Final Desires

Unlock Method: Retrieve the urn next to the landmark

Quest Provider: – (M17,17)

The urn containing the ashes

Close to Argon’s cabin, you’ll come across a landmark – a colossal urn with ashes and a letter (M17,17). The author requests that you scatter the ashes across the Northern part of the map. When you reach the edge of the map, a marker will appear on the map near the target location, indicating where you should stand (M17,17a).

The designated area to scatter the ashes

Within the marked region, click the interaction button to finalize this task. Be wary of the close dragon.

Rewards for completing the mission:

  • Experience (minimal)
  • 80 Influence points


1. What are last wishes?

Last wishes, also known as final wishes, are a set of instructions or requests given by an individual that outline how they want their affairs to be handled after their death. These wishes can include decisions about their funeral arrangements, distribution of their assets, and any other specific requests they have for their loved ones or executor.

2. Why are last wishes important?

Last wishes are important because they allow individuals to have a say in how their legacy is handled after their death. It is a way for them to ensure that their final wishes are carried out and that their loved ones are aware of their desires. This can help alleviate any uncertainty or disagreements that may arise among family members or friends.

3. How can I make my last wishes known?

There are several ways to make your last wishes known. One option is to create a Last Will and Testament, which is a legal document that outlines your final wishes and how you want your assets to be distributed. Another option is to create a Living Will, which outlines your wishes for medical treatment if you become incapacitated. You can also discuss your wishes with your loved ones and make sure they are aware of your desires.

4. Can last wishes be changed?

Yes, last wishes can be changed at any time. It is important to review and update your final wishes periodically to ensure they are still in line with your wishes. A Last Will and Testament can be updated by creating a new document, while a Living Will can be updated through an amendment or by creating a new document.

5. What happens if I don’t have any last wishes?

If you do not have any last wishes, your affairs will be handled according to the laws of your state. This means that your assets will be distributed according to state law, and your funeral arrangements will be left up to your next of kin. It is important to create last wishes to ensure that your desires are carried out and to make the process easier for your loved ones.

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