Farming Simulator 22: How to Fertilize Your Fields

This page provides information on fertilizing fields in Farming Simulator 22, including what fertilizers to use and whether or not it is worth your time.

In FS22, you have the option to use artificial fertilizers in liquid or granular form, as well as natural fertilizers like slurry obtained from animals. As in previous games, it is optimal to fertilize your field twice to maximize yields from harvesting. Each time you fertilize, yields increase by 23%, but this cannot be done once the plant is ready to be harvested.

  • Methods of Fertilizing Soil
  • Double Fertilizing at Once
  • When to Fertilize?
  • Oilseed Radish

Methods of Fertilizing Soil

Artificial fertilizers are quick but expensive.

When using fertilizer spreaders and sprayers, they use up fertilizer even when they are idle if they are turned on. Therefore, it is best not to use weak tractors for fertilizing, as they will lower the machine’s maximum speed and waste resources.

There are many methods of fertilizing soil and increasing its productivity:

  1. Oilseed radish – grows one month after planting, provides a free fertilizing level to the field when destroyed by cultivating / plowing. It’s a good option to fertilize your field between the harvest and sowing for nearly free.
  2. Chemical spraying – liquid fertilizer. The same device can be used to spray fertilizer and herbicide which protects your plants from weeds.
  3. Artificial fertilizer – many seeders / planters have an artificial fertilzier container. Some fertilizer spreaders can also scatter lime which is periodically needed in the fields.
  4. Manure – a solid natural fertilizer produced by cows and pigs when you supply them with straw.
  5. Manure – a liquid natural fertilizer produced by animals.
  6. Digestate – has a liquid form. It’s created in a biogas plant (you must have one to produce it) by using silage, manure or slurry (it also generates profit by processing fertilizer).

Each method varies in availability, price, fertilizing speed, and machines available for specific fertilizing methods.

Double Fertilizing at Once

The sanitation truck can fertilize the field with manure and digestate.

FS22 now allows you to fertilize your field twice at once, only with natural fertilizers. Simply attach the machine to a tractor and select the double fertilizing option in the machine’s settings to fully fertilize your field in a single go, although you will need to spend double the fertilizer.

When to Fertilize?

You can fertilize the soil before or after plowing, cultivating, or sowing. You can also do it while the plants are growing but before they are ready to be harvested. To fertilize the field twice, you must use two different fertilizers in a single month or fertilize between activities such as before and after sowing or mulching.

Oilseed Radish

When using granular fertilizer, it is recommended to use the Bredal brand spreader, which has two available models and can also be used for lime spreading.

Oilseed radish is a particular plant species that requires a month to mature after planting. Instead of harvesting it, you should cultivate or plow the field, which destroys the radish and fertilizes the soil with a single fertilizing level. Oilseed radish is an affordable fertilizing option as the only cost involved is purchasing the seeds. However, it requires extra work on your part. It can also be done during the interval between harvesting and sowing.


What is fertilizing in Farming Simulator 22?

Fertilizing is the process of adding essential nutrients to the soil in order to promote the growth of crops. In Farming Simulator 22, fertilizing is an important task that can help players increase their harvest yields and profits. There are different types of fertilizers available in the game, including solid and liquid fertilizers, each with their own unique benefits and application methods.

How do you fertilize in Farming Simulator 22?

In Farming Simulator 22, there are several ways to fertilize your crops. One option is to use a fertilizer spreader, which can be attached to a tractor and driven over the fields to distribute solid or liquid fertilizer. Another option is to use a sprayer, which can be used to apply liquid fertilizer directly to the crops. Players can also choose to hire workers to handle the fertilizing tasks for them, freeing up time to focus on other aspects of their farm. It’s important to fertilize regularly in order to maintain healthy, productive crops and maximize profits.

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