Feeling Fisky | Deadpool Bonus Missions: Collectables

Obtaining Character Tokens

Head left and locate a battery behind the counter. Use Thor or Storm to charge it up, then wait a few seconds to unlock the Kingpin Goon Character Token.

Acquiring Deadpool’s Red Brick

Choose a character with telekinetic abilities (e.g. Loki or Jean Grey) and move the painting in the right corner of the room down. Then, switch to a character with a fire beam (e.g. Human Torch or Iron Man (Mark 42)) and slice through the golden vault to obtain the “Studs x6” Deadpool Brick.

Rescuing Stan Lee

Use Iceman to put out the fire in the fireplace and rescue Stan Lee.


What are the Deadpool Bonus Missions?

The Deadpool Bonus Missions are additional levels that can be played in the video game “Deadpool”. These levels are not a part of the main game, but rather a separate set of missions that can be accessed after completing certain parts of the main story mode. The Bonus Missions are known for their humor and over-the-top action, which is in line with the character of Deadpool. One of the most popular Bonus Missions is “Feeling Fisky”, where Deadpool takes on the Kingpin in a dance-off.

What are collectables in the Deadpool Bonus Missions?

Collectables are hidden items that can be found in the Deadpool Bonus Missions. These items are scattered throughout the levels, and are often difficult to find. Collectables can include items like chimichangas, tacos, and other items that are associated with Deadpool. Players who collect all of the items in a Bonus Mission will often be rewarded with special achievements or other bonuses.

What is “Feeling Fisky”?

“Feeling Fisky” is one of the most popular Bonus Missions in the video game “Deadpool”. In this mission, players take on the Kingpin in a dance-off. The mission is known for its humor and over-the-top action, which is in line with the character of Deadpool. The mission is set in a nightclub, and features music and dance moves that are reminiscent of the 1970s. Players who complete the mission will be rewarded with a special achievement, and can also collect hidden items like chimichangas and tacos.

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