Forever Part of The Dark Brotherhood!

Once you’ve completed the last main Dark Brotherhood quest, Where You Hang Your Enemy’s Head, you’ll unlock a sidequest called The Dark Brotherhood Forever! While residing in Dawnstar Sanctuary, you may receive a message from the Night Mother asking to speak with you. Simply approach the coffin near the exit (as shown in the image above) to receive random contracts. The Night Mother will provide you with the client’s name, and you’ll have to gather information from them about your target. Each successful mission will reward you with gold.


1. What is The Dark Brotherhood?

The Dark Brotherhood is a faction in the Elder Scrolls video game series. They are a group of assassins who worship the Daedric Prince Sithis and carry out contracts for those who seek revenge or wish to eliminate a target. The Brotherhood is known for their strict code of conduct and secrecy, as well as their signature black and red armor.

2. How do I join The Dark Brotherhood?

In most Elder Scrolls games, joining The Dark Brotherhood requires completing a specific questline. This questline is often triggered by performing a certain action, such as killing an innocent person, or by speaking to a certain NPC. Once you have completed the questline, you will become a member of The Dark Brotherhood and can begin accepting contracts.

3. Can I leave The Dark Brotherhood?

While it is possible to betray or leave The Dark Brotherhood in some Elder Scrolls games, it is not recommended. The Brotherhood is known for their brutal retaliation against those who betray them, and leaving the faction will often result in being hunted down by their assassins. Additionally, leaving The Dark Brotherhood can result in missing out on unique quests and rewards.

4. What are some tips for playing as a member of The Dark Brotherhood?

Playing as a member of The Dark Brotherhood requires a certain level of stealth and combat skill. It is important to focus on improving your sneak and assassination abilities, as well as investing in powerful weapons and armor. Additionally, it is important to carefully select contracts and complete them without being detected, as failing to do so can result in harsh consequences. Finally, it is important to remember the code of conduct of The Dark Brotherhood and to never betray the faction or its members.

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