Exploring Lazurite in the Wastes

Requirements: Speak to the Requisition Officer.

Quest giver: Requisition Officer (M19,2)

This mission can be unlocked (requisition missions are randomly given) when you meet the Requisition Officer at one of the camps (M16,2). He will supply the hero with a Recipe and ask him to find the following resources:

  • 10 Lazurite – This resource is relatively rare. Explore caves and hills to find it.
  • 6 Volcanic Aurum – This material is also quite difficult to find. Search higher parts of the mountains and dungeons.

Once you obtain the resources, return to the camp and interact with the requisition table to complete the task.


  • Experience (not much)
  • 300 Inquisition influence
  • 1 Inquisition power
  • Recipe: Hissing Wastes Geological Survey


What is Lazurite Survey in the Wastes?

Lazurite Survey in the Wastes is a side quest in the game Genshin Impact. This quest requires the player to collect 3 Lazurite stones from the wasteland and return them to Soraya, the quest giver. The quest becomes available after the player completes the Archon Quest “Prologue: Act I – The Outlander Who Caught the Wind”.

Where can I find Lazurite stones?

Lazurite stones can be found in the wasteland area, specifically in the area around the Ruins of Guili. They are often found near the ruins and can be easily spotted as they emit a blue glow. The player can also use Elemental Sight to locate the stones more easily.

Are there any enemies in the wasteland area?

Yes, there are enemies in the wasteland area, including hilichurls, slimes, and treasure hoarders. The player should be prepared to fight these enemies while searching for the Lazurite stones. It is recommended to bring a strong party of characters and to use elemental combos to defeat the enemies quickly.

What are the rewards for completing Lazurite Survey in the Wastes?

After completing the quest, the player will receive Adventure EXP, Mora, and Primogems as a reward. The player will also unlock the ability to purchase Lazurite stones from Soraya in the future. Additionally, completing this quest will contribute to the completion percentage of the game and count towards the player’s achievements.

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