Exploring the Movie Set in Sapienza: The Icon

Although the mission area in The Icon is limited, it is important to understand the basic rules of exploration. This guide provides information on available escape routes after Dino Bosco is assassinated.

  • Exploring the Movie Set
  • Mission Exits

Exploring the Movie Set

While most of the movie set is inaccessible, it is possible to sneak past guards under certain conditions.

You begin the mission in a spot with general access (M9,1), but the area around the movie set is off-limits to unauthorized individuals (M9,4). Many of the locations around the set are guarded, but there are certain exceptions. You can sneak past the Western wall that separates the estate from the main square, or hop over the metal fence next to the trailer and generators (M9,7). Additionally, you can sneak past the cafГ© (M9,3) to approach Dino Bosco’s trailer.

If you want to complete the mission using Agent 47’s default outfit, it is best to do so stealthily. You can also reach the backdoor of the cafГ© (M9,5) and take advantage of the occasional appearance of a movie crew member. Otherwise, obtaining a security outfit as quickly as possible is recommended (see the previous page of this walkthrough for details).

The security room is located on level 6.

If you wish to complete the mission without alerting any opponents, it is important to access the security room at level 6 (M9,9). Although the door is locked, the Town hall key can easily be found in one of the small buildings to the North of the movie set (M9,4).

Mission Exits

Dino Bosco’s car can be used for escape if you have his car keys.

After assassinating Dino Bosco, there are two ways to escape:

  • Reach the old town gate (M9,7)
  • Use Dino Bosco’s car parked near the starting point (M9,2). To steal the car, you will need his car key found in his trailer (M9,5).


What is Sapienza: The Icon?

Sapienza: The Icon is a bonus mission in the popular video game Hitman. It is set in the fictional Italian coastal town of Sapienza and revolves around Agent 47’s mission to eliminate a wealthy businessman who has ties to a global terrorist organization. The mission features a wide variety of locations, from a sprawling mansion to a bustling beachfront, and offers players numerous opportunities to complete their objectives in creative and unexpected ways.

What is exploration of the movie set in Sapienza: The Icon?

Exploration of the movie set is a unique aspect of the Sapienza: The Icon mission. In this mission, players have the opportunity to infiltrate a movie set that is being used as a cover for the terrorist organization’s operations. The set is incredibly detailed and features numerous props, costumes, and other elements that can be interacted with. Players can also eavesdrop on conversations between the actors and crew to gather valuable information and gain new insights into the mission’s objectives.

How does exploration of the movie set impact gameplay?

The exploration of the movie set in Sapienza: The Icon has a significant impact on gameplay. It allows players to gather valuable intel and discover new opportunities to complete their objectives. For example, players may overhear a conversation between two actors about a hidden entrance to the mansion where their target is located. This information can then be used to bypass security measures and gain access to the mansion undetected. Additionally, the movie set provides a unique and immersive setting that adds to the overall experience of playing the game.

What makes exploration of the movie set in Sapienza: The Icon unique?

The exploration of the movie set in Sapienza: The Icon is unique because it offers players a completely new way to approach the game’s objectives. Unlike other missions in the game, players are not limited to a single location and are free to explore the entire set. This allows for a greater degree of creativity and experimentation in completing objectives, and encourages players to think outside the box. Additionally, the set is incredibly detailed and immersive, with numerous props and other elements that add to the overall experience of playing the game.

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