Establishing Campsites in the Storm Coast

How to trigger: Unlocked automatically upon arrival at The Storm Coast.

Quest provider: – (M5,1)

This quest is immediately available upon your first arrival at The Storm Coast. It involves setting up three different campsites, with the first being the starting point for exploring the Storm Coast (M5,1). The remaining two campsites are located:

  • In the central section of the map, near the cave exit (M5,6)
  • On the grassy plains in the southern part of the map (M5,1g)

Upon completion of the quest, you will receive:

  • Access to a new side quest: Rift at the Falls
  • Average experience points
  • 100 Influence points
  • 2 Power points


What is the Storm Coast in Dragon Age: Inquisition?

The Storm Coast is a location in the video game Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is a rocky, stormy coastline on the continent of Thedas, and is known for its harsh weather and dangerous wildlife. The area is inhabited by various factions, including pirates and the Qunari, a powerful race of horned warriors. The Storm Coast is also home to several ancient ruins and landmarks, such as the dragon skull at Dragon Island. Players can explore the Storm Coast as part of the game’s main story or as a side quest.

What challenges can players expect to face in the Storm Coast?

Players exploring the Storm Coast can expect to face a variety of challenges, including difficult terrain and unpredictable weather. The area is littered with dangerous creatures, such as giant spiders and wyverns, which can quickly overwhelm unprepared players. The factions inhabiting the area can also pose a threat, as they will attack players on sight if they are not allied with them. In addition, the Storm Coast is home to several powerful boss enemies, such as the Fereldan Frostback dragon, which can be difficult to defeat without proper preparation and strategy.

What rewards can players obtain from exploring the Storm Coast?

Despite the challenges inherent in exploring the Storm Coast, players can obtain a variety of rewards from their efforts. The area is home to numerous crafting materials and rare resources, which can be used to upgrade weapons and armor. Players can also find valuable treasure and artifacts in the various ruins scattered throughout the area. Finally, completing certain quests in the Storm Coast can unlock new abilities and upgrades for the player’s character, making them more powerful and versatile in combat.

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