Exalted Plains Side Quests: List of Quests

If you’re exploring Exalted Plains, refer to the list of side quests below that can be added to your journal.

A Familiar Ring

A Father’s Guidance

A Well-Stocked Camp

Another Side, Another Story

By the Grace of the Dalish

Calming Victory Rise

Dalish Point of View

For the Empire

From the Beyond

Ghilan’nain’s Grove

Holding the Exalted Plains

Landmarks in the Exalted Plains

Lay Rest the Eastern Ramparts

Lay Rest the Western Ramparts

Left to Grieve

Map of Enavuris

Map of Halin’sulahn

No Word Back

Pressed for Cache

Regions in the Exalted Plains

Rifts in the Battlefield

Rifts in the Old Plains

Rifts in the Swamps

Scattered Glyphs

Sketch of Enavuris River

Someone to Lose

Something to Prove

The Golden Halla

The Spoils of Desecration

Undead Ramparts to the West


What are side quests in Exalted Plains?

Side quests are optional missions that can be completed in addition to the main story quests in Exalted Plains. These quests can be found throughout the region and offer unique rewards such as experience, loot, and increased reputation with certain factions.

How do I find side quests in Exalted Plains?

Side quests are typically marked on the map with an exclamation point icon. They can also be found by talking to NPCs in various locations throughout the area. It’s a good idea to explore the region thoroughly to ensure that all side quests have been discovered.

What types of side quests can I expect to find in Exalted Plains?

Side quests in Exalted Plains can vary in objectives, ranging from gathering resources to defeating enemies to solving puzzles. Some may require the player to explore hidden areas or make important decisions that can affect the outcome of the quest.

Are side quests worth doing in Exalted Plains?

While side quests are not necessary to complete the main story, they can offer additional rewards and help to further develop the world and characters within the game. Completing side quests can also provide a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment for players who enjoy exploring and completing all available content.

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