Fairbanks: Ambushed Patrol

How to unlock: Random locations in Emerald Graves

Quest giver: –

One of Fairbanks’s soldiers is under attack by rebels in various places around the Emerald Graves map. Your mission is to save the soldier from harm. Typically, two enemies will be present. This quest is not recorded in your journal and can be repeated. It activates when you come across the fighting and ends when the soldier is safe from harm.

Rewards for completing the quest:

  • Experience (minimal)
  • 80 Influence Points


What is Fairbanks: Patrol Under Attack?

Fairbanks: Patrol Under Attack is a video game developed by indie studio 8Floor Games. It is a top-down shooter game set in Alaska where the player controls a police officer who has to fight off waves of criminals trying to take over the city. The game features various weapons and power-ups to help the player in their mission and also includes a multiplayer mode where players can team up to fight the enemy together.

What platforms is Fairbanks: Patrol Under Attack available on?

Fairbanks: Patrol Under Attack is available on PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch. It can be purchased on Steam and the Nintendo eShop. It is recommended to play the game on a PC or Mac as the controls are easier to manage and the graphics are better. However, the game is also enjoyable on the Nintendo Switch, especially in handheld mode where the player can easily play on-the-go. No matter the platform, Fairbanks: Patrol Under Attack provides an exciting and challenging gaming experience for players who enjoy action-packed shooter games.

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