Following Ameridan’s Path

How to start: Complete the quests “What Yet Lingers” and “Avvar Allies.”

Quest giver: Svara Sun-Hair (M31,10)

Svara Sun-Hair

Speak to Svara (M31,10) at the Avvar camp. Then, follow the map to the river and pass through the checkpoints on the way.

Tevinter ruins.

The path leads to the north ruins (M31,16) which are guarded by the Jaws of Hakkon. Eliminate all enemies inside. Then, proceed to the small camp and wait for Kenric. After the cutscene, go to the northern part of the stronghold.

The plate puzzle.

In the center, you will find a puzzle (M31,16a). Solve it to open the doors on the left and right sides of the room, where you will find treasures. To solve the puzzle, press the plates in the correct order, matching the combination in front of each door.

Follow the order below:

  • Press the center switch and the four outside switches (in any order), but not the corner ones.
  • Press the switches on the outside, including the corner ones.

If you need to reset the puzzle, use the nearby lever. Then, continue up the stairs.

Veil fire.

You will encounter a green magic barrier, which can be destroyed using veil fire located on top of the wall (when facing the barrier, turn left and use the wooden scaffolding to reach the top of the wall) (M31,16b). After destroying the barrier, enter the room and find another veil fire. Use it to examine two runes in the corners of the room (M31,[16c,16d]).

Use the lever on the wall.

Exit the chamber and return to where the veil fire was. You will find a lever. Use it to activate the spire (you will see green lightning).

A lever on the trail marker.

Approach the spire (M31,16e) and use the lever. A short cutscene will show you the direction towards the next trail marker. Follow the path to a large gate of a hold in the eastern part of the map (M31,16f). After activating the last spire, the barrier blocking the gate will be destroyed. Return to Svara Sun-Hair (M31,10). The next quest will be to assault the gate.

No reward.


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