean Rose.

Interpol badge

To obtain the Interpol badge, you need to eliminate a soldier in the orchard (M7.13). Wait for him near a scarecrow and damage the generator or use the water valve to distract him. Take the badge from him and hide his body in a nearby container. This item is related to an Opportunity to assassinate Penelope Graves.

Hallucinogenic drugs

The Hallucinogenic drugs can be found in a small garage in the main building (M7.15). Two Elite troops guard the area, but you can eliminate them by damaging a fuse box. This item is related to an Opportunity to assassinate Sean Rose.

Emetic rat poison

If you plan to poison one of your targets and don’t have your own poison, you can find the Emetic rat poison in several places: the ground floor of the large barn (M7.20), a side room on the ground floor of the main house (M7.20), or a small building occupied by the Point Man (M7.8).

Lethal poison pill jar

The Lethal poison pill jar is located in a small building in the west part of the map (M7.8), occupied by the Point Man. You can also find another jar on Ezra Berg once you stun or kill him.

Modern lethal syringe

The Modern lethal syringe is hidden on the top shelf in the basement (M7.35). Once you obtain it, you can eliminate any of your targets by sneaking up behind them, regardless of their position on the map.


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